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  1. I've gotten away from BN lately. I've gotten away from gaming in general. I finally got some time today to play a CW quick battle, which wasn't so quick. Turned into a pretty involved attack on my part, the Brits, against mixed Germans on a medium-sized city map. (This, by the way, was one of the new QB maps. Kudos to the map designers, as I found this new one particularly entertaining: more routes through barriers and plenty of possibilities for using buildings for cover that made for a very fun and bloody march forward. Dig the new maps.) Today was the most fun I've had playing a game in longer-than-recent memory. It was truly thrilling. Who says turn-based games aren't exciting? I actually cried out a couple of times watching the WeGo resolution, which is definitely not something I normally do. So, thanks for making CW, making me yell at my monitor and renewing my interest in gaming. ...and thanks for the new well-designed QB maps...
  2. My apologies.just the same. It's funny; I seem to recall a similar warning in my preorder email.for.BN, which I actually read and heeded. I don't get excited about a whole lot these days but it really is an excellent game that I look forward to during my increasingly limited gaming time. Cheers.
  3. Heh, seems so. I won't be clogging the servers, anyway...
  4. I am at work and won't be at my comp for a while yet.
  5. Heh, sorry . Got excite and didnt reas the whole thing. Please feel free rto delete this thread, admin.
  6. ...for download. It's not on the front page of the site, but i got an email saying so. Wish i were in a place to independently confirm that, but it will be a while for me.
  7. As Baneman said, you should give www.riseofflight.com a try. You could do a ton of flying with the "demo," which is the full sim with a few starter planes. In my view, it is a true spiritual successor to Red Baron. It is such a good sim that i, admittedly not a flight-sim expert, still kinf of suck at it after more time than I'd care to admit.
  8. ...we're officially in the 1-week window for release posted with the Mac preorder announcement... *tick, tock* *watches the blow pages off the calendar*
  9. Thanks for posting the manual to be viewed online, but is there any chance of posting a downloadable version? it'd be nice to be able to put it on my Kindle, so I can read it while I'm supposed to be working.
  10. Would like to see the pics, if you have the time to post them. I'm probably not worthy of my lighter, as I've never served. I should probably give mine to your vet buddy, too, but I like looking at it too much and running my thumb over the old engraving. It sparks my imagination, as well as my smokes.
  11. Nice that your lighters are marked Special Forces. I hope yours are a standard size. Mine is smaller, and none of the standardized supplies fit. I had to break open a miniature disposable Bic to steal its flint, and I had to cut three threads from a throw rug and braid them together for my wick.
  12. I've also begun watching Band of Brothers. While bored at work, at times like now, I stare wistfully at the WWII Zippo-style lighter I use, although I believe it's from the Pacific Theatre, considering it's engraved with an image of Mt. Fuji and all.
  13. I just got married, and I'm broke. Good thing I pre-ordered CMBN. An even better thing I have a laptop and a power inverter to charge it when I get divorced and am sleeping in my car...I figure, oh, some time in mid/late May.
  14. My thanks, as well. Being socially productive is overrated. And I hope all goes well for your son over there.
  15. Exact same boat as you described above. SF never grabbed me. Been lurking again with CM:BN on the horizon. Not sure I ever signed up for the forums back with the first CM. It appears I may have with a different email addy, but that was many years ago. Signed up anew a couple days ago. Anticipation of BN got the better of me and popped my head out of my hole.
  16. Going to read the manual. Plan on doing this one right, and it's been a long time since I've read the original manual. Didn't mess around with CM:SF all that much. I'll also probably sneak into at least part of a QB, just to have a look at things, before I'm done reading the manual.
  17. The new shots look great. Terrain looks good and looks ripe for ambushes. Stay low, soldier. Pre-ordered before I saw these, but they might have pushed me over the edge if I hadn't. Like what I've been reading, too. Look forward to my copy.
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