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  1. I have the same issue and I am really unhappy. Future purchases will not happen as long as this is not resolved.
  2. A nice AAR. It's not the Russian Civil War (not even close), but a nice AAR anyway.
  3. >That is one of the weaknesses of the NM concept: even if Russia doesn┬┤t not loose ground or troops, its NM will decrease.. and this forces the EC player to do something. Actually, the NM system is brilliant as it brings war weariness to bear. I would not dare to think what gamey players would do without it. It would not be WWI for sure.
  4. I am struggling right now with one of my MP opponents. He is ruthlessly using his cavalry and even infantry to encircle the Russians. Coupled with the weak abilities of the Russian corps, all I can do right now is putting my corps into towns/fortresses/cities to delay him. That, of course, does not really work. I sense that this tactic is also due to some initial faults of mine while attacking, but I can see that he is using the style to the best advantage (and who would blame him). It is only the ahistorical effects that I see right now...no chance for the Russians to develop a coherent front
  5. That's exactly my problem. But the other side of the coin is, that players can make gamey maneuvers, especially with cavalry on the Eastern Front, to cut off supply deep in the hinterland. The boardgame Great War in Europe had a wonderful solution for this: you cannot advance into hexes out of supply, so even if you did advance you had to capture a town by the movement. Otherwise, it was not possible. In SC game terms, this could be simulated by increasing the movement cost in enemy held terrain drastically.
  6. I think what you mention is one of the biggest problems of the current engine: the ability of troops to hold out forever in an occupied town surrounded by enemies. I can understand such thing for fortresses but not for small towns. What I see is two strange things happening: 1) a corps which has advanced through enemy lines (maybe even by forced march) and occupying a town in the hinterland. This corps happily survives, has full movement to achieve this and is difficult to dislodge if at all (happens in Russia often) 2) a corps which was cut off in an offensive and needs to be dug out with
  7. I like Sharkman's comment about NM invisibility. Indeed, I think NM should be more generic if seen by the opponent (I like the red, yellow, green traffic light).
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