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  1. Your not really getting this are you ? @Gunnergoz, Yeh I tend to agree mate but I would contend that all members of an Army being considered of one colour, Green, might have done more for the plight of racial segregation by showing that all serve on an equal basis. Remembering that Jimbo's laws stayed in force until 1965.
  2. I'd rather they were just blokes in a variety of units rather than all concentrated in one unit because "all those baaws are nig........," err ... African Americans.
  3. And of course the Moors didn't create "Arabic Numerals" but hey at least the lad is having a go.
  4. So really it is nothing like a Peng thread?
  5. Isn't Morgan Freeman from the the deep south of the USA?
  6. nah we'll just go back to 'Merkin bashing if you wanna do the Moors
  7. Yes but we distilled all of that into : Blame the French Quite a tidy bundle for mind
  8. lol and killed everyone they found, Xenophobia is just a fear of foreigners, not travel
  9. -sigh- perhaps you should look into the meaning given to root in Australia
  10. I thought the roots of the Franks were the Normans? I'm getting confused
  11. Yeh +1 for blaming the French, I mean they even supported the USAlian hissy fit, tried to pinch Canada and blew up the Kiwi's.
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