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  1. Great video. Just played this scenario again tonight. Have actually played this a half dozen times or so, with sufficient enough time in between each battle that I forget my approach from the previous playthrough. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. I can say that those landmines between the ambush site and the three story building get me every. single. time. As Pandur mentioned, I am used to whipping the Syrians with the US Army or USMC. This was a nice change of pace. And seems like a good tune up for forth coming CMCW, in which the US won't be so dominate.
  2. Well done! I love the improved main gun muzzle blast. I commented aloud, "oh wow, that looks like the real thing" after seeing it in game. My wife overheard me, asked me why I am talking to myself, and rolled her eyes when I told her the reason. This tends to happen a lot when playing CM. A true mark of a job well done. Thanks for your contribution!
  3. Admittedly, I'm a BFC forum lurker and always have questions but neglect to ask. Must say old boy that you nailed these two. Thought both you and Bil were doing something to enable those black squares and was super curious about the size of the Panzerfaust 3. Thanks to the both of you for demonstrating the new features; I cannot wait to get my hands on my own copy.
  4. There's just something about colored icons that really adds to the game. Great work!
  5. Hey Stagler, awesome uniforms. I have been playing around with them a bit and decided to use your uniforms but keep the default helmet. It could just be me but I have found that your uniforms contrast nicely with the Russian gear and the default helmets, as the camo patterns are similar. Well done!
  6. Jorge, I have used bits of your previous sound mods; I must say that your new MG 42 is the best yet. Kudos!
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