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    BletchleyGeek reacted to Ultradave in Fire and Rubble   
    Creative and well tested scenarios and campaigns make it more interesting to play ūüôā
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to Cobetco in Infantry useless?   
    sounds like someone has discovered why ww1 was a meat grinder.
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to benpark in Fire and Rubble   
    Here's the campaign run-down for the ones not described yet. Ithikial has an additional campaign that he has been outlining, so that's another campaign in the mix, additional to the below.
    The German and Soviet main, and more traditional campaigns are each around 9 battles, depending upon track. These each have some limited branching to keep things interesting.
    Each of the below has some degree of variable set-up for each campaign scenario, again-to keep things interesting over more than one play-through.
    3 AI plans are the norm for each, as well. A lot of attention has been given to the AI in both the attack and defense, and I hope it shows when you are hunkered down in the Hegyikastély, or countering attacks outside of Naugard.
    I am a proponent of letting everyone discover the thing "as new" as much as possible, so I'll be posting just the thumbnails for the settings and forces for now, with a brief description of the Berlin campaigns.
    The two central campaigns are somewhat "phased"- The Soviets have 3/3/3 phases- 3 battles in Poland, 3 in Germany, and 3 in Berlin. The Germans are phased by KG assignment, as Regiment "Norge" is the through-line. It is about half KG Darges, half KG Phillip. Some branching may impact that, but the variable AI should keep it interesting between plays.
    Soviet campaign:

    German Campaign:

    Berlin. Two versions, one for the Soviet side (pummel away, but watch those Panzerfausts), and one for the German (enjoy the pummeling).
    The following campaigns (roughly the same, from two different perspectives) cover the fighting for the Lehrter Station and Kroll Oper in the first battle, the Reichstag and to the Staatsoper in the second battle. Forces are retained over the two battles, with some limited replacements/reinforcements. Two battles each.
    The idea for these was to somewhat recreate the feeling of the old CMx1 Operations. One force, during a single battle, linked terrain. There isn't persistent damage, but creative map positioning gives a sense of advancing over the ground fought over.

