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  1. Ok, I see. Well, like I said, I just wanted to point out that both manuals are about small unit tactics, so they are relevant to the scale of Combat Mission.
  2. Yes, I have that book too, outstanding quality. I just want to point out that that is a manual for a Tank Company, not a Regiment, so the small units make both these books relevant to the scale of Combat mission. I think the tank book can be bought from here: https://www.lulu.com/shop/bernhard-kast-and-christoph-bergs/german-army-regulation-on-the-medium-tank-company-h-dv-4707-mittlere-panzerkompanie-from-may-1941-deutschenglish/paperback/product-24459401.html
  3. This translation of the German tactical manual, Sturmgewehr 44 Assault Platoon Pamphlet (Link to it here: https://igg.me/at/sturmzug) is probably going to be interesting for many here, especally if you play Final Blitzkrieg.
  4. For me, the biggest thing will be automatic patching, and also easy installation compared to having to hunt for and download installation files on a website.
  5. I just updated to 2.03, and the same thing happend again. The game is updated to the new version, but the battles and campaigns are gone. I guess I will just make a new full install again, that's how I solved it last time. I really hope that the existing WWII titles will all come to Steam, so that I will not have to deal with these kinds of things again. Are you supposed to put the patch file in the game folder or something before updating? Doesn't it work from the desktop? My game is in the default folder, so that is not the issue.
  6. bomberburn, they already answered that. This is obviously a test to se how it will be received. So if it goes well and there will be good sales numbers and many new players, the other games will surely be added to Steam too.
  7. The good news are, we will definitely get it soon. The bad news, it is Battlefront soon.
  8. Ok, thanks, I see now. I thought the links was just for downloading of a single file.
  9. Thanks. It was quite smooth though, I just ran the installers one after the other. Where can I find the latest full game installer? When I look under "My Orders" on the site, the base game seem to have a file called "CM Final Blitzkrieg Engine 3 CMFB-BGV3". Then there is the file "CMFB Upgrade 4 CMFB-UPV4" listed under my order for the upgrade to engine 4. But this order has the 10$ price listed, so this seems to just be the upgrade, not a full installer? Both are links to files at battlefront.sharefile.com.
  10. I did a new install, and it went smoothly. Everything works now. By the way, when doing a new install, do you need to install all patches again, or can you skip some? I installed the CMFB base game, then 1.02, then the 2.00 upgrade, and finally the current 2.01. Could I have skipped some of these installs? Could I have gone from the base game directly to 2.00, for instance? Also, are there newer, updated install files for the base game available with some patches integrated, or is the base game installer the same as when the game was released? I did this from an old install file for the b
  11. My God, installing patches manually is so... decades old. I installed the patch, everything seemed fine, CMFB updated from v2.00 to v2.01. But now the list of battles and campaigns are both empty when I go there... sigh. I guess I will just have to reinstall the whole game again.
  12. Yeah, giving an ETA that can not be followed would be awkward. It's not like someone has already talked about a before March 2019 ETA, right? 🙂
  13. I don't expect BF to have the resources to hire someone to answer questions here on the forum full time, but as I wrote before, surely they could spend a few minutes once in a while so we could get just a few lines of information to find out what is going on, instead of Months and Months of nothing.
  14. Definitely. That they don't even bother to take a few minutes to write a few lines about why the "before March" release did not happen is really bad.
  15. Actually, Steve did: "At the moment we're doing some last minute TO&E fixes. While making Rome to Victory I got into some retro revisions which had a ripple effect. Almost done with it. These last minute fixes do delay things, but worth it IMHO. I'm still thinking that we can have them out before March (yes, of 2019). "
  16. But, can you guys imagine how many times we have experienced mischief just like that? It must be dozens of times! So it was you all along causing this to happen deliberately!!! Oh, those thousands and thousands of times when this did not happen? Meh, those must have been just coincidences. 🙂
  17. I think you misspoke there, what you really meant was: "Give it a couple of months."
  18. I didn't think it was going to be a long wait either, in the fall of 2015, when it was said that the release of Final Blitzkrieg was close. Then, as time went on, I thought there was going to be a release at the anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Bulge, in December... but no, it was not released until in April 2016. So, I am not holding my breath for CMSF 2 or an Engine 4 patch anytime soon. Like I said, we're on Battlefront time here.
  19. We're on Battlefront time here. This means, check back in 6 months, and if you're lucky, you'll see a message about the patch now finally being almost ready, and it will be released "soon".
  20. Yes, here is an article about the new USMC squad organisation. The SAW is being dropped, and the more accurate M27 is being adopted more widely. https://www.overtdefense.com/2018/05/05/usmc-transition-12-man-rifle-squads/
  21. Yes, very true. Also, I think that more than 90% of all bugs and problems that gamers have are because of mods that break the game.
  22. If only Combat Mission was available on Steam, we wouldn't have to worry about patches and all the different versions. On Steam, the latest version is always available for easy downloading.
  23. Agreed, I much prefer games that are on Steam. The purchasing, downloading, and everything else is so much easier than having to search for download links on a game developer's home page. And as you said, of all the millions of Steam users, there must be quite a few that are potential Combat Mission customers.
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