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  1. I recall using a tracer mod in CMBB which had different colored tracers for Axis and Allied forces. Think Axis was green/white and Allied red/white. Sometimes my old eyes have trouble distinguishing outgoing fire from incoming when a heavy firefight erupts and the tracer streams are criss-crossing each other like mad. Any chance of creating a Ver 4 for the old farts?
  2. I feel your pain. Recently 80% of my green squad cowered in the forest because a nearby friendly tank was taking MG fire. The enemy couldnt even see them but here they were in the fetal position. On the other flank a squad and an attached MG team was annihilated by an accurate 81mm mortar barrage complete with tree bursts. The platoons 2 remaining and almost unhurt squads then went out of command for the rest of the game in response to this tragedy. This effectively reduced my force by 25% but I still managed a Major Victory. (albeit against the AI) Personally I loved it. Antony Beevor's
  3. I tried your idea and it works great! Another great feature is that u can place a squad right up against the blast area and they suffer no ill effects from the detonation. Sorry but I cant upload the save game file since even in zipped format it exceeds the size limit.
  4. Battlefront keeps me waiting forever when I tried to upload the file. Could u plz provide me with an email address to which I can send this save game file? Going away until Sunday afternoon so I'll either email u then or try again to post the file. Thanks
  5. I am currently playing the 2nd mission of The Road to Montebourg Campaign and have come across a possible bug. The south side of a two level building is directly adjacent to a tall row of bocage. Rather than use the front door, I thought that blasting a hole through the said bocage and south wall would allow me to make an impressive and unexpected entrance. The unexpected did occur but not to my liking. Firstly one charge blew a hole in both the wall and bocage. I was expecting to need two charges on consecutive turns to breach both obstacles. My pleasant surprise quickly changed to
  6. The game has repeatedly terminated itself for me. Go into options and touch a drop down menu, boom its gone. Load the tutorial quick battle and right after having read all the data, it crashes again.
  7. Us invading German held territory to get the game is so ironic one wonders if this was preplanned.
  8. George RR Martin finally published Dancing with Dragons after only a 6 year interval between it and the last book in the series. So things could be much worse! CM:BN will be released soon, and when it is there will be much rejoicing! Followed by a short pause and then much complaining and bickering.
  9. From listening to the AARs on my crummy laptop speakers the weapons sound great right now. Is ez to distinguish the rattle of a MP40 vs the saw like buzz of the MG42. Plus the whooshing of incoming arty and the low bass pulses of the auto cannons are well done.
  10. I think that the buildings all imploded too uniformly, representing a controlled demolition far more than a random detonation of shells. Rubble used to be one of my fav terrains, especially for tank hunter teams. Maybe future releases could add some variety to the buildings intial trashed state with the inclusion of one or more partially standing walls.
  11. I believe the proper version should read: the preferred carbine due to its small size But who cares and why quibble over minor grammatical errors when the gist of the sentence is clearly obvious. Thanks to all for the pre-release manual. I consider it a huge 'bone' and will prolly wear out my hard copy version in short order.
  12. Maybe with the new crew dismount option developers are worried that it might be exploited, turning the crew into supplementry infantry when the AFV is cutoff from a key firing position by terrain. IIRC in a previous battle, two hidden germans were able to overcome a squad that stumbled upon them cowering behind a low stone wall.
  13. The inclusion of full scale airstrikes and AA protection would add a burdensome layer to the game imho. CM is renowned for small unit battles combined with armour and artillery. Why try to fix something that isnt broke?
  14. Can you please give us a rough estimate/guesstimate of how large the files for the demo and finished product will be? I wont have my regular internet provider available at the proposed release date and may have to make arrangements in advance to accommodate the download.
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