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  1. Hello Sneaksie,

    Thank you so much. It works very well now. But I can not start next mission. No diary of next mission. Have I to change or add a trigger or a file ? ( In init or in the users folder-keys, settings,version,game-) ? Or have I to add a trigger loss mission?

    Would be very grateful for help. All the best airfighter55

  2. Hello,

    I want to play a mission in TOW2 Africa without have played the mission before. Is it possible ? To go directly to every mission?

    There must be a solution by change files or triggers in the main directory of the game.

    Or win the mission before by change a trigger-save this mission-and you can play the next mission and so on. In TOW2 Kursk it is possible !

    All the best and thanks for advice


  3. Hello VonManstein !!

    Thank you for advice to stop the smart pause !

    Can you give me advice too, how I can play a mission without playing the mission before ? It is possible to change a trigger for this in the trigger folder of the game? Or in the main directory?

    Would be grateful for your advice airfighter55

  4. I bought the game by download from Battlefront. I don`t know what" DEP exception " means!? What I have to do now?

    Please another question: Is there a possibility to play all missions without playing the mission before? Can I change something in the game for this? Thank you airfighter55

  5. Hallo Arzok,

    I open a mission with mission editor, but I can find only the trigger "init" not "initmission".

    I think perhaps there is a possibility to open a mission without playing the mission before? Can I open a mission for playing with the editor? Or can I change a folder so that I can play every mission? You have advice? airfighter55

  6. Thank you very much, Arzok !

    Sorry, but how can I open the mission with the mission editor? And how can I open the trigger initmission ?

    Which instruction I have to write exactly and where is the place I have it to write?

    Best wishes and thank you for advice airfighter55

  7. Thank you for reply !

    The Problem is, that I can not manage a keymapping for win mission at the beginning of a mission like in the game ToW 2 Kursk.

    Is there a possibility to do it in ToW 2 Africa ?

    So you can come very fast to the next mission without playing all missions before completely !

    Is there a solution ?

    All the best for all experts


  8. I have a problem to go forward to the next mission without play it completely.

    In the game ToW 2 Kursk I can program a key for win mission to come to the next mission.

    Can you give advice to manage this with the game ToW 2 Africa ??

    It is possible also like in ToW Kursk to disable Selection Indicator ( Circle around the unit ) ??

    I would be very grateful for answer and advice !


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