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  1. No problem. I dont think thats hardware related (still could be) since it works fine in CMSF2. Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600K CPU @ 3.70GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 16 GB Ram Discspace shouldnt Matter, since it is no difference if I Install it on a "normal" HDD or PCIe SDD Windows 10 V1903 Edit: https://youtu.be/Sofvt2ad5RI not the best video, but you can see the markers at the house (I do not mean the blicking Icon of my troops)
  2. Hello, recently I wanted to play CMBN again (latest Patches/Frameworks), but this issue makes it kinda unplayable. If I do not select any of my units, the spottingmarkers (like the "?") are relativly stable (as one would expect). But if I select a unit of mine (to see what they "know") , these spottingmarkers keep jumping around very frequently (like 25Hz or something). I dont have this kind of issue with CMSF2 with the latest patches (and Framework). Im sorry if this has been discussed before, I couldnt find anything. Greetings
  3. Well, i have got the same problem with the 1. us campaign mission. i didnt use fraps at all. I didnt had this problem in the german campaign so far. (but in some scenarios, but cant remember which ones)
  4. Hello, after i captured some victory locations (cant remember which ones, doesnt matter anyhow) i hit "cease fire". It takes me to the statistics screen and then the .exe crashed. I thought it might be bad luck, so i started the mission again and hit "cease fire" immidiately and got another crash. Sorry for my poor english.
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