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    The Teacher got a reaction from Rinaldi in Peanut Gallery for the AAR, No Bill or Pnzrldr   
    I'm not defending the scenario, just keeping everyone that are interested where the scenario started and how it changed into the beasty pressure cooker it is now.

    As I said the map changed in size and I feel the larger version was better but a real frame rate killer on older machines.
    One day I break the master map out, say about 2018.

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    The Teacher got a reaction from PSY in modules and weapons packs   
    How is it so that Australia is always left out all discussions regarding forces deployable to Ukraine.
    We have been everywhere the USA has wanted us to jump in and help.
    I think the next module should include Australia.... oh and stop laughing;-)
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    The Teacher got a reaction from Moon in Peanut Gallery for the AAR, No Bill or Pnzrldr   
    If Bil doesn't get into cover and some sneaky positions to get some ambush shots off Scott will have the advantage.
    When setting up the scenario it was to show off the new toys and to have some fun getting them into action, the action speaks for its self.
    It will also depend on the surviving units in the town and power station, eyes in either location can really hurt Bil.
    In regards to drones, we can assume Scott will have them and the units to take advantage of them.
    If it turns out that a static defence is on Bils planning list I think he will be in a world of hurt, a mobile game of cat and mouse shows more promise.
    Bil has good tactics in his war chest while Scott got his own methods, it should be getting hotter in the pan in the near future.
    The scenario was put together to take the players out of a comfort zone and get them thinking fast.
    I think both AARs are exceptional, the two styles really work for me and I'm enjoying both of them.
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