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  1. Seriously? How hard did you even look? On both the Developer and Publisher AP pages (Graviteam and Paradox) there are links to Impulse, Gamersgate and Direct2Drive. Don't like Digital? Mail order from Amazon. I assume you had no issues doing that with CMBN. No MP? Fair enough, but it's also a third the cost of CMBN. No forum activity? There is activity on the Graviteam and Paradox forum, admittedly not much lately, but the game came out 18 months ago. A comparative alternative to CMBN was asked for and it was provided. Rather than off-handedly dismiss it without even looking p
  2. A thread about camera controls, you say? Search and you shall find... http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=97499
  3. So as time is available for these changes to be developed, will the final result be patched into CB:BN? I assume the engine is good to go for a few years yet, especially with talk of further modules based on it. If UI design changes are present in upcoming modules, I assume they will be patched into CM:BN?
  4. I think sometimes it my be part of the intelligence you receive for the battle in question. ie I know I am facing roughly these forces and intelligence suggests they may be roughly in these positions.
  5. Why is it widely accepted? That's half the problem. If it's a widely acknowledged problem that WASD camera movement is clunky, why don't the Dev's do something about it?
  6. Hmmm, I don't recall any indication from the Development team that the current camera controls as they stand are are a result of engine limitations, nor that it was even acknowledged as something that could use improvement. Yes, perhaps I was a little harsh. But sometimes it seems improvements to interface usability is compromised in favour of, say, making tanks bounce more... I mean seriously, who was it that decided tanks bouncing more when they fired rated higher than movable waypoints? If it was BF, then they have their priorities wrong, or if it was the Beta Testers, then the w
  7. Begging your pardon shredder, but that attitude is severely flawed for a couple of reasons: Firstly, CMBN is most likely not designed with anywhere the necessary level of mod-ability that would facilitate this. Secondly, how about we petition the actual Developer - you know, the ones taking our money, to recognise areas where improvements can be made and action them. I can accept the camera controls the way they are now and can accept that they are unlikely to change in the current iteration. But if you sit back on your laurels and expect modders to fix issues that Developers should
  8. Thanks WineCape, I did quote you, but admittedly did not elaborate further on what you meant.
  9. Good advice. Hotkeys, binded to mouse buttons or otherwise, are an essential way to get around in CMBN. From a thread i posted elsewhere: Tips to get around for those that have not played (or in a while). 1 - After selecting a unit, press TAB. it will zoom to just behind the unit at the current camera height. 2 - After you have TABbed to a unit, right click will now pivot around the unit, rather than pivot the camera itself. 3 - Press 'v' to reverse the camera view. 4 - Camera height hot keys (1 - 5) are useful for quick adjustments. Bind some of these keys to a mouse and
  10. Seriously? From the manual, bottom of page 19 in the Tutorial section: "To move the camera forward, backward, left, or right, press and hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse. The camera will pan and follow your motion. To change the direction that the camera is facing while staying in place, press and hold the right mouse button and drag the mouse. This is analogous to swiveling your head. The camera facing will move with the motion of the mouse. It is important to know where your cursor is on the screen, because the sensitiv- ity of these changes decreases as the cursor a
  11. When you click to pan or rotate, the speed at which the camera moves increases the further you move it from the starting position.
  12. Why, oh why implement such an ridiculously antiquated system? Honestly, most people's issues with the camera would just go away with system of 1:1 mouse mapping. ie right or left click for pan or rotate and the camera moves with your mouse at a constant speed regardless of where the cursor is. This is the camera system found in, oh, I don't know, just about EVERY modern 3D game engine.
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