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  1. I as well notice infantry breaking very easily. Mind you I havent played for 3 years or so, the v3 and v4 upgrades are new to me. It has become a nuissance telling a 50. Cal team to stay in position, veteran with +1 leadership espicially when it is the only weapon stopping our company from being overrun. Perfect C2C and the gun is under minimal suppression. Not only that, but have action squares been gimped? Unlike previous versions when I send Infantry to do a task it feels like im limited to two choices because they go anywhere I order them in a reasonable manner. None of this was
  2. Ahhh, yes you do come across as biased from time to time.
  3. Hey John, what do you think of this one? Regards, Evan Kelly.
  4. I suppose the 101 doesn't need a song to etch in to anything John, they are just THERE. It all makes perfect sense now.
  5. I have yet to find any type of music of anthem attributed to the division in question. Did they even care about a march song? Alas, there must of been some type of song or ritual connected to the bastards. Was there some some platoon favorite song or a company song?
  6. I'm sorry. There is no scheduled time release, if everyone would care to stfu the world would be a better place.
  7. Thats great, lat time I checked my Land was not being run buy a Dog, even if it was, my Dog would be, somewhat good looking.
  8. Will be interesting to find out... I have a unit that has called in fire support on target X with confirmation from firing unit. The call-in unit is probably going to cease to exist soon, so i'm wondering too if the the orders will proceed.
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