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  1. Quick question (I don't know if I'm being a little dim or not here) I pre-ordered Combat Mission Battle For Normandy back in 2011 (The hard case edition) and currently I have all of the modules (CW and MG). My question is will there be another western front expansion to fill the last disk slot in my case? Or is the new Eastern Front game going to do that?
  2. That is... discussing, i am in the UK (Southend-On-Sea) and i did not get charged a penny extra.
  3. Just received my Steel box in the South-East(UK) Thank you very much Battlefront!
  4. So, i was playing a quick battle today and i was defending against a Platoon or so Sherman tanks. I had only one Panzer IV and that was knocked out early in the battle, so i decided to take Panzerfaust's from the Half-tracks that i had. Now with all my men fully equipped with Panzerfausts, (around 3 squads of Panzergrenadiers) I split one squad into an Anti-Tank team of two men. These men had two Panzerfaust's each. I knew that there was 3 Sherman's straight ahead of men, around 90 meters away and told my team to "slow" move to a nearby bush. The Sherman's were in clear view of the team and
  5. Still have not received it here in the UK
  6. It seems to do this with me a lot. I did try to adjust fire mission but that didn't seem to do anything, the barrage just stopped. But it might be something to do with i was only using 2 75mm Infantry guns hehe.
  7. You have to select June. It seems appropriate due to their deployment during D-Day, i like it like that, adds a more realistic feel.
  8. Can i ask how you turn them off, unless i am missing something i cant find an option in the options menu.
  9. So just to maybe "clarify" in the UK, i will be expected to pay between £20 - £30 from shipping and VAT?
  10. Right i see, thanks the extra cost shouldn't be that much then i guess. Does the $20 that i payed go towards the new shipping cost?
  11. Oh i see, how much do you estimate it would be? Around an extra £20 or so?
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