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  1. When I load it up the map is there. Where are the troops? If I read it right, troops have all ready been placed. Anyone play this scenario yet from the download area?
  2. Sounds interesting but for the ranges that you show. The weapons doesn't feel that far off. 1. The basic combat load of the infantry during the time frame. 2. Magazines on hand and loaded- if not the time it takes too slide rounds back into the M1 magazine. 3. I don't know about the M1 carbine or the or the KAR98. Never tested but I did train on the M1 Garand in the US Army and the firing rates seem about right-for the ranges shown. 4. Today the Army trains on multiple targets 50-300meters out- during the WW2 time frame in basic the soldier was trained with 40 rounds maggies drawers(large square target-with spotters scoring). Very little ranged targeting. I am sorry but your points on 1,2 and 3 I would have to disagree with concering the M1 Garand. 5. Last but not least your not going to pump up your fire rate unless your into -final protective fires(sustained to cyclic rate of fires).
  3. Walls seem to work ok in the last four pbem games ive played. I don't know if I agree with walls not doing what they should. I think they should alot more testing before we come to any conclusions.
  4. You can take them out. Ive taken out the german players Panzers v's. You smack them in the side or rear and don't engage at close range if you can but yes they can be taken out.....after only four pbem game:D Note: If you can don't go head to head, try to put two to one or more on one panzer.
  5. Finished a Pbem game - I am the axis and sent the first file- When the game ended( file number 131) it showed me the victory screen but did not produce a file 132 to send to the US Army player(he didn't get to see a victory screen). Is it something I did incorrectly or is it set up that way?
  6. I was wondering about that myself....Should be interesting.
  7. I think it adds alot to the game.....Glad they put it in.
  8. My steel box collectors was busted up as well....I agree with the poster. But oh well! But at least the manual is in good shape.
  9. I think the time is about right.....seeing that the set up time does not actually take into account...range cards(defense-hasty/prepared)(set up prepared ranges with a T&E unit attached to the gun-clearing fields of fire). Malfunctions,cool downs...........combine this with movement and offensive action were the player just packs up and moves, sets up again. I would say its about right.
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