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  1. IMO, if you lose LOS to your target, it would be much more logical if the fire switched from unit target to area target automatically at this point (or does it already do so?). Instead of keeping an unit targeted which is out of sight.
  2. Hi Stormbringer. I sent you an email.
  3. I am looking for an opponent for tiny or small quick battles (a few infantry platoons and a few tanks are enough for me), or smaller scenarios. I like to play on iron level. Anyone? Edit: I am talking about CMBN
  4. "Driven by emotions" is nicely put. Soldiers commonly get completely insane on the battlefield. Shell shock, Grabenkoller, battle fatigue whatever you call it. I read that a lot of the German soldiers were filled up with Schnaps before an assault to calm their nerves. You cannot expect them to behave rationally. Maybe apart from a few battle-hardened coldblooded eastfront veterans probably a minority of soldiers "functioned properly" on the battlefield. Also read some medal-of-honor citations. If these heroes would not have succeeded against all odds and the first enemy bullet would have s
  5. Yes, I said, the AI should be improved. But it should not act like perfect robots, but still do stupid things. Maybe then rather not due to bugs but deliberately by design. The greener the troops the more stupid things would be great for example.
  6. Maybe the AI should be improved, but I hope that BF never makes the pixel soldiers behave perfectly like combat robots. Soldiers (humans) do lots of stupid and irrational things in reality, especially while in panic or driven by fanatism. The behaviour of the AI may be suboptimal in many cases, but you can use your imagination to explain what happened. Maybe the panzerschreck man just noticed that his Panzerschreck was jammed after running for the tank and in panic just shot with his k98. There are a lot of little things which decide between life and death on the battlefield which are below of
  7. You have to rename the Atomicgamer patch from ___.zip.html to ___.zip to be able unpack it. I had to do so, too. Forgot to mention.
  8. I had the movement problems also (with a fresh 1.01 game). But now with the updated 1.01 patch it seems to be fixed. Also the arrow down key now works. I think the download links were not all updated with the updated patch, so you could try to download it again.
  9. There is a difference between watching a 10-hour movie or five 2-hour movies. Or reading a 2000-pages novel versus ten 200-pages novels.
  10. The problem of WEGO vs. pausable RT is not a issue of control, but of feedback (at least in bigger scenarios). If I could rewind time in RT to see what had been going on here and there, I would never play WEGO again.
  11. But probably only a small passage. Maybe "mark mines" also implies clearing a passage through the minefield. So there will still be a bottleneck which would slow movement.
  12. I did not yet come across mines in CMBN, but can the blast command be used to clear mines?
  13. I doubt that you can remove a minefield within the games limited timeframe (30 to 120 minutes) especially while the action is still going on.
  14. I do not use the Zoom at all (except for taking screenshots). Instead I set the height of the camera with the preset positions (keys 1,2,3, etc.) or with the scroll wheels (two fingers on the mac trackpad). For moving the camera around I use the keys (w-a-s-d), not the mouse. Once you get used to it, it works very well.
  15. You can access the installation log anytime by starting "system profiler", then select Software => Logs. There you'll find the install.log - you just have to select the relevant section of the logfile.
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