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  1. Very, very interesting indeed. Got my first Panzer kills too!
  2. From my 20+ battle experience, US tanks get "owned"by German Panzer V's. Is there an effective counter against Panzer V's? cheers, SR
  3. PBEM is addicting. Never checked my email so often as the last week Atm I have two battles going with Badrak, great stuff! A ladder system like there is at worldatwar.eu makes it even more interesting! cheers, SR
  4. Ok, one more question Sir, I ordered the CE edition this morning, and while I ordered I noticed that the CE edition was available for my order. But now I checked my account, and there it just says: CMNM preorder, not mentioning that nice CE edition, thus I have no actual prove that I get the Steel box version... Am I correct? Then I guess I have to trust you guys cheers SR
  5. Will the credit card be charged when they game will ship? cheers, RS
  6. I came, I looked, I pre-ordered! Ennuh, do I become a beta tester now Cheers, SR
  7. S! What kind of "special" infantry types are in the game? Waffen SS f.e., or fällschirmjäger? cheers, SR
  8. S! Aha, more Dutchies. Sorry I missed that preview! Any chance on a follow-up session SR
  9. S! Just a quick question: Are the Royal Dutch Commandos a part of the NATO module? If not, is it possible to mod existing models? cheers, SR
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