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  1. That was not the intent of the comment or its meaning. It's meaning was that when you bully people it turns out they don't like you very much. How you and him concluded that it was a physical threat is wrong and i'm sorry if you got that impression.
  2. That it is both rude and in poor taste to demand evidence from people you previously insulted is lost on you. You'll never learn why now sadly. I pity the fear you live in. The world you occupy is embattled and that is why you lash out at people with smug arrogance and then act as if you are the victim when they refuse to just allow you to run roughshod over their self respect. It's pretty sad that their are people who would come to a forum only to chalk up other contributing members to a /ignore list for any reason ever. That's clearly not what it's for.
  3. Apparently i'm only ever trying to say what you put in my mouth. Whelp your snark and insults do bother me and in the real world that would be the sort of thing you'd have to deal with from now on. Luckily you have the internet and can just /ignore people who say things you don't like. Some adults take responsibility for their actions and live with the consequences. I understand if you don't want to though. By the way you owe JasonC a (late) apology too.
  4. Where's BFC? All I see here is you acting like the self appointed attorney for them, again. If you want pictures and evidence of overlong deploy times i'll provide them in due time. Just as long as we both understand here that we're not really doing this for BFC's sake, but yours.
  5. I've got something better than slack for BFC. It's called money. I've given them quite a bit of it and plan to give them more. It just so turns out I also have an opinion too, and given that BFC operates a forum it seems rather logical to me that it'd be the place to go to talk about the game for better or worse.
  6. And conversely for *our* argument those re-enactors are not veterans who underwent weeks of intensive training doing just this sort of drilling. So make it an actual range and not arbitrarily long every time. Look, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GB1QaYP_kxk Yes, fine reenactors fortunate enough to be pulling this drill in the 21st century not actually at the Battle of the Somme. Time from start to deployment was about 28 seconds. Don't you think a 5x increase in that time is a little much over deploying it on the bed? I'll be damned if guys weren't even faster in an actual fight. Pressure
  7. I never played CMx1, I don't see how it's affecting JasonC's views here. I don't agree with everything the guy says but in this case he's absolutely right about how impractical machine guns and crewed weapons are made by needlessly long deployment times. In game they're statics that can sort of re-position, even though you can watch videos of re-enactors scrambling field guns around like it won't be cool tomorrow. Yeah just not seeing the whole need to cripple heavy weapons here.
  8. I'm rather clearly not talking about a +/- 5 seconds here Luke.
  9. I'd trade crew fatigue for higher movement speeds any day. The abstractions against ATGs and machine guns in the game are biased against movement and flexibility they very really did have. A crew just changes everything, take it from someone who pushed 2,000-3,000lb airplanes around a muddy grass airfield for years. Look how about this. What if instead of giving the player a fixed deploy time, what if the deployment times were a forecast of a readiness time. They'll probably deploy inside that time, they might not. Much could depend on troop quality.
  10. I'm not addressing my machine gun woes here with that. What I did though was start off on a tangent about game balance knee-jerks that isn't really relevant to my point. The relationship between the machine gun and equivalent number of infantry is linear, the machine gun is mostly just better. If Armies could've magically hand waved a Browning M1917 into everyone's hands i'm sure they would have. You want to balance this? Make the gun as expensive as it should be. Like i've said, I can sort of see the 12 second indoor deployment time as too optimistic. But two minutes is way out there. Becaus
  11. Yes, for one, because machine guns are disproportionately important weapons for their invested manpower and cost. Most of the time I play Large and Huge scenarios so I'm not talking as someone here who's whole game is made or broken by the placement of a individual weapon team. IE: This is not a feeling from emotion over lost scenarios. This is just not limited to machine guns either. One wonders why a Pak 40 crew would apparently go through every step of their deployment procedure with T-34s mere feet from unmasking. Two, because I feel in game design that you are better off placing penalti
  12. So what you have here is a really indecisive bunch. Yeah that sounds like just what I'd expect weeks of training and drilling to produce. Hey you think the stairs actually go upstairs Heinz and not into some alternate M.C. Escher-esque dimension? Careful Private don't gear near that wardrobe the last guy who looked inside came back babbling Satyrs and Turkish Delights. Moreover how would any of this *not* apply to setting up a machine gun in a berm line or trees or an undulating field? One might as well make the excuse you can't just tell where dry ground is so the machine gun team needs an ex
  13. Between a team of 3-4 guys, and oh I don't know, war, I don't buy a 2 minute deployment time for something like an MG42 or even a Browning M1917 in a house because omg furniture. No way. Doesn't take me and my dad two minutes to move the kitchen table around a room. You're telling me a 4 man team of burly GI vets would need 2 minutes for that? No, this is forced balancing. Come on, are they moving the family dining table around real respectfully or something? Careful Vlad you'll knock over the wine glasses! That's a fine 1901 Chardonnay!
  14. The games are way too cynical about the mobility of all deployables and to me its all just forced balancing. I still see no good reason for machine guns to require a freaking 2min deployment time in buildings. What, is the crew field stripping the weapon every time they go upstairs? I feel like I always see this in games because of some bizarre perception that crewed weapons are supposed to suck or something. You want to balance heavy weaponry make it more expensive to the buyer and worth more score to the opposition.
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