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  1. And now, on my second run thru the installer, it works. This is why developers drink.
  2. I'm not seeing it there. The items in my Application folder go from CMBN to CMSF to Color Schemer to Contacts. Screenshot:
  3. Started my download at 6pm (-ish), opened the installer this morning, ran the program, no issues... ... except I can't find the game anywhere on my Mac. Not in the Applications folder, not in Downloads, not in my Home folder, not on the desktop, not nowhere. 2.7ghz Imac, OS 10.9.5
  4. Yay! I prefer to play company-sized or smaller quick battles against AI, so having Tier √-1 Units to play with will, by their very nature, limit the mission creep that's been popping up in CM missions of late.
  5. REALLY like the initial premise of the scenario, but I agree. It looks like "Speed and Power" is going to be a little too much of both for Bill to deal with.
  6. That is, by far, the best (and shortest) description of modern warfare I've found. SO stealing it.
  7. Was I the only one giggling in delight watching those SAM trails criss-cross the sky, chasing at the SU-25? This game is going to be SO cool to play...
  8. Given the success of small elite units doing MOUT during the GWOT, it would seem to me that small unit actions would be a natural fit for this game. Night raids, attacks on C3i, recon, the possibilities are limitless.
  9. Tank riders! AA Guns that shoot at stuff up in the sky! Flamethrowers! And I agree, bring on the beta AARs!
  10. Based on the ft/lbs of muzzle energy and the effective range of a full-sized WWII-era rifle vs. that of a 9mm subgun, the subgun should be less likely to be a "man-stopper." Pistol rounds are pistol rounds and rifle rounds are rifle rounds even when the pistol ammo comes out of a slightly longer barrel and therefore has more oomph behind it. Great battle, great AAR. This one was going to go all 15 rounds.
  11. "Still haven't recovered from that turbulence over the Channel, have you matey?"
  12. Must....resist.... urge to make joke about the Right and Left Tits...
  13. So. Cool. Now you need a GI-Spec 1911 to go with it!
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