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  1. Some new impressions of work in progress...
  2. @Snake_Eye: Oh sorry, I wasn‘t aware of this But the title „Against all Odds“ was only chosen for the Campaign Pack. So, this title will not appear in the game. The single campaigns are named „Tiger Trail“, „Final Hope“ and „Broken Fortress“. Regards Mr.X
  3. @Vergeltungswaffe: thanks In the past, some really exciting projects unfortunately never came to an end (for example "Carrillon Nose" - a similar monster project, but also two of my own projects for CMBN) - so, I don`t wanna promise to much. At the moment, working on three campaigns is a feeling like climbing the K2 winter summit but even this succeeded
  4. @Vergeltungswaffe: Due to real life, I was forced to make a CM - Break for almost seven years But meanwhile creating CM-stuff is my way to relaxe after a hard working day with more real life problems than is dear to one... So, despite the fact, this project is very ambitious, I am confident to release the pack not later than October 2022...
  5. Some new impressions of the early stages of playtesting.
  6. To sum up all the work, I am doing, I have decided to open one thread for my whole project. I will create a campaign pack, including 3 campaigns. Name will be "Against all Odds" in reminescence at an old superb CMBO-Campaign. "Tiger Trail" Belorussia summer 1944 "Final Hope" South of Berlin spring 1945 "Broken Fortress" East Prussia winter 1945 At the moment, there is enough F&R stuff for players soon after the release. So, estimated arrival time of this pack will be in 12-18 months.
  7. @MikeyD: Good Idea to open this topic
  8. Some impressions of the Autobahn Bridge near Fuerstenwalde, where mixed forces of Heer and Waffen-SS tried to hold a bridgehead to the north until 25th April 1945, in order to rescue the last rearguard from Festung Frankfurt/Oder...
  9. Early stage of some testing. Young grenadiers of ID "Scharnhorst" fighting in the outskirts of Beelitz, facing heavy Soviet Tanks for the first time.
  10. Some new impressions of map work in progress. Southwest of Frankfurt/Oder, the defenders of the so called fortress broke out on 23rd April 1945 along the "Reichs-Autobahn 12" Frankfurt - Berlin.
  11. Interesting source Aragorn Ideal conditions for a campaign ! Huge variety of forces, including everything except SS-formations. I am working on two F&R campaigns at the moment, what means a ton of work, but in my head the idea is slowly growing, to generate a whole CM F&R Campaign/Battle Pack...and East Prussia had definitely to take place in such a project
  12. Progress of map making is going on. So, I hope to be able to start the playtesting with both of my Campaign projects within the next weeks. This Campaign will finally include 16 single battles from 23rd April 1945 in the area of Frankfurt/Oder to 7th May 1945 at the Elbe-River.
  13. Some impressions of the area eastwards the small town of Fischbeck. Here, the Divisions "Scharnhorst" and "Ulrich von Hutten" of 12th Army fought their desperate fight to hold the thin frontlines around the last bridgehead from 4th May until 7th May, when General Wenck and his staff were the last to cross the Elbe River in a small motorboat.
  14. A new map is finished. 2km south to the famous Elbe-Bridge in Tangermuende, in the morning hours of 7th May 1945, a small unit of Division "Scharnhorst" had to counterattack a Soviet assault, which almost reached the Elbe River bank and threatened the evacuation of the remnants of 12th and 9th Army.
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