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  1. A friend and I are trying to start a quick battle via PBEM. He only bought the base game, I the big b√ľndle. The game keeps telling Leo that he Needs the Nato module when he loads my first turn (he can preview the map, set a Password and buy his troops, but as soon as he wants to set up that massage Pops up).Is there a way to figure out, which troops belong to the base game and which dont?
  2. Pre deployment, I take screenshots of the map, save them to my tablet and use to study them on my way to work befor setting up. I hate when I lose any of my pixeltruppen and sometimes yell at my screen when I see them die. More then once I lost a game because i withdraw assets from one point to redeploy them somewhere to 'save some man in distress. And it can happen that I level a building with tanks, arti and bombs to avange fallen man
  3. Here u go . Thanks for taking your time to answer me. I already regret cancelling my pre-order now.
  4. Hi Steve. I don't expect a update every day. But a info every 4-6 weeks would be nice. Even if you couldn't share much, a new screenshot now and then would be enough. What made me really mad (and is the main reason I cancelled) is that you must have known that you won't be able to deliver end of September but you didn't see the necessity to inform your customers. In my book that's disrespectful. I don't need a release date, or even care if it will be 2018, 2019 or 2020.
  5. @The Steppenwulf +1 This is why I cancelled my pre-order for the big bundle yesterday. I already own CMSF so I will buy the upgrade as soon as it is available. The lack of communication made me re-think my willingness to support BF by paying extra money.
  6. I am not talking from a alpha version, I am talking from a pre release beta that is 1 to 3 Month away from release to keep the buyers happy. I do understand you arguments @Mord and @Holien but IMHO it doesn't matter if the buyers doesn't understand the full product or the pre release beta. I should have been more specific about my beta idea, sorry. I always ment a version very close to release.
  7. @sburke why isn't it a good idea? I am not talking about an open beta but a closed beta for the ones preordering the game/sim.
  8. I *think* I have the solution to the "communications problem". So if BF don't like/want/can't post little bits of info every now and then, simply let every one that pre-order'd join closed beta. People would: - see that the games is coming along - could join a "beta players only" segment in the forum - help finding bugs - be more happy
  9. From battkefront.com posted on the front page on August 8 2018: The obvious question out there is "when will CMSF2 ship?" We're aiming for no later than the end of September. However, we'll soon release a demo with 4 battles and a training mission. That should help keep you occupied for a while. This made me pre-order more then a month ago (if I recall it right the first statement was end of August). I pre-order'd the big bundle although I already own CMSF (because I believe BF is worth the money). Still I am getting pissed of because there is no word what so ever. And for the love of the almighty- it's the communications not the lack of a release date that makes me angry
  10. @Thewood1 +1 Finially someone that can express in plain English what I can't. I had all this thoughts in my native language (german) but I couldn't translate them in the proper manner.
  11. Hello @all. I do have a question about aiming with precision arti ammo at a vehicle that first stood still and then starts to move. Will the forward observer follow the target with the laser beam? Thanks Sven
  12. Your proctologist must be very found of you
  13. @StgHatred as non-native English speaker, I must admit I don't know if your replay is intended to be funny or sarcastic. If it's the first, I am sorry but I don't get the joke, if it's the second I fail to understand why. A informed customer is a happy customer (at least hear in Switzerland) - even if the info isnt so good
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