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  1. You know, these figures are probably true for most combat. Artillery is by far the greatest killer on the battlefield. But does that mean we want 75% of the casualties to be caused by artillery in the game? How much fun would it be to spend most of your time calling in artillery, and taking most of your losses from enemy artillery that you can do nothing to counter? I prefer to think of these battles as showing only the final phase of combat. The time after the initial artillery bombardment, when the units are closing in on each other, so that most artillery have to stop firing to avoid fri
  2. If the police were given the right to beat up colored people, I wouldn't say "I find it difficult to get upset about this, because I am white". I'm not comparing the DRM to beating people up, I'm just saying that you can be upset about an unjust policy even if you're not personally affected by it. Clearly, as is evident by what have been written in this thread, some people do upgrade or reinstall their computer systems frequently enough to be affected by the limited number of activations, and that is very wrong.
  3. Agreed. Having someone from the developers active on the forums is always a very good sign. Lets just hope that the concerns people have expressed with the DRM gets listened to. I don't expect to have any problems either, especially since I don't reformat my harddrive that often. But I don't like DRM:s and I certainly don't like a DRM that limits how paying customers can use their computers.
  4. I have no idea how it works. I just know that there have been lots of people on the Arma 2 forums with problems because of FADE having triggered unintentionally on their purchased copy of the game. God knows how many people have not come to the forums, but have instead blamed the game as "buggy", stopped playing and recommended their friends not to buy it. The point is, DRM problems are very bad PR, there has never been a DRM without problems, and there has never been a DRM that hasn't been cracked anyway. So, DRM:s mostly cause problems for paying customers, never to the pirates.
  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARMA_2#Copy_protection
  6. Yes, in a perfect world maybe. I have never heard of a DRM or similiar that has not caused unintentional problems for some paying customers. For instance, Arma 2 has something called FADE, that makes the accuracy of the weapons get extremely low if you play a pirated copy of the game. And there have been lots of people on the forums that have bought the game, complaining about the low accuracy "bug", and they have then had to get help from customer support to fix the problem. I really hope that you have created the perfect, fail-proof software to make sure that no one will ever have this
  7. This is a REALLY bad idea. As already mentioned, there will always be some people that have payed for the game but will still run into problems with the DRM. If you can't activate the game, at least you know that and can contact customer support. If you have bought the game legally, and are unlucky enough to for some reason still trigger these kinds of features (and this WILL certainly happen to someone), you are going to assume that the game is full of bugs and unplayable and will probably stay away from any future games in the series, and also recommend others not to buy it. If you abs
  8. I found this highly interresting read about the American effort to develop an effective combined arms tactic for fighting in the Normady bocage terrain. I hope you might find some useful things there to try out when the game finally gets released! http://www.cgsc.edu/carl/resources/csi/doubler/doubler.asp
  9. Yeah, I think that's another good point there MikeyD. It's not about the Germans being superior aryan supermen, they just had a system for creating effective warriors, with great unit cohesion, an emphasis on individual initative and effective, relevant training that other militaries are still struggling to replicate today.
  10. The Soviets kept pouring reinforcements into the city. Many more than the Germans were able to send. And in the end they won because they encircled the Germans with more than a million troops in addition to those fighting in the city. So the Germans were totally outnumbered. Maybe not in the beginning, and that's when they got totally crushed. Well, except for the paratroopers at Bastogne that held out. But they were elite troops that could match the Germans. The allies then turned the battle around when the weather cleared, allowing massive air attacks against the Germans, and mass
  11. Magpie, in all those examples the Germans fought against the odds. Either overwhelming enemy numbers (Stalingrad), or total enemy air superiority, overwhelming firepower and logistical resources (Normandy, Ardennes). It's quite clear that throughout the war, the Germans were able to maintain a greater fighting efficiency, mostly due to the reasons given in Gromit's excellent post.
  12. No need to apologize, and you did put a smiley afterwards so I didn't feel "jumped on" at all. I'm a simulator player mostly (Arma 2, DCS, IL-2 Sturmovik) and don't have much experience with wargames. I came here looking for something a bit more relaxed, where you have some time to think about your next move, and don't need to be so alert and totally switched on all the time. A game where you can take your eyes off the screen for a few seconds without crashing or getting killed. But I still want something more exciting and visually interresting than moving a bunch of square tiles arou
  13. Sorry, when I started writing your message wasn't there yet. When I saw your answer, I deleted my post. So now I guess your latest post doesn't make any sense...
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