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  1. Hi, I used an external sound card for my music activity after I installed for the first time CMBS. Before, I used the Realtek Audio controller. Because there had conflict between my external card and realtek, I uninstalled this last one. Therefore, because my external sound card wasn't connected, yesterday when I reinstalled CMBS my pc didn't have any audio device. But I don't understand why CMSF works correctly without audio device while CMBS doesn't launch?
  2. I resolved my issue. The problem was my external card sound that was'nt connect !!?? Thanks
  3. Hi, I've reinstall my CMSF products and CMBS. I can play with CMSF but when I launch CMBS, it crash. I downloaded CMBN demo but with the same problem. My config : Win 7 64/Core i5 3570/Nvidia Gtx 660 Thanks
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