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    BletchleyGeek reacted to benpark in Fire and Rubble   
    M43 and M44 mix is in. I'm away from my FR churner at the moment, but here's some other bits about uniforms-
    There was a lot of research throughout this, and models were added for the gaps in RT that we had, as well as for the near 100-Years War level of uniform chaos that is 1945. Here are a few of the additions (there may be more, so I'll leave those for discovery).
    There is an M43 cap in, used by the Volkssturm "Military" Appearance. That covers RAD troops, and just about anything auxiliary that saw combat that would have been in some form of uniform. I believe those also have helmets mixed in.
    The other two Appearance options for the Volkssturm are "Standard" and "Greatcoat". Standard is the civilian-type kit, Greatcoat is civilan-type hats and...a greatcoat.
    We have tried to add more targeted visual variety, as there are a lot of different, odd formations active in this time period, each with their own characteristics that I tend to prefer to have some visual representation of. Better than looking at icons to know what the enemy may be, or the UI if it is on-screen.
    I believe random helmets and ushanka mixes are also making it in for winter conditions (headgear is a headache!). Getting the Soviets some additional visual improvements was a goal. There will also be the slung greatcoat (skatka, bedroll) model, which has shown up in the images previously.
    Gebirgsjägers are a bit different. Those uniforms I did (using Mike's base) were a last minute add for CMFB, I believe. Steve had to do some magic to get the uniforms to show, so changing the headgear is another layer of complexity beyond the others. Better than not having the uniform at all, in my book. Possible in the future, but these seemingly small changes are prone to break lots of stuff.
    I have some other things that I'll release as ideas or mods that didn't make it, post-release. This module has the largest accumulation of cutting-room floor in memory, and is already packed. Even with the years of development, there wasn't enough time to test all concepts and scenarios that were deemed nearly there.
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to Dan Dare in Fire and Rubble   
    accidentally I did a check today, due to some problem in my back up PC, so I do have downloaded all the games I own (including the big Upgrade pack, some 45Gigas) from the BF site, weir was that at the begining it started telling that it would last 2 days even for the smaller CMFI and then in less than 5 hours everything was in....
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to The_Capt in Release when   
    A The Night of the Refresh Monkeys...that brings back memories.
    I will let BFC-central answer most of this but I can say we are on track with the initial announcement:  in Apr, post-Easter.
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to akd in Thoughts on gun setup?   
    Probability of spotting increases, not probability of hitting. You can increase probability of hitting by placing a TRP in the expected engagement zone.
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to domfluff in U.S. Thread - CM Cold War - BETA AAR - Battle of Dolbach Heights 1980   
    It's stuff Steve has said on this forum. There are five heights that the heightmap uses - crawling man, standing man, small, normal and tall vehicles, and the LOS table is built from each height to each other height, in each square.
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to The_Capt in CM Cold War - Beta AAR - Soviet Thread - Glorious Soviet Victory at Small German Town 1980   
    Oh dear.  Ok, my point of view on these things is pretty simple...."you get what you paid for, CM is good but it is not Jesus".  CM is a really good tactical level game that borders on simulator (BFC MOD work is proof of that).  It is very good, maybe the best, at Battalion and below tactical engagements; a test of skill and a challenge that provides a lot of entertainment.  The level of accuracy and detail is crazy...at that level.
    Now if we are going to start to expand beyond that then a lot of other factors come into play and frankly we move out of entertainment and start to encroach on professional military problems.  And hey, if the game takes you there, then that is great but you will likely get frustrated trying to port those lessons back into the game.
    So, for example, the quality of T64 manufacture is not a tactical problem.  Sure, a few extra dice rolls for throwing a track but in reality poor manufacture is an operational or strategic problems that in CM you may see in the course of an entire campaign as narrative.  For example, the outrageous cost and slow production of the M1 in the early 80s has little effect on the CM battlefield beyond "rarity", which means little when the beast shows up but was a significant strategic shortfall.  
    Vehicles and systems are simulated "as they would normally function" in a 1-2 hour window of a tactical engagement.  Here a fully functioning T64B is one tough beast.  
    In fact if you want to get into a "battle of logistics" the west is at a significant disadvantage overall.  All of our systems took ridiculous maint-ratios to keep in the field and we did not have a steel mountain of replacements to pull on.  In short the Soviets did not care if 1/3 of their T64s failed to show up when they had a 6-to-1 advantage.
    Here is a good analysis of the maint require for the M60 series...and it is not small.
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to Holien in CM Cold War - Beta AAR - Soviet Thread - Glorious Soviet Victory at Small German Town 1980   
    Me too.
    Not sure if it has been lock down contributing but I certainly have a hankering for this period and really never thought I would see it come to fruition. So what a good surprise and the AAR has really given us a great insight to the game with two well matched opponents.
    They will no doubt keep one another happy in the care home of their choice, playing on the local LAN.
    I am glad Steve and Charles were persuaded to do this before they sail off into the sunset, which they will do at some stage... (as we all will...) 
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to The_Capt in CM Cold War - Beta AAR - Soviet Thread - Glorious Soviet Victory at Small German Town 1980   
    This would have probably been a good slice of the Advance Guard for a TR (or the toothy end of a MRR).  Tank types are a bit off but still in the realm of realistic (T64 and T62 mixes) but if we go with TR then there would have been the rest of the lead Tank Bn about 30 mins behind this force.  In reality they probably would have crashed into this scenario, right about the time we call ceasefire. 
    A quick look at the tables say that would mean around another 2 x Tank Coys, plus a boatload of arty who would slice through this little tussle without breaking stride.  Behind them by about 20-30km  (so an hour) is the rest of the Regt, so 2 x more Tank Bns and the rest of the MRB.   The ACR over on Bil's is basically down a Squadron by this point, so they would have two left, screen along the axis of advance.  So this little scrap would be a historical footnote in reality.
    The power of Active Defence was not so much at the front end, it was the plan to attack the entire Soviet system while defending.  This was smart as the Soviets' had pretty rudimentary logistical support.  So the theory was to attrit and delay in the front while creating breaks and gaps in the rear so that the entire monster grinds to halt.  I honestly doubt it would have worked in 79 but odds get better when we move forward from there.  By the mid-80s the deal was sealed and any fight would have needed tac nukes for the Soviets to stand a chance, which despite the rhetoric they would not have used unless it really was the end of the world.  SDI, scared them so much because if their strat nuke option was blunted, then it meant all of their options for tac nukes were also blunted...all at the losing end of conventional competition as warfare moved from mass to digitized speed.  
    Or at least that is how it looked to me...
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to The_Capt in CM Cold War - Beta AAR - Soviet Thread - Glorious Soviet Victory at Small German Town 1980   
    Thank you all sincerely and you are very welcome.  I am very glad people got enjoyment out of this. 
    Once the game is released I will post the scenario so you guys can take a run at your own stories (someone remind me if I forget).
    We will do up a final post-game once Bil finishes up his final turns.  I see many congrats at "my victory", I am kinda split here because 1) Of course the glorious forces of the Soviet Union were victorious in crushing the corrupt capitalists, but 2) in reality...when the commissar is not looking, this was pretty much a Draw in my books.   You guys can be the judge when the numbers go up but neither side is doing much with what is left on the board, Soviets do hold the objective but we failed to achieve any real breakout, breakthroughs or overwhelm the US forces.  The only good news is that there is probably another dozen Soviet outfits like the one I just lost behind me.  
    But does winning or losing really matter (*duh, of course it does, it is why they keep score*)?  A game well played between two old friends as we enter our autumn years (Bil is on the doorstep of winter) is the best reward in itself. 
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to George MC in How to - Recon with AFV's?   
    If wide open map then distance is your friend - fast forward to hull down - pause 15s to observe - then reverse. Or dismount crew and move to good place to observe. The have one of their pals fast fwd into view of enemy, pause - very briefly to draw fire (hopefully first shot will miss if at range...), then reverse. This works better if enemy far enough away e.g. 1000m plus. Not so good if very close or oppo is using TRPs in which case first shot could be on target.
    If close terrain then dismounts better.
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to DesertFox in Pre-orders for Fire and Rubble are now open!!   
    This week is perfect for release.
    1.) I¬īm back from our Spain vacation¬†ūüôā
    2.) Pre-Easter release
    3.) The 2nd Shock Army of the 2nd Belorussian Front captured Danzig
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to Rinaldi in U.S. Thread - CM Cold War - BETA AAR - Battle of Dolbach Heights 1980   
    Bro...do you actually play CM or? I'm asking this in good faith because you have me conflicted. 

