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  1. Alright, after a quick test, someone with a Thompson and .45 caliber ammunition will not trade the Thompson for a Garand. If you want to see this yourself, start a realtime quick battle with a couple platoons of tanks and a company of infantry. Bunch the infantry as close as you can, then use "friendly" area fire with the tanks to kill them. You'll have to target adjacent action squares, since the game won't let you place an area target directly on top of friendly troops. Finally, dismount one or more of the tank crews to conduct buddy aid. Thompsons will be discarded in favor of a BAR, b
  2. Interesting. I've seen someone with a Thompson pick up a rifle grenade launcher, and I've seen plenty of sniper rifle trades, but I've never seen anyone swap a Thompson (with ammo, at least) for a standard M1.
  3. Only the soldier actually giving the buddy aid will pick up weapons and/or ammo. In your case, the soldier with the Stg44 must have been giving the buddy aid, which is why the Stg44 vanished.
  4. There is at least a basic ranking of weapons. During buddy aid, a soldier will only trade for a higher-ranked weapon (unless he's out of ammo, apparently; I haven't noticed that one myself). Pistols are ranked lowest, rifles and submachine guns together are the next rank up (so you'll never trade a rifle for an SMG or vice versa), and then sniper rifles, rifle-caliber automatic weapons (Stg44s, BARs, Brens, MGs, etc.), and explosive weapons (rifle grenade launchers, bazookas, etc.) are all in the upper rank(s). I don't know the specific differences in rank between the upper-level weapons ar
  5. There is no magnify unit size command in CMx2 games. As I recall, the explanation is that the visible unit models in the CMx2 engine are also used for the hit calculations. In other words, making a unit appear bigger would also increase the "physical" size of the unit in the game, making it much easier to hit.
  6. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but what ever happened with this? Is the three-squad option still planned for the base game?
  7. Correct. All production P-38s had 20mm Hispano cannon (aside from the original YP-38s and P-38Ds, which had 37mm cannon, and the Lightning Is, which only had .30 caliber and .50 caliber machine guns). Only the original XP-38 prototype was supposed to carry a 23mm cannon, but I don't know if it was ever actually installed.
  8. There were seven P-38 groups in ETO during Normandy; four in the 8th Air Force (20th, 55th, 364th, and 479th Fighter Groups) and three in the 9th (367th, 370th, and 474th FGs). The three 9th Air Force groups were mostly used in an interdiction/ground-attack role. The four 8th Air Force groups were used as bomber escorts, and would only have engaged in ground targets while strafing on their way home. From a CMBN context, the 9th AF groups could appear during a battle, but none of the 8th AF groups would normally be seen (since their targets of opportunity would be far behind the front lines)
  9. Then why not just issue all those squad leaders carbines? A Thompson cost, what, four times what an M1 carbine cost? Clearly, there must be some reason for giving someone a short range, automatic weapon. Furthermore, wouldn't squad leaders have SMGs specifically because they would be most likely to make good use of them? If a squad is charging/assaulting a position (which, as I understand it, is the most useful situation for an SMG), wouldn't the squad leader be up front leading the charge, instead of following the rest of the squad? I'll agree that officers really shouldn't be shooting
  10. Huh, I've never seen weapons recovered after the battle. My experience has always been that, if someone doesn't pick it up via buddy aid before the battle ends, it's gone. Even if the enemy completely surrendered, and the dead BAR guy was lying right next to his squadmates. I've also had two cases where I lost machine guns between battles, after retrieving them via buddy aid. In the Road to Montebourg campaign, I had two M1919A6 teams where the team leader was carrying the machine gun at the end of the battle. When I got those soldiers back two missions later, both teams had lost their
  11. That's not at all what I'm asking, so I'll try to explain my reasoning again. What I want is the AI to treat a squad's weapons like a set of golf clubs. I want the AI to think, we've got a bunch of rifles, but no Thompsons now, so maybe I should trade my rifle for this. That way, my squad will have a better chance of surviving anything we might run into. That is, of course, the reason the squad leader had one in the first place; it doesn't make sense for everyone to have an SMG, but it's very useful for one or two people to have one. And more importantly, this is exactly what the AI alrea
  12. France was neither ill-prepared nor ill-equiped. In the middle of an upgrade cycle, sure, but it was no Poland. They had a modern force and eight months to prepare it. The Germans, including Hitler, didn't even expect Case Yellow to overrun the entire country; they just wanted breathing room in the west and ports on the coast. Man for man, the German army remained unmatched throughout the war. And I certainly wouldn't agree that the German army fell to pieces. In the spring of 1945, maybe. But not until their entire country was already being torn apart around them. I agree that
  13. Sure, as long as BFC has properly implemented RFC 1149.
  14. As far as I can tell, turning radius while stopped isn't modeled in CMBN. When you give a stopped jeep or armored car a face order, it rotates in place. Wheeled vehicles don't need to drive ahead or reverse to turn in the game. Besides, this issue appears even when the vehicle should not be turning at all. Which is what makes it annoying; I don't mind having to line vehicles up myself to cross gaps. I do mind when the vehicle ignores my perfectly lined up waypoints, turns for no reason, and then blocks the half-dozen vehicles lined up behind it. This issue has certainly been brought
  15. I've seen this a number of times, including when the vehicle was stationary in front of the gap, and was already perfectly lined up, so it just needed to drive forward. I had one case with a halftrack where I lined it up, ordered it through, and came back a few minutes later to find it reversed in place. I'd already sent four Panthers and another Sd.Kfz. 251 through that same gap, so it was certainly wide enough. I should note that I only play realtime in CMBN, so I don't know if the AI will recalculate its path in WEGO after a charge goes off. It certainly doesn't adjust in realtime, if
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