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  1. I've got something better than slack for BFC. It's called money. I've given them quite a bit of it and plan to give them more. It just so turns out I also have an opinion too, and given that BFC operates a forum it seems rather logical to me that it'd be the place to go to talk about the game for better or worse.
  2. Yeah I do, the larger the better with me in fact. The German Campaign in Red Thunder was the best campaign in any of the games to me. I can see how on the smaller missions the missteps of individual units can basically make or break the whole scenario. But then that's generally why i'm disinterested in the smaller scenarios.
  3. I actually lean towards what JasonC is saying in that if anything spotting in the game seems too good in places. Especially against stopped vehicles. The human eye has a tendency to focus on moving objects but it's not very good at picking up details on objects showing no relative movement. Especially with low ambient light. That said, this all more or less a minor issue to me. Fixation on how lucky/unlucky my single Panzer IV got last mission is fixation on minutiae. My mind is on the overall plan usually, with the performance of individual units maybe modifying details of it here and there.
  4. How can you say things like this and not see the irony? The arrogance? The dismissal? Not one of them???? These countries are already crippled and the gap is merely widening thanks alone to negligence. Conspiracy is not usually necessary and not characterized the way you think it is. You are welcome to pretend that's what i'm saying of course if it makes you feel better.
  5. It's not as if the actual presence of weapons in Iraq was ever going to have any bearing on the Bush Administration's actions. The Bush Administration was so dishonest they didn't even stick to the deadline issued on their own ultimatum to Saddam before they just invaded. The Administration also sought to further public misconceptions about Saddam's non-existent involvement in 9/11 and at the very least made no effort to correct that misunderstanding. Fact was Bush and cronies were invading Iraq, one way or another and sooner or later. WMDs were a window dressing to Bush's supposedly God-give
  6. You think the Bush Administration would've backed down if Saddam Hussein had let the weapons inspectors in? No like you really believe that?
  7. Relax boys, this is just a defense op. Intel says Jerry's calling it Watch on the Rhine.
  8. Point is that people often believe silly or foolish things because they feel threatened. They see threats from a lot of places too. Our culture just doesn't emphasize the values of mutual trust and understanding well at all. Lots of people just seem to feel like they're under attack all the time, and operate in this perpetually paranoid environment where nothing can be interpreted as a joke or a misunderstanding. It *must* be an attack because hey that's what i'd do in his position! Right? Good RTS games are not a recent invention. The good games have just always been about actual decision a
  9. People on the internet say crazy things sure enough. Somehow I don't think that is unique to the French though. The joke to me about French/American relations has always been the mirror of the two country's egos. Americans are so used to exporting their culture, power, and egos to the rest of the world that when we encounter a people who are just as narcissistic as us we're expected to feel contempt. Those people are too proud, too confident, and too arrogant! Not us no. But them yeah. Anyway the real crux of all this to me is that so few have figured out that arguing with the polarized t
  10. I can only imagine the number of times in their lives those guys have been confronted by the American versions of those same lines. "Haha American stuff is 1000x better to save you from the Germans with and and the Europeans are all prissy croissant eating fags who blow off good military spending on welfare lolololol". Contention only breeds more contention sadly.
  11. That Panther is in great condition though. Maybe a living history museum or reenactment society will get it and restore it to running condition.
  12. Played yesterday. Carius died in the first two minutes of battle and never even got a shot off. Kerscher was much more successful, rampaging into the town and covering the fleeing StuGs until his Tiger was degunned. I tried to have him flee out of town too and just as he made it back to the start area an IS-2 got a shot into the rear of his Tiger's turret from 1200m and killed him. The StuGs all made it though. All in all the impression I get from the circumstances is that Carius and Kerscher took on a suicide mission and were extremely lucky. Like only survivors of a nose-dive plane crash lu
  13. Listen i'm one of those city liberal pinko commies that eats Pizza with a knife and fork. What do I know about cuisine.
  14. Conversely Japanese garrisons tended to have a big advantage in the fact that rice was a staple of their diet, and required no cooking or preparation to eat. In most wars though the sad truth the troops usually aren't the first people to suffer for food. It's the home front that does.
  15. RE: Germany's foreign volunteers. The Allies experienced the "value" of polyglot forces fighting in the Pacific and the Germans did themselves with their Romanian and Hungarian Allies in 1942. The reality was in the era of socially entrenched racism few did well blending racially dissimilar units on the same front. I simply do not believe the Nazis of all people would've been able to turn the war around simply by placing guns in the hands of Slavs and Poles in 1942 instead of 1944. The same people they had been systemically murdering and blathering about the genetic inferiority of since th
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