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    BletchleyGeek reacted to Bil Hardenberger in CM Cold War - Beta AAR - Soviet Thread - Glorious Soviet Victory at Small German Town 1980   
    @The_Capt.. Warren, this has been a brilliantly written and presented AAR.  Bravo.  I actually laughed out loud a couple times.
    Well played game as well... as always you have been a worthy opponent.  
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to Bil Hardenberger in U.S. Thread - CM Cold War - BETA AAR - Battle of Dolbach Heights 1980   
    Yep, I have a couple more turns to post and then Warren and I will start the debrief.  I'll get to those tomorrow...in the meantime I'm going to go read Warren's thread and the peanut gallery.
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to The_Capt in U.S. Thread - CM Cold War - BETA AAR - Battle of Dolbach Heights 1980   
    Sorry, had to show this one (MikeyDs pic by the way),  ATGMs working just fine behind cover.
    Oh, ya, game has concluded so now I can finally see Bil’s side and comment.  We will probably do the full debrief/post game here.
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to Bil Hardenberger in U.S. Thread - CM Cold War - BETA AAR - Battle of Dolbach Heights 1980   
    The Twenty-Fifth - Thirtieth Minutes - The Wheels Come Off
    ‚ÄúBe the hunter not the hunted: never allow your unit to be caught with its guard down.‚ÄĚ
    James Mattis
    My AH-1 has been flying overhead for several turns now, and as far as I know this BMP is its only kill.  But in its defense it was being chased by AA missiles for most of the time it hung around and did lose it's mate so I'm lucky it made even this kill.

