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  1. Does the kill credits counter increase for unconfirmed/unknown kills in the fog of war?
  2. Thank you for the info, I will wait until then to do a mass purchase of CM stuff. Still wish we could have our physical copies bundled together and sent in batches, while the digital copies would be downloadble right away. Would save on the damn shipping cost that is so high. ;/
  3. When I buy Fortress Italy, does this include an upgrade to my existing Battle for Normandy game to the 2.0 version or do I still have to buy it separately? I assume the game is standalone and both do not interact with each other (so Fortress Italy does not go into the steelbook collectors edition for BfN)?
  4. I am from Germany. The original game didn't ship from within Germany and I haven't heard any news, so I was assuming. But the 20 dollar delivery fee is still there, so that would be 3x20, too that could be saved.
  5. It doesn't matter if my computer crashes soon, since the download is available for a certain amount of time. Also I purchased a steelbook edition, so I'd like to have the official disks in it, not some lousy self printed stuff. Right now the preorder isn't digital download only, so I do not even have an option to choose download only as far as I can see.
  6. I would like to ask a question about the addon purchases that are available for Battle for Normandy. Since getting those delivered would cost me 20 dollars each time as well as 18 euro customs duty (why?), I was wondering if I could purchase all 3 addons in one go. Having the digital download be available to me right away, while the shipment will be held off until all three addons have been released and can be shipped at the same time to save on money, would be really nice in my opinion.
  7. Received mine today. In good shape and had to pay 10,68 Euro.
  8. Aech hab noch keine Kruppstahlbox in meinem Kaestle. Das heisst Krieg!
  9. Has anyone in Germany received their preorder box, yet? Because I haven't.
  10. Sorry for the bump, but I'd appreciate a reply, if I miss something, or if there is nothing at all present to indicate units that have no orders. I know about the alt-P key to show all command lines, but on cluttered up units, this is not good enough to indicate if everyone in the bunched up area has a command. This mostly happens on the start of the game. I tried a tiny battle in a city with infantry only and got about 10+ squads, squeezed into a tiny spot. Also sometimes, I just miss a unit, for whatever reason and wish I didn't click end turn. I will not bump this again if no repl
  11. Would it be possible to play WeGo via Lan (Hamachi) and have a shared folder open, to skip the part of e-mail creation?
  12. Would it be possible to implement a small triangle in one corner of the unit markers, that indicates to the player that said unit has no orders? I am currently trying to play, but everything with a larger amount of units has me struggling, since I always miss to give commands to one unit that I should have and having to check them all over and over again so I am sure that I do not miss one, is kind of time consuming and annoying. Maybe a list would also work, where you could click on a list of units and it would take you to the selected unit that has no order. Or am I alone with this pro
  13. I would accept an immediate release or access to the beta as a statement, too. Fear my whining!
  14. I hope it is earlier than that, but it would still be fine with me. I am officially on vacation now.
  15. You said you wanted to notify us, when it was done, not every 2 minutes. :mad: Use the editing feature and don't spam replies. Nice video. Good to see that it runs smooth. Now all that is missing, is mouse interaction and I am happy (I mean I wanna play the game).
  16. I do beta tests too and I wait for games impatiently, so I know both sides. They do not need compensation, they got the freaking game already!
  17. No it's fine, really. All I wanted to know is if end of april is still good. Since that didn't change and we are very close to it, I just assume that there is a good chance of no delay happening. A day specific announcement of the reelase day was not required.
  18. Can Battlefront include a clause in their NDAs that it is prohibited by betatesters to tease the customers? :mad: Well I booked my vacation for the end of this month now. Hope there is no delay.
  19. Maybe you should change this whole model from 1 activation per year to 1 additional activation per month, where no more than 1 activation has happened (similar to EAs current DRM, 5 activations with +1 per month). Well let's see how it goes.
  20. Will we get a fixed release date at some point or will it be like "It's out tomorrow/now." I am still looking forward to planning my vacation a bit regarding the release.
  21. I have the same issue, the first mission as the Germans feels way overwhelming. I am not sure what a good composition is, but I tried bombing them with mortars for a good amount of time and they still have alot of AT guns surviving as it seems. I also tried a rush to the bottom line, but that just gets you a lot of mobility and fatal kills on the way and getting through the chockepoint doesn't work well either. I tried finding a "how to play the first german mission" on youtube, but there is barely any gameplay for Kursk. Also one time, the game froze and locked up and I had to kill the
  22. I started with the CMSF release and quickly lost interest. My interest was reignited after the recent news on RockPaperShotgun as I hope that it will be a better starting time. haven't played any other games yet, since the DRM system was always a turnoff, but with Empires of Steel going blank and the commitment to wargames you show, I figured I'd give it another chance.
  23. UsF


    No Starforce then? Ok good I am sold. Thank you.
  24. May I ask what DRM version is being used at the steam release of this game? I am on the brink of buying this, but DRM is always an issue for me.
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