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  1. sarcasm is not trolling, for me, your optimism is not unbearable - you get "sell the same thing for the same" or "buy two, get one, pay for three" - in this way confirms the BF that their policy is correct, do not have to to do anything, because it anyway you buy! and again I will have to wait another year for real progress in mechanics / graphics - thank you very much!

    Yes, if what you are looking for is substantial improvements in mechanics and graphics, then you're just going to have to skip CMFB and wait for future titles with more changes.  But that doesn't mean that you are right when you are saying that we are getting "the same thing for the same (price?)". Getting new unit formations, maps, scenarios and campaigns means a whole new experience, even if the graphics and mechanics haven't changed much. That is more than enough for me to happily buy this new title. Also, as the geographical setting and the timeframe has changed, this will also be a great opportunity for me to read up on the Battle of the Bulge, and I will also be studying all the changes and updates of vehicles and other equipment that had happened since the fighting in Normandy.

    If you're not interrested in any of this, fine, just skip this title. But there are a lot of us that will enjoy it, and we certainly don't feel that this is just a Battlepack with a few new vehicles, as you called it.

  2. No exact date, but we do try to ship within 4-6 weeks.  Me thinks it will be significantly less than that, however it will certainly be more than days.  The Demo will be up within 1-2 weeks by the looks of things.


    Great news! At least we will soon have the demo to keep us busy until the release.

    I'm actually very excited now, after reading the information page. The one worry I had about CMFB was that it was going to be too much about fighting in the forests and snow covered fields, and too little urban fighting (my favourite setting). But now I see that there will not just be one American campaign, but two. And one of them will be set in the city of Aachen!! Awesome!

  3. Why is the ?"CMFB AAR Announcement" now on the homepage after the Great Swan BP announcemnet?

    Look at the bottom of that post. It says "Last Updated ( Friday, 18 March 2016 )". The AAR announcement post was updated for some reason, that's why it has moved to the top, before the announcement of the Battle Pack, which was at the top before.

  4. No, click the 3 dots in the top right, then find "settings", or similar. There you can choose to delete webb data, so pick the cache and delete that. I do not have an English version of Internet Explorer on my computer, so I can not give any more detailed information than that.

  5. We had intended to launch the game with our new website, but issues with it caused us to go with the existing website instead.  Which was, to say the least, problematic.  But it's finally set and went live a few minutes ago.  I'm going to give it a few hours before making an official announcement.


    Thanks for the update. After the long wait, I am very much looking forward to finally be able to play the game. I hope the pre-order delay will be very short.

  6. Given that the delay this time is due to the difficulty of getting the new store up and running, i.e. complications in getting the DL version out to us, I would venture that there has been ample time to make an initial run of the physical copies and package them for shipment. So no big delay once the orders are in.


    Ok, that sounds very good, if that is so. I thought the pre-order delay was about that they don't want to start producing physical copies until they know how many has actually been ordered.

  7. So, it's Friday now. Do you guys think that the pre-order will be made available today? And what do you expect the pre-order delay to be? I know we've been told that the delay will be much shorter than normal for CMFB, but given the accuracy of the information coming from BFC lately, I take that with not just a grain, but a whole s***load of salt. :-)

    Hopefully, there will be no delay at all. Those that still want a physical copy (come on, it's 2016! Yes, I know that for some, the issue is that they don't have a good enough Internet connection to download the whole game) should just have to accept that as it takes some time to produce and ship the physical copies, there will be a delay compared to downloading.

  8. err this is getting more and more crazy, is there any official statement of status of FB?

    Yes, there is:

    The webpage you guys saw was something that Steve was working on, and wasn't supposed to be visible. He's done some crash course learning on how to get products into the old website (starting with the Battle Pack), because we are going to put CMFB up for pre-orders very soon on the old website. It would be up this weekend, but Steve needs to travel over the weekend. So it is looking like early next week.

  9. Since no one seems to have mentioned it yet, I just watched the Youtube video of the Tuesday Twitch stream by Chris. In it, he said that he had some big news to share, and he was just waiting for some final details. He said that he hoped to make a forum post today or tomorrow (so that would have been Tuesday or Wednesday).


    Obviously, this news has not been released yet, though it is Thursday now. But it would seem like we will most likely get some big news this week. My guess is that they will either announce that the new store is delayed even further, so they will release FB on the old store, just like the Battle Pack, or they will say that the new store site is now ready to be launched.

  10. I agree, this was harsh, but it's just the natural frustration of not knowing what is going on. Why has there been a delay of several months? Is it all only because of the new store page? So, if the game is done, why hasn't it been released on the old store page when the new store got delayed for so long? I'm sure that if BF has made that decision, then there is certainly a very good reason for it. But what is that reason? It's not knowing and being kept in the dark that is annoying. When such a long unexpeted delay happens, it is only good customer service for a developer to keep those that are wondering what is going on up to date.


    Why the secrecy, which just creates frustration and impatience?


    How many times have CM players asked for a operational layer ?

    I saw that Hitman was banned, but since the question of an operational layer comes up quite often, I just want to say that not every CM player wants this. I have no interrest in this, so I hope that CM will stay a tactical combat game. Development time is always limited, and I'd much prefer that it is all used for improving the tactical combat, and not to implement an operational feature to the game.

  12. Ok, so the release has been imminent for, what, a month now? More than that? Have we had any substantial news since Chris posted the thread "Final Blitzkrieg release update" on Jan 21?

    Again, delays are not a problem, unexpected things always happens. But then you need to be open about it. A weekly forum post, listing the current issues, describing the reasons for the delays, perhaps a short video of a bug being worked on, that would have made a huge difference, compared to the almost total silence.

  13. Why have the news dried up on this? Just release it already, or at least give us a date! 

    No, we don't need a date, and BF should not give one. Because you can never know exactly how long it takes to fix a bug, implement a certain feature, or whatever else the problem is. The silence is not good though. A delay is not a problem at all, when you have been told what the hold up is and what is going on. But knowing nothing, that makes people restless and impatient.

  14. To borrow from Nancy Pelosi : "They have to release it so we can find out what's in it"  Umm that was an "Affordable Care Act" reference

    meant as kind of an analogy to release of CMFB. :mellow:   I can assure everyone that the latter was far better researched and read than the former.

    Well, to go off topic (and it's not like we have a FB release or anything to keep us on topic), Obama Care is not poorly researched, the people behind it knows exactly what they are doing. They want socialized, government controlled health care, but they know the American people would never accept that. So, they launch the catastrophe of the "Affordable Care Act", knowing that it will never work as intended. Their goal is, once this system has failed, to blame the failure on "greedy private health care providers", and then put everything under direct government control.

  15. For some reason, I get the feeling it will be mid March or early April before we get it in our hands.

    [Steve's apparently uncontrollable urge to make a fool of me following any of my predictions ensures that we'll see the release very shortly.  You're welcome.]

    I'll do my part too. I have been holding off buying Total War Attila for quite some time now, assuming that if I did buy it, FB would certainly be released the next day and prevent me from getting into Attila anyway. But today I will buy Atilla, so if FB gets released tomorrow or this weekend, you can thank me later... :-)

  16. So, another week? Another month? A short update would be highly appreciated.

    I'd curse, but that wouldn't be family friendly!  The backend has a nasty habit of enabling stuff when messing around with edits.  It's kinda like a hyped up golden retriever who thinks that just because you're going near the door that it is time for a ride AND it involves taking the dog too.  Doh :)

    We'll have things polished and available for you guys very soon, but not this weekend so don't start in with another Night of the Refresh Monkeys (for you old timers, you know what I'm talking about!).


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