    After that the wheels started to come off....
    ...one of my M-150s exchanged ATGMs with one of Warren's BMPs...

    ...both missiles passed each other on flight... the M-150's hitting a tree... sigh...

    ...of course Warren's didn't miss.  Damn!

    One of Warren's T-64Bs... (in fact one that had been beaten up, in what seems like another life now, by my 1st Platoon tanks) fired and destroyed one of my M-60s still sitting on the Short Route... damn.  That means 2nd Platoon has now lost three of four tanks. Triple damn.

    Now with Tank Section 2 joining in on the fun I order all four 1st Platoon tanks back into the breach!

    Tank 1/9 had it's career cut short when it exchanged rounds with a T-62... 1/9 fired first, however... it missed.. the T-62 did not.

    Uh-oh... have I pushed too far?
    Third Platoon's tanks have also started moving down the highway... 

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    BletchleyGeek reacted to The_Capt in CM Cold War - Beta AAR - Soviet Thread - Glorious Soviet Victory at Small German Town 1980   
    Glorious March to Victory Post #13 - "The Song of Small German Town 1980"
    So on the very next turn Bil has offered ceasefire...we have playing together for a long time.  We have decided to do the final debrief at the same time, so I will wait for Bil to catch up a bit.
    But I could not leave the second to last turn hanging because it represents this battle so well:
    You remember the stand off on the Red Knoll at the end of turn 31...well here is how it played out:

    My T62 got off the first shot and it was a killer (note the now-deaf-est Soviet Pl HQ in the ETO circled)
    Then this happens:

    Seriously, this is like the freakin ending of Reservoir Dogs at this point.  BTW I found out later, that M60 is immobilized by my heroic second squad.
    So here we are at what is essentially End Game:

    I will leave you to speculate as where things landed....
    I can tell you that the fight over this non-descript little town in West Germany created so many pixel heroes in less than an hour.  I hope you have enjoyed it a fraction of as much as it was to play.

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    BletchleyGeek reacted to Holien in CM Cold War - Beta AAR - Soviet Thread - Glorious Soviet Victory at Small German Town 1980   
    Well you are now ahead of Bil in commentary and he is certainly playing catch up.
    As for comments I try not to say anything as I could let slip clues as to what we know and you don't.
    But I think you will see that folk were in your corner when you read the Peanut Gallery thread...
    Before I just saw this latest post my guess was a draw... 
    Looking forward to Bil's take on the last few turns...
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to The_Capt in CM Cold War - Beta AAR - Soviet Thread - Glorious Soviet Victory at Small German Town 1980   
    Glorious March to Victory Post #12 - "We Try Harder" (25-31)
    So based on observation, I am seeing quite a few "likes" (thank you btw) but few comments, which tells me that I am probably telling you all something that Bil has already posted.  So for fear of getting left behind in the narrative I am just going to pull you all the way to where we are as of today.
    I want to say up front that no matter how this ends, this is a really good game.  This is one for the books.  You can tell when everything feels so finely balanced and you and your opponent are fencing on a tightrope.  every PBEM turn gets the heartrate up!  
    When I left you things were not looking so good for the brave soldiers of the Soviet Union.  But like the superior communist system, Soviets know how and when to pick themselves up and get back to it.

    So not much but re-positioning in Turn 25 as I scramble to re-establish a parameter up on the ridge, Bil pulled back so that all proceeds.  The only interesting thing happens here near the end of the turn.  Looky here comrade the corrupt capitalist system thinks that they are so clever...looks like Bil is taking the deep left option after all.

    The next turn I immediately start repositioning my remaining T64 on the left in order to form a blocking position on my left (that poor BMP got nailed by a second Cobra before I scared it off).  Bil could try and hide in the that wood line but we are past that now, he is going to try and roll me up (more on my logic later).  Meanwhile back on what is now called Red Knoll:

    My intent here is to establish a hard point and pull Bils forces in, this time however, I am pushing infantry up front.  Note that an ATGM duel is forming up with that M150 and a BMP on the right here.

