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  1. I'm a new player and have had problems with the difficulty as well. I think the best advice I've read on this thread is to play with the quick battle system. Scenarios and campaigns are generally made by experienced players for experienced players, and can be brutal for the newbie. Even if you don't want to pick both sides yourself, you can still adjust the force levels to give yourself an advantage - an extra 70% or so point advantage helps a lot! Things I've learnt so far - there is better, more comprehensive advice upthread, but this is stuff I've learnt the hard way in the last c
  2. Yay been lurking for a while (brand new CM player) and I finally find a thread where I know enough to comment 1) If your needs apart from CM are basic office functions then I would avoid burning cash on the CPU. Yes it will give the whole machine a bit more life, but it really isn't worth the price - certainly this game would like it, but the lowest end CPU on a modern iMac will do just fine. 2) Do not, DO NOT! buy any more memory than you have to from Apple. Assuming you are in the US you can get Kingston 4GB modules from newegg for $46.99 - that is $187.96 for 16GB. It comes with
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