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    Daroc got a reaction from Warts 'n' all in The unit is going thru arming and firing but not shooting at target   
    Backed it up and nailed it to where he doesn't look out the window anymore hehe.
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    Daroc got a reaction from IanL in The unit is going thru arming and firing but not shooting at target   
    Backed it up and nailed it to where he doesn't look out the window anymore hehe.
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    Daroc reacted to Bil Hardenberger in BATTLE DRILL - A CM Tactics Blog   
    I have started a new series of posts on the Battle Drill blog, the introduction is up now: RIFLE PLATOON LEADER
    Starting with the Rifle Platoon I will cover the following topics:
    RIFLE PLATOON Approach March Scouting The Attack The Defense The Pursuit The Support Platoon Role Integrating Support Teams into the Platoon Approach March section is almost completed and will be posted this weekend.  I will try to do at least one post in this series each week, followed by the supporting tactical problem scenarios.  I hope this series makes up in some way for my lack of posting content.
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    Daroc reacted to slysniper in Keeping FO's alive   
    Good point. I play this a little different in HtoH play.
    The trick is, send a scout unit or something like it with a short arc to where you want to place your F.o. firrst. let them see if they draw any fire, if they are safe, then move the F.O into position.
    I also send the scouts on to another spot to check out the next location if you need to shift the F.O. to another location.

    You are as good in the game as you are in learning to play smart. Every trick you can come up with as to protecting important units and sacraficing poor units if needed is worth trying. Just as in real life. A price must be paid, that price is normally in the form of the poor infantry.
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    Daroc reacted to Henniak-HKVB in Map pack FI-GL   
    The is a pack wit 
    - 4 meeting maps
    - 2 axe attack maps 
    Designed for medium sized quick battle
    NO IA !




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    Daroc reacted to Vinnart in Vin's mods - Animated Text, Geometric Icons, Easy vis UI, Bases   
    Vin Geometric CMBS Unit Icons:
    Changes unit icons to unique geometric shapes for unit categories to better differentiate between types, and to make icons smaller.
    Uses different color icons for spotted and FOW to make spotted icons pop out.
    Uses different colors for fortifications to make them easier to tell from spotted icons during set up phase. 
    The FOW, and fortifications icons can be used with the stock icons, or other icon mods if desired by adding a few "Z"s to the folder name.

    Vin Geometric Unit Icons - CMBS v.1
    Vin Geometric Icons CMBS.zip
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    Daroc reacted to MarkEzra in Coming Soon 27 V3.11 QB Maps   
    I have placed them on the Repository but it takes a bit of time for them to actually be available. So if you don't want to wait I have attached them here!V3.11 QB Maps.zip

    V3.11 QB Maps contains 27 Maps made in the Method I used in CMBS. These Maps have Full sets of Group orders and use of Triggers. They also use the new naming convention, so these maps will show up generally last in the QB Map list. Hope You Enjoy the them.
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