    Which we win.  That should be about 4 out of 6 M150s killed.  Another sign of a really good game is the emergence of all the micro-dramas.  Here there are literally a hundred small stories all unfolding simultaneously, here is one:

    So that brave little infantry squad breaks out of that tree line and sees a M60 monster...do they run and hide...nope they open up like it is the last thing they will ever do (and literally is).  Those are both the RPG 18 and RPG 7 firing simultaneously right at the turns end.  Finally on back on the Hwy:

    So yep, pretty much as I expected this is an attempted roll up...oh Bil, you tired foolish old man, did you think I would leave the door open?  So here I am re-positioning another T64 and BMP to bottle up that Hwy ploy.  Onto Turn 28 and things start to turn:

    My brave little squad misses, and then die in a hail of glory but they spook the crap out of those M60s, who promptly back off buying time for my T62s.  You can see here another T62 I snuck up from the village in the woods, so I have got a pretty good bead on this.

    Meanwhile back on the Hwy, Bil's M60 here get spooked by a lone Recon Pl HQ and I start hunting that T64 forward.  I am starting to feel a bit like we are getting back up and then this happens:

    Back in the center, Bil still has some armor with eyes on the objective (note: he is still pounding that nearly-empty suburb like it slept with his wife).  My poor immobilized T64 nails this M60 in a single blistering 125mm of bad-love.
    Onto Turn 29.

     So on this turn is a positioning turn on the Red Knoll and Hwy, Bill has brought up at least one M60 to reinforce up here, so a lot of micro-drama potential.  And on the other side:

    The bottleneck force is shaping up nicely..so the stage is set for another showdown.  
    Turn 30 and things start to click:

    It starts with this showdown at near-point-blank range.  The M60 fires first but (I like to think my little infantry squad (now all heroes of the Soviet Union) killed the crew commander and rattled that tank so badly that..) it misses.  My T62 does not, because cold steel runs in Soviet veins

    Ok, now this is a Balls Game!  Back in the center:
    DPICM, the last refuge of the desperate (seriously I think we may have overloaded on arty, and of course EW makes most of mine near useless).  But again Bil doubles down on that lone squad and MG team (who have taken a single casualty after all this)  A hint for anyone who plays Bil...he has problems with artillery.
    But all is not good news:

    This one hurt but it is a straight up "war happens moment so deal with it".  I start to push that T64 up a bit to try and snipe that M60 and he gets killed...gotta admit that one hurt.
    Turn 31 and we are nearly caught up.

    So up on the Red Knoll, Bil is stubbornly pushing with his 3 M60s (counting the dead one, that is a full third of his armor)  A second squad wins the Hero of the Soviet Union here by fearlessly opening up on two M60s and here they get an RPG 7 off before also being chopped up.

    Which hits but I have no sight on the tank so I can only hope it at least rattled them up a bit.  The back on the Hwy:

    My other T64, cooly drops that M60 like first period French (swear to god if I had all T64s this game would be over by now).  Back on Red Knoll the turn ends with this: 
    Both barrels are lined up and loaded.  This screenshot pretty much captures this entire freakin game!
    Ok, my assessment with 9 mins left on the clock.  So, Bil is seriously considering ceasefire right now cause even int guys can do math.  My force on the objective is still very solid with the better part of an infantry Coy and 2 x T62s (I sent the other one back), so the odds of him taking it (which were never great given his force) are low.  He could try a gamey sneak in the last minute of the game but I doubt it.  
    So his problem here is one of points.  The US get points for cutting me down past 50% but they need to keep their own force above 50% and based on losses so far he has to be concerned about that buffer.  I am definitely closer (I may be below 50% right now) but even-losses at this point would be fatal to the US side.  And in the last 4 minutes I have lost a single T64 and BMP to at least 3 x M60s and an M150.   By my math Bils armor is precariously down to 50% (and I suspect at least one tank is gun-killed)...and I still have a lot of those nasty BMPs on the board who can all kill Bil's...well, anything.  
    Regardless, even if we ended it now, I think this game is a Draw (at least right now).  In reality both forces are at a standstill (even if the US side has not realized it yet) in what has been a see-saw battle that has left me with scars and some therapy requirements.  The Blood-Red Dice still will roll, so we will see.
    Capt's AAR Battle Theme Song
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to The_Capt in CM Cold War - Beta AAR - Soviet Thread - Glorious Soviet Victory at Small German Town 1980   
    Glorious March to Victory Post # 10 - "The Nadir" (21-24)
      So in every engagement it is normal to have a low-point and for my troops this was right here.  Everything that can go wrong, does, and nothing really goes right.  Worse, it is the point that you can clearly see your mistakes...after you have already made them.  I have found that in this position it is where the true mettle (and metal) is tested and one must 1) admit the errors and 2) come up with a way out, cause no one else is not going to do it for you.
       So the decent started pretty innocently enough in turn 21:

