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  1. I think you need to re-read the article. The point is that firers will (more often than not) miss what they are aiming at under battle conditions. With a single shot weapon on the range, a firer might have a group of 100mm, which will hit a head sized target most of the time. However under battle conditions they will miss that target most of the time. However teaching them to put a round through a 1m square aiming point every 3 seconds is more achievable and efficient. Putting 10 rounds through that 1m square doesn't give additional effect, and (with a single shot automatic weapon) probably wo
  2. Your analogy is flawed. Windows 10 doesn't have all the features of previous versions. They don't all count as 'removed'. CM2 is a completely different product from CM. And software programming/development all takes time. What feature from CM2 would you be prepared to sacrifice (in an alternate history) to get campaign reserves? Personally I have a list of things I would like added, not things I would sacrifice for a relatively specialised campaign feature (that would probably not be used, or would cut the number of campaigns because they would take longer to design)
  3. Because they weren't 'removed', they were not included in the new engine. Your statement implies effort was used to degrade the game, but in reality it was a choice of where to put it to best improve the game...
  4. Panther finally killed by 2x 76mm M4 after being used as an anvil by 3x75mm versions. I count 14 hits (maybe 15), which from memory include 2 penetrations (both 76mm) 1 partial with spalling from a 75 (the lower front hull hit), and a bazooka hit on a skirt...Don't go up with the front armour with a door knocker! And I was mostly under 300m, often under 200! I lost 3 of the 75mm M4 to this one tank (although to be fair, one of them was actually hit by a 'faust in a wood as I attempted to flank it! https://www.dropbox.com/s/lz33n3g642hy7hk/75mm M4 vs Panther.png?dl=0
  5. Half of the suggestions in this thread seem to err on the side of what i would call 'role playing', or an individual skirmish game. I guess it is the age old battle between the gamers who want maximum control over everything and the simulators who are more interested in 'being the leader (company, Btn, platoon or whatever). I accept the occasional 'he's over there you idiot' moment as the price to pay to get to have this game, and offsets the obscenely all powerful god PoV we have. As to medevac... well, that strikes me as even more specialized role play... kind of like wanting t
  6. Not quite true: 4 hours of driving carefully across lots of CM maps to find which one the defender is actually on. Then withdrawing the recce and actually fighting the scenario.
  7. I can't speak for Russia (but just wait a few minutes for grog to show) but Brit/CW recce regiments (both Armd and Inf) were specialists. The equipment and skills were different. It was never the aim that recce should fight in a sustained manner (not to say they didn't fight - one counter to ambush units declining to open fire when you suspect they're there is to engage their suspected location; it takes superhuman courage and determination not to open up when fired upon, and anyway it is probably suicide because one day they will have seen you). I am talking about the specialist armd car a
  8. Yes! The skill in recon forces (especially mechanised) is to not have too many people exposed if fire is opened, and to have a reasonable chance of being missed when it is. Then move about to note where the fire comes from (including the forces behind the screen) and get out and back to cover to tell someone. This is 'classic' or British style recon (which they were pretty good at. There are some variations - German style, which is more likely to take on the screening elements first encountered to find out what is behind (or even break through thin defenses), and US style recon, which is m
  9. Love the loader. "What have I got in my pocketsies?" . However someone needs t tell him to put the round in the breech not underneath it. Although the gun fires well enough so what do I know!
  10. Completely agree - my point was effect on the Western Allies, not Japan. If we use Japan as a measure, Germany wins the u boat war hands down, and finds the short 75mm Pzkw IV a little over gunned!
  11. I agree, economic activity is not the same thing at all as military capability. However nor can you divorce them. I think you are slightly oversimplifying the issue. I will put a few comments in response to some of your points. You are right at one level - the 'general' effectiveness of a unit of appropriate technology tanks is probably higher than the equivalent bomber of the same cost. However you seem to divorce 'economic' effect from 'military' effect. They are two aspects of the same thing in the medium/long term. Why was Germany defeated (at the very highest level of thinking)? Bec
  12. I am going to get CMRT, but my first love s the West... looking forwards to engine upgrades there . What would the hit decal look like for a real gun? 14" direct hit anyone. Although thinking about it, I suspect we might not get that one. Less of an add on graphic to the basic model, and more of replacing the model with a few new doodads! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:T-34_Blown_Apart.jpg
  13. The issue people always miss when discussing things like this is that WW2 was an economic conflict. Given sufficient manpower (and other resources), the issue is how to best spend it to achieve the best military effect. Unless people know enough about the war economy of the USSR to know how much slack there was to change production priorities/amounts to compensate for the lack of Lend Lease, it is hard to discuss the role of Lend Lease in the victory. It is grossly pessimistic to just remove the LL kit from the ORBAT, and the supply from the supplies total, since the Soviets would have compens
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