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  1. +1 Erwin The large maps are what I am most looking forward to and combine that with the ammo dumps I am a happy chappy! It will be interesting to see how the large battles unfold as to when you commit your reserves or when to counter attack. Any announcement of when we will have Ivan the Russian carrying tanks into battle on his shoulders? Or will I just have to be content with the tanks carrying the conscripts to their doom?
  2. It will be plugged in, a la desktop. Thus screen size and power hungry laptops are fine. Thanks everyone for your inputs. It will be Windows based not Mac for anyone curious. So far I am looking for something with 4GB (or more) of RAM, 64 Bit Win, external graphics card (preferably Nvidia in my humble choice (but that's another discussion for another day!!!)) and possibly an SSD if its available but I wont worry if not. As for the game, I would be happy with the battles running smoothly, preferably capable of large battles as you cannot beat a good old tankfest! But I can live with
  3. Hello all, Long time stalker of the forums, soaking up the tips and the strategies. Finally decided to pop out of my tank and say hello. Been playing CM since BB and have enjoyed CMBN and CMFI, plus all the modules. But enough about me. My main reason for this post is I am looking at getting a laptop that is capable of running CMx2. I have a main PC which I use currently and it runs fine. But I shall shortly be away from it for 6 months with just my current old battered laptop* and I would quite like something CM worthy! Can anyone suggest what they may use or anything in the marke
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