    That brave little BMP that is responsible for probably half the damage I have done to Bil thus far did not make it out.  It was completely out of AT3s by this point but I wanted that little crew to make it...sadly...

    So at this point I am still pushing up that ridge in pursuit of Bil's forces.  My aim here is to keep the old man on his back feet in order to make sure he does not collect enough combat power to re-take the objective...and to kill as much as possible with a pretty potent force.  But then badness started to happen:

    Ok, despite being on the wrong end of things, this shot is really cool.  That is a newly modeled Dragon missile about to take out a T62...oh, yes that's right, Bil has Dragons.

    And they work.   Then down in the village:

    Bil's creeping tank platoon sees one of my T62s first and well...ok, I can live with this.  Going to have to break a few tanks to make a tank omelet.   But as we move into Turn 22 it is time to admit that I have a long standing problem:

    Yep, I am an over-extender always have been.  I do not know why the siren song of the offence always pull me in but it does.  And here it is in action.  My armor is taking off on my infantry in the best blitz tradition...and it is not a good thing.  But all is not bad news:

    Down in the town, my second T62 takes out another M60.  So all in all, I tell myself, it is not that bad....oh foolish past The_Capt....so foolish.  Turn 23...sigh:

    Right about here it dawns on me that maybe charging forward was a bad idea.  That is a second Dragon kill.  So I am thinking about holding up and letting my infantry catch up, right about here.  It is not all bad news though:

    As the Soviet player, that is a very happy screen shot.  My MANPADs are doing their job.  But then I notice this:

    Ya, so all those other icons up on the hill I have been tracking...but that is a new one and it is very bad news.  So I swing a couple T62s and a BMP over because maybe Bill is scratching around the backdoor.
    Turn 24: as with most of these things...just a little too late.  An extra 30 seconds maybe but Bil's last tank platoon looks to have finally showed up.  Of course I suspected there was another one up here and of course it shows up in exactly the wrong place, at the wrong time.  And from here it just get uglier:

    This is an interesting shot actually, first that is a second T62 (so 4 lost on that hill in about 3 mins) dying, but that is also a 73mm BMP 1 round actually hitting and penetrating an M60 (I think it was HEAT)...but not enough by a long shot:

    So here the gods of war clearly are punishing me.  That BMP died for trying but those two explosions are AT3s that both miss (seriously?!)
    Ok, so 'new plan' cause the old one clearly was not working.  I am going to have to swing what is left of my Teeth (now with quite a few knocked out....see that last BMP dying on the far right) and consolidate on the hilltop.  I will fend off this tank platoon, while at the same time really dig in on the objective.  The sad part is that right about here, I am out of offensive options.  I will need to play defense from here on out and am basically fighting to hold the objective.  
    By this point I have a couple M60 kills, Bils M150s are pretty depleted, a couple M113s and a some scouts...oh and a Cobra.  That is not enough for 5 x T62s (half my force) and 2 x BMPs.  At least my screens and infantry are intact.  A side-note, Bil is really obsessed with the outskirts of the objective (that hashed blue line) and for the life of me I cannot figure out why.  Seriously, we are quite a few turns ahead as of writing this and he spends the next ten minute pounding the same  peice of real-estate, that basically has a single squad and MG team trapped in it.
    Anyway, live, learn and love and all that.  I will post up the next series tomorrow...things do get better.
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