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  1. That is a great mod for CC! Glad you make it for CM!
  2. any chance to find this on android? If so, might have found something to do on the bus other than read war books!
  3. VS Ai played both time and really enjoyed it! Any plan for a campaing of 3rd can. inf. div?
  4. Ortona style! As far as I know with inf. I don't think it`s possible. Beeing quite a noob myself, I`m not sure I'm the best advice. But the best would be to outnumber them Being 1 squad shooting and pinning down the squad in the building. Then having another squad moving there. Fast to building and assault all the levels. Up to thirds floor. Thing is you need to target the 3rd floor, not the building. Tank always help to shoot some HE with target and target light is mg when your troop gets nearby. Without outnumbering them, or having greater firering power tho I don't know how...
  5. So then, any tips on making a whole platoon folowing each others? For example clearing a forest, I want my HQ to stick right behind, to effectively backin them in morale and leadership, but without being hit too hard by small arm fire. Thing is in RL when you got something over a compagnie, all this micro-management is a bit excessive ! I'm trying to find ways to stll play the game without pressing pause. I just like to have fast decisiong making situation.
  6. Yes, but when I set my platoom and assault, shouldn't the HQ group move less fast than the infantry squads?
  7. Is it me or the officer goes To fast while assault team goes assault So now the HQ and mortar teams are ahead of the moving teams. Before wasn't it Hunt command when using Assault? That create somehow a problem playing R-T I tend to have an arrow formation of my platoons with HQ and mortar following the triangle of squads when I move on the assault. Am I right?
  8. I don't think so, Maybe with APDS, but even there I think it bounce. I'm wondering is APDS accuracy issues will be modeled?
  9. hahaha good one! But still i guess it brings some weird memories
  10. I also think a place to get all the custom stuff would be nice and a picture/video section people can post. Small forums are always nice too! but that wqould be nice! I don't really know any other CM website!
  11. Strongpoint can vary a lot, from concrete position, to a well set basic dug in set of foxholes Here is a few example: Main defense line: Wooded-Iron MG shelter More organised, but still no concrete in there: Use of Cellar: To me a strongpoint is more a key-position you want to keep, where you put in your heavy weapons, that can support the other ''weaker'' element of your defensive system. All those are germans BTW, it doesn't make much difference if the line in between is lightly held, because then your reinforce strongpoint will isolate the ennemy that
  12. ON wikipedia they said it's a marder 1, but I always tought Marder were built on 38T models, I'm quite sure it's Becker SP AT gun based on french chassis instead of the polish 38t one. Used in 21st Panzer Div. 7,5 cm Pak 40 auf Selbstfahrlafette auf Lr.S. (f) other: 10,5 cm leFH 18/4 auf Geschutzwagen Lr.S. (f) More info on marder serie: http://www.achtungpanzer.com/marder-marten-series.htm
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