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  1. Hi Erwin, File-Upload.net is a popular freehoster... I never had any problems here. Just to make sure my zip file is Ok, I downloaded the file again and checked it with ANTIVIRA....no problems. Probably the warning message you received was one of this ugly and suspicious security software advertisings from the freeload webseite. I use adblocker with my firefox browser and had never problems with this advertising stuff again. I am sorry, I have no authorisation to upload stuff to CMMODS. Kind regards Tom
  2. Hi there, the force specific background pics are already in the zip file and will be randomly choosen by CM. Cheers Tom
  3. Click on the pic to see a preview with a few examples Gentlemen, 20 new CMFB splash screens plus 50 force specific backgrounds made from colorized WWII b&w pics can be downloaded here: http://www.file-upload.net/download-11533493/TCMHQCMFBsplashscreensbackgrounds.zip.html I don´t claim any copyrights for this stuff since I found the pics from various sources via google search. Simply extrace the files into your z folder. To select a new splash screen go to the "user interface/splash screen" folder in the z directory and rename your prefered file to "spl
  4. Gentlemen, just a short impression of a new project I started today: a massive 4 x 3 KM map of the infamous Donezk Airport and its industrial/commercial surroundings and villages. The map is based on this google map area: A very early WIP impression: Dont´t hold your breath: this will take a few weeks to finish...... Cheers Tom aka TCMHQ
  5. Hi McAuliffe, I feel with you. On the other hand, look at that prices for current PC hardware. 12 years ago I had to spend vast sums for a reasonably powerful computer and now the hardware costs almost nothing. On my actual laptop CMBN runs without problems. The price for this little toy was less than 400 €. Unfortunately 64 MB of graphic memory are not enough for many modern applications. Kind regards Tom PS "Valley of Trouble" is available for download at the Repository !
  6. Old CMBO view on "Plomville" New CMBN view on "Plomville" Full map view The right place for BIG explosions... ...and heroic actions. Available at a Repository near you on Wednesday, the 22th of June 2011. (Still testing the AI settings now) Final scenario can be played from US or German side and should be great fun as H2H or Quick Battle map too. Cheers Tom
  7. Hi Ales, thanks. I hope no one is offended by these At least Steve´s Cafe, the St. Grammond Abbey and the memorials survived all my battle tests without collapsing :eek: Cheers Tom BTW: if you missed the announcement: "Chance Encounter CMBN" can be downloaded from the Repostory.
  8. Gents, I uploaded my first CMBN scenario to the Repository a few minutes ago (hope it will show up during the next few hours). This scenario was originally released as an add-on for the CMBO beta demo, at Christmas 1999. It was later also released as part of the Gold Demo. It depicted a meeting engagement late in the war between an American rifle company supported by Sherman tanks, and a German rifle company supported by assault guns. The terrain depicted a rural crossroads overlooked by a forested hill. Chance Encounter has remained a popular scenario and versions of this battle ha
  9. I will not engange in political and/or historical discussions about events that happened a long time ago, but this thread is about D-Day and I will post two of my favorite pictures I took on Omaha Beach while I was there on vacation with my family in 2006 and 2007. German AT muzzlebreak from Omaha Beach WN 72 now serves as trashbin. A great symbol, isn´t it ? On the 30th of June 2007 a French grassroot group organized a very special event on Omaha Beach to honor the American soldiers (two US veterans were also part of the ceremony and EVERYONE wanted to shake their hands).
  10. Some pics of my first battle-test of the new (but yet not finished) CMBN "Chance Encounter" map: I played the German side and set up a very basic AI plan for the US attacker. My óld favorite hull down position on the CMBO map also worked like a charm on the new map. Bang...the first Sherman is gone. My infantry approches the Abbey and gets under heavy fire from the remaining US tanks The first US platoon emerges from the western woods and is beaten back by my mortars. OK...big victory for me since the AI is no real match in CMBN. But wait ...suddenly the tide was tu
  11. Thanks Mord, this is a very welcome addition and....I´m glad that I´m not your neighbor Kind regards Tom
  12. Hi Gents, as Agua mentioned before, I´m working on CMBN conversions of "Chance Encounter" and "Valley Of Trouble". Since I am new to the CMx2 engine, this is much more work than I expected.... for example: 16 CMBO tiles now means 100 CMBN tiles to be edited ! Some screenshots of WIP: Chance Encounter (80% done). You won´t see much details from this perspective, but you will find these on ground level view. View from the "Grammond Cafe" to the "St. Grammond Abbey":D Valley of Trouble (25% done) View form the western hights to the northern wheatfield The Village
  13. Yes. I encountered the same problems while trying to create a "shrinked" Omaha Beach map: The AT Bunkers at WN 61,WN 62, WN 65 and WN 72 can not be shown with the current engine, but maybe you can try to protect your AT guns with high stonewalls ? IMHO the biggest letdown for a pure beach landing scenario ist the lack of cover for the defenders... no tobruks for the Mgs and mortars.... and the "cover value" for foxholes and trenches is way too low. I made several tests with an advancing regular US squad against an MG42 section on the cliffs and even on bigger distances the MG was "dead meat
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