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  1. My Dad was in BAOR twice in the 50's and once in the early 70's (just too early for this . He told me that German farmers hoped never to pay to knock down and replace outbuildings. He told me of one time the farmer told the tank crew that they could hide the tank in the shed (although they weren't meant to). They said the shed was too small. "Ja, Ja, ist goot. You drive in." Got himself a brand new shed.
  2. Really simplistic view of the causes of WW2. The Polish corridor was Hitler's excuse of the week for Sept 39. Could have been any number of causes, realistically from militarising the Rhineland in 36 on.
  3. I think you need to re-read the article. The point is that firers will (more often than not) miss what they are aiming at under battle conditions. With a single shot weapon on the range, a firer might have a group of 100mm, which will hit a head sized target most of the time. However under battle conditions they will miss that target most of the time. However teaching them to put a round through a 1m square aiming point every 3 seconds is more achievable and efficient. Putting 10 rounds through that 1m square doesn't give additional effect, and (with a single shot automatic weapon) probably wont happen, as to get that rate of fire aiming goes by the board completely (ditto LMG bursts). I think the point is that suppression is best achieved/sustained by slowing the rate of fire and holding consistent aim points. A single rifleman (auto rifle) can probably keep suppressed one target at 1/3 rd per sec which is much better than firing a much higher number of shots over a wider area. More realistically a team can suppress 2-3 m of linear position for a long time if controlled properly but if not will run out of ammo very quickly and not achieve measurable suppression. The article is indeed very positive to a device sold by the organisation assisting the writer, but that doesn't make it wrong!
  4. Your analogy is flawed. Windows 10 doesn't have all the features of previous versions. They don't all count as 'removed'. CM2 is a completely different product from CM. And software programming/development all takes time. What feature from CM2 would you be prepared to sacrifice (in an alternate history) to get campaign reserves? Personally I have a list of things I would like added, not things I would sacrifice for a relatively specialised campaign feature (that would probably not be used, or would cut the number of campaigns because they would take longer to design)
  5. Because they weren't 'removed', they were not included in the new engine. Your statement implies effort was used to degrade the game, but in reality it was a choice of where to put it to best improve the game...
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