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  1. Peter Thomas you are an absolute legend! This stuttering problem has been driving me nuts for as long as i can remember, i've tried so many things to resolve this.. Installed CDI and i've yet to have any stutters (touch wood)... Hope the other guys having issues have tried this
  2. Yea i've made sure it's not running on integrated graphics or anything like that. I've also tried using the recommended settings in the nvidia control panel for the graphics, no joy
  3. This is a problem that I've been trying to fix for ages.. A stutter that occurs when a new sound is played that causes the game to freeze for roughly a second and the map redraw. The frustrating thing is that it seems to be a common problem but there isn't a common fix. For me, the stutter disappears when I mute the game but obviously this isn't an ideal solution. It's clearly not a graphics problem. I have a V15 Nitro laptop. I've uninstalled and reinstalled all my drivers including sound (realtek) and hard drive drivers to no avail. I've installed the game on both ssd and
  4. Did anyone find a solution to this? I've tried everything suggested in this thread to no avail.. I just bought the game so installed fresh on Windows 10 but it just goes to a black screen upon launch. I'm using latest NVIDIA drivers (355.82) Cheers
  5. Hi, Am I correct in thinking that a patch will be released with the forthcoming CW module and this will include a general performance boost to the game (graphics wise)? Loving the game but my enjoyment is dampened somewhat by the constant need to retweak my graphics settings per map in order to get things running smoothly. I am running an older system granted and while i'm not expecting miracles, i'm hoping that the graphics consistancy will improve. My System:- athlon 64 x2 4600 4gb ram GeForce GTX 260 Unfortunately i haven't got the funds to upgrade atm which is the obvious
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