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  1. Many thanks chaps for taking the time to reply. I shall check out your suggestions. Regards, Mo.
  2. Hi there, Apologies for not posting this in the maps and mods section - for some reason I was not able to. Could anyone please point me in the direction of a mission/scenario editor guide that has a step-by-step tutorial of making basic maps and creating AI plans etc in order to make myself a very basic mission? I have searched the forums for answers and trawled Youtube, as well as read through the downloadable manual but I am still stuck. I have downloaded just the CM BN demo so far and had a fiddle in the mission editor to try to create some basic missions for myself, but have stru
  3. Hi guys, I've read the manual but are there any other resources/tutorials on how to make your own battles/QBs, particularly in video? I'm just struggling a bit with getting started. Many thanks, Mo.
  4. Sorry, just read this bit. Did CMx1 AI have the scope to react on a different level?
  5. Hey all, Thanks so much for the quick and comprehensive replies. I feel encouraged by what you say. I like the point made that, while the AI might not be able to adapt massively, it follows a general plan and makes up the smaller details - and how it might react could be a bit different each time. And being able to make your own maps/scenarios means you can make up whatever you want. Yeah, I agree with you about this. Absolutely. I didn't mean Total War was a shining example of AI, more just it reacted to you somewhat on the fly, and that I enjoyed that kind of sandbox play, eve
  6. Hi all, I liked the demo on I'm on the verge of picking up CMBN/Commonwealth - but a couple of things I read has put me off a bit. It concerns the AI. In the Rock, Paper, Shotgun review of Commonwealth it mentions the static/scripted AI as a negative point. In a thread the other day I read about the pros/cons of timed battles, there was a response again highlighting AI being scripted/static for each scenario. The franchise I really enjoy is the Total War series: in the real-time battles the AI attacks/defends/reacts so every battle plays differently, even the same one if you reload it
  7. I haven't read the PCG review but as someone still thinking about getting the game it does put me off a bit - although I appreciate CMBN may not reveal its true depth in a quick play-through. Yet I am still a little bit put off by a lack of reviews on this game any where. I seem to remember the CMx1 series geting majoy coverage and big scores.
  8. Many thanks for both your replies; I won't repost in the other forum since my question has been answered now. It seems CMBN does offer the kind of thing I was after in terms of making simple scenarios and increasing replayability! Regards, Mo.
  9. Hi guys, One thing that would really persuade me to buy CMBN is the ability to fairly easily make simple QB maps and the AI plans that are required for them. I had a play around in the demo and messed around with the map editor okay but I'm not sure how easy AI plans are to make. Are they fairly straight-forward to make, assuming you don't want to construct anything too complex? I don't mind perserving a little to learn how to do it: I managed to find my way in the Arma 2 editor after a while to make up scenarios. But is the making of AI plans in CMBN a bit more involved/hardcore
  10. Hi RockinHarry, Thanks so much for taking the time out to reply so comprehensively. Regards, Mo.
  11. Hey, I recently had a great response here when I asked some questions about picking this title up. Anyway, I had another about the replayability of CMBN, particularly the quick battles. Do they always play out differently or do they feel quite static with canned AI? I don't know if anyone here has played Arma 2 but one great feature was being able to come up with your own scenarios fairly easily and without too much fiddling around or scripting (although you could do that too). You could choose a map, some units and set some waypoints and off you went. I read the old CM titles had random b
  12. Hey all, Thanks for all the many replies, very helpful. I think I will pick this up sometime. And I mean some...time: this below is the note when you go to buy a PC DVD. European customers: please note that this item is shipping out of our US warehouse until the EU warehouse is stocked, in line with our "backorder" sales policy. This may take between 4-12 weeks. Regards, Mo.
  13. Hi there, I was thinking of picking this title up after playing stuff like Total War, Men of War and Company of Heroes. I enjoyed the CMBN demo But I have a few questions that I couldn't find answers to by a trawl through the forums...sorry if I am repeating stuff. Anyway, here are my questions: Where are there seeimgly no mainstream reviews for this game? (I couldn't find any yet anyway) Why is this title a bit more in cost than most others? Why isn't it in the shops? Is it mail order only? Will any future expansions be installable in the current CMBN game? I am basically looking for
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