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  1. #2 TRPs will not be available in every battle. It's up to the scenario/campaign designer if you get them or not. In Quick Battles, they must be purchased (under the Fortifications category), but will not be available in certain battle types such as "Meeting Engagements".
  2. My guess would be the command and control benefits you get with a formation as opposed to a bunch of individual tanks.
  3. I wonder what the folks in the cars around the 2:00 mark were thinking??
  4. Right now, I'd settle for being able to see the default composition of units in the QM purchase screen. Just who is in that German "Breach Team", anyway?
  5. Woo hoo! I'm curious about how it's been fixed, but I can wait for the patch if the fix is hush-hush.
  6. I kinda like the name "Combat Mission: Monty(zuma)'s Revenge" If the next module is indeed going to be the "other half" of the Normandy battles, here's some content I would like to see: Captured French tanks for the Germans Flame weapons "Funnies", especially working flail tanks Horse-drawn wagons and arty for the Germans Horses and cows (including dead ones) as map flavor objects. Crashed gliders as map flavor objects Burnable terrain (buildings, trees, etc.)
  7. Here's my suggestion on how this could be implemented in-game. An Arty mission is called in as normal and goes to FFE. After it completes or is cancelled, a "REPEAT last fire mission" button appears for that battery/gun/mortar below the other mission types (point, area, linear) If the unit is on-board and performs any other orders (move, fire, face, etc.), comes under any level of suppression or loses C2, the REPEAT button goes away. Otherwise, the REPEAT button remains active for X number of turns (amount X depending on the level of support; for example Battalion 81mm mortars might be abl
  8. I've noticed this many times when a spotter has limited LOS to the area surrounding the spot where he wants a strike to land. The spotting rounds come in, land out of LOS and then, even though they have not landed on target, the FFE gets called in like a normal arty support mission and ends up landing somewhere else. Is this really historically accurate? Would it not be more realistic for it to simply take more time (and ammo) until the spotter sees the rounds actually hitting on target before he calls for the full strike? Otherwise, it would seem a waste of ammo and potential hazard to fri
  9. I find myself constantly wishing we could REPEAT as in real life. For people thinking it's 'gamey', my reply is to reiterate real life. Instead of an instantaneous continuation, a one or two minute delay (or more, depending on the command level of the arty asset) might be a good, realistic compromise. I would also say you should only be able to REPEAT a fire mission within a minute or two of the original one ending.
  10. I recently lost 7 casualties in one turn (4 WIA, 3 KIA) to 2 'Schreck rounds that missed a Sherman, went long and landed on an airborne squad. OUCH. :mad:
  11. Were those 1500 rounds already loaded into the 20 round mags that a BAR uses? I'm guessing not. Therefore, once they've blown through their normal load (which for a BAR was about 260 rds - the ammo belts BAR gunners wore carried 12 mags), the rate of fire should drop to represent the time needed to reload all those mags. I'm actually kind of kidding...
  12. I think you're operating under the mistaken premise that most "immobilizations" are due to a broken track. Even if they were, you're also assuming that it's a small enough portion of track that the crew has enough spare links to repair it. And they aren't knee deep in mud. (Been there, done that, don't care to do it again.) I, myself, don't see it as something that's broken enough to warrant a lot of attention. Maybe later on if the devs have nothing else better to do.
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