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  1. 3 VB (VB is drastic I know but I think required under the circumstances)

    He came here to America to get good beer, not swill brewed with cane sugar. Cane sugar in beer! Dirty heathens.

    You did drink the good stuff while you were here, right Unka 87? I hope that Nidiot didn't ply you with anything from Anheuser-Busch. I know we don't really like you, but there is a prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment.

    America. The land of 10,000 brews. What a country.

  2. Charlie, some factoids I might regard as relevant:

    - self immolation in front of a Hampshire County Court last month

    - Hillary Clinton citing "domestic requirements" for the repatriation of three division's worth of troops from Afghanistan

    - 44 million US citizens on food stamps at the same time as its political leadership is aiming at reducing its payments for social security and medical care, all the while continuing to spend on military adventures and propping up failed industries

    - the best armed citizenry in the world, seemingly sure of its right to do what it sees fit.

    History points to a rough time ahead: how rough it is is mostly up to us.

    With regard to the US "going down the same path" as lawless Mexico, all this you provide falls flat in the face of the bigger picture. Violent crime has been going down every year for the last 20 years.

  3. Don't be jealous just because you, your original liege, and your extended family are such backwards smacktards that no one has ever paid you a compliment. House Rune has earned its adulation through years of grog-y service to CM and the MBT. And, though you may deny it, your grognard imitations on the outre-boards and occasional contributions here, are a clear homage to the greatness of Rune.

    Ahem. Turn sent, and the high explosive pummeling of your troops continues. You know that one building you are in that is closest to my side of the board? The one I am shelling with the Stug that is firing between two buildings? Yes, that one. I am almost giggling like a school girl watching that. Because I have no less than four MG 42s aiming at the doors. So, you can stay inside as it comes down around your ears, or you can make a run for it. Personally I'd prefer if you ran. Makes a better show.

    Also, my young Buzzsaw, you keep calling him Rune. This is in error. He does not deserve capitalization, the swine. Even he knows it, as he doesn't capitalize his own name himself. So it is Sir [lowercase] rune. Also known as "Brave Sir rune" for his continued (and very brave) dodging and weaving whenever challenged by anyone in the Cesspool. In fact, the reason he continues his job as Beta geek is because if he is playing a patched version of the game, he has a ready made excuse for his (very brave) running away behavior.

    In other updates, Stuka awaits my set-up. Elvis and I are taking turns in creating scrap-metal sculptures out of recon vehicles in Huzzar!. The last turn ended with the barrel of one of my Shermans almost touching the side of one of his half-tracks. That should start the next turn out with a bang.

  4. The Rangers weren't (and aren't today) so much "SAS Style-special forces units" as they are elite light infantry, intended to operate in Company-strength units or above, often as the spearhead of larger infantry infantry operations, in coup de main assignments and the like. SAS-style units were more like modern Green Beret and SEAL teams, intended to fulfill deep penetration and other extended independent deployments, often as quite small teams, 6 or less.

    I am not sure that is entirely correct. SAS were used in large raids, as were the Rangers. I also seem to recall that the Rangers were created with the SAS in mind. It is also not true that Rangers were not specially trained in special ops. By today's standards no, but they were not just given elite infantry training.

    As far as independent deep penetration operations, the op to free the prisoners of the Bataan death march comes to mind.

    I do agree that they were too often misused as elite line infantry.

  5. Yes that is what makes it all the more sad.

    Thing is there are hundreds of other ways to get around the constitution.

    Don't ban guns, ban ammunition.

    Use environmental legislation to restrict the use of the components in primers.

    Restrict the sale of primers as they are an explosive.

    Tax the buggery out of gunpowder.

    Make guns not manufactured in the US illegal in the US and require all US gun manufacturers to be licensed and make the license fees astronomical.

    I'm sure there are other ways from outside the box. Main thing is you have to want to.

    But given the current bloke had a **** storm trying to introduce a health care system...........

    Yes, there are ways if making legal gun ownership marginally more difficult and expensive. But don't believe that it will be easy to do so to at a level that creates a constructive ban. Many of the more drastic steps you propose are likely (and quite correctly) to be viewed as unconsitutional for the very reasons that you would advocate their use. They would have the practical effect of a ban.

  6. Bottom line is that all this arguing is pretty much irrelevant, at least as far as the US is concerned. Private ownership of firearms is not going to be prohibited. Recent court cases, including a key Supreme Court case, have affirmed that the US Second Amendment gives an individual Constitutional right to gun ownership. There is almost zero chance of a change to the Constitution (given the high level of support for gun ownership in the US). If anything, gun rights are expanding in the US, with a large increase and liberalization of concealed carry laws in the US.

  7. Oh, by the Bard's greasy beard, will you pissants please stop with all the make-nice in the MBT. Helping out the SSNs figure out that we really are about nonsense and such. Gah. Next thing you know you'll be posting pickies of model tanks and such.

    Whats that? Already done?


    The Cess is dead. We now have the Warm and Cuddly Challenge and Crumpets thread.

    Jo Xia, this is all your fault. And you too Boo Boo Bear. Aren't you supposed to be the Rent-a-car's little pint-sized attack dog?

  8. Turning up your nose at Osprey genrally and Zaloga in particular would be unfortunate. What issues in particular do you have? Some mistakes can be found almost anywhere. Any non-primary sources can be iffy, even from good authors. I think given the subject matter that Osprey publications are no worse than average. Quite a bit of primary source material is also questionable.

    Much historical research is best guess and supposition.

    EDITED - re-read you post. Agreed that they are good places to start, but I think more since they are general in nature, rather than terribly inaccurate.

  9. Then one day the jellied peanut butter will disappear from the supermarket shelves but Vegemite will be available and you'll bloody well like it too.

    As much as I would prefer letting some random Ozzie rule in place of His Royal Obamaness, you are mad. Mad I tell you.

    vegemite for Peanut Butter?! You go too far sir! This calls for a new American Revolution to throw off the the oppressive chains of disgusting sandwich toppings. I declare Blood Hamster on twisted Southern Hemisphere dietary choices. The Peanut Butter must be free!

    Tell me your requirements for battle, and we shall fight for the delusional crown of the United States of a Merry Cow (You can however keep Ohio, New York, and Utah). Your topplement awaits.

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