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  1. Performance scores are interesting but if they are combining multiple factors to create a score then they will not tell you want you need to know here. I am quite certain that clock speeds for the same generation *do* make a difference. I am not totally clear on if an i9 that has a slightly slower clock speed than an i7 is actually slower in terms of single core performance. The CM games on windows are compiled as 32 bit apps with large address awareness enabled. That means the game has access to a maximum of 4Gb. So as long as your rig has 4Gb available for the game along with anything e
  2. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/forums/field-warriors-tournament-cmbs.475/ Edited to show just the url since the auto icon generation failed - probably because of log in issues.
  3. Seems like a campaign / scenario issue so @Imperial Grunt is the man for this...
  4. I recently switched to a 2K monitor and had some issues because I wanted to run at a scaling of 125%. That caused the game text to look odd. What I did to fix it was switch the game .exe settings to allow the application to handle its own scaling. Select the game .exe file - right click select properties. Click on the "Compatibility" tab Turn on the "High DPI scaling behaviour" and pick "Application" from the drop down. This is only a fix if you are using a scale and layout other than 100%
  5. I wold love this kind of thing. Even if it generated a file at the end of the battle that we could use players could do all kinds of fun things with it. This has been asked for before - so far BFC has not taken the idea up. 😞
  6. You and @Ithikial_AU are getting at two different aspects of the condition of the non-core units. I am pretty sure that @Ithikial_AU means that a depleted non-core unit will not hinder you ability to fight in a following scenario by causing you to have two few forces at your command. Since they will not return in following scenarios you will not have to fight with a depleted unit from the beginning of any following scenario. However you are correct, the condition of any unit in a secenario can be used for scoring and thus a non-core unit that has suffered significant casualties can effect the
  7. LOL cool malware guard. I can see some uses for being careful with such things. For example I could create a top level domain of .con (great irony there) and then register microsoft.con and apple.con and use those link to scam people and it would be hard for them to notice the trickery. However this is not a scam. As @Freyberg said this one is approved by ICAAN so you should be safe: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.club
  8. This one for sure: It was also turned into a PDF and shipped with the game so you might have a better version on you HD. Also check out the first section of the FAQ:
  9. Bummer. I cannot personally fix it but I can pass this along and get is sorted. PM me your email address and I'll find out what's up.
  10. We lost the domain and access to the provider. So, the web admin had to get things moved to a new provider and there are still some glitches to work out. Please note the address has changed the new address is https://www.theblitz.club The .org domain used to have a redirect on it but no longer does. I'm sorry I don't know the back story on what happened - nothing very dramatic though but I just don't know the story.
  11. Just paint the area for each step and don't set the time at all. What should happen is the AI group moves to the first area and once everyone has arrived they should move off to the next without additional waiting.
  12. OK ... just keep in mind this is a CM2 forum you are posing in. I for one only finished the PBEM games I had on going in CM1 once CMBN was released. CM2 games are vastly better in my opinion and I don't understand why people still play CM1 games but if you are happy that's great. You may already know but in case not there is still an active community at theBlitz.club (domain used to be .org but control was lost) that plays CM1 games. You can find the forum here: https://www.theblitz.club/message_boards/forumdisplay.php?fid=10
  13. The AI plans only had orders for two groups. A1 (in the unit list they appear with no label) and A2. I reviewed the plans and made sure they all did something and that there was a passenger dismount for the armoured infantry to use - one plan did not have one. Then I reassigned the armour to one group and the armoured infantry to the other (I for got to memorize which was which but in the unit purchase screen you can see. I ran a test and got a two pronged attack. I did not test both AI plans just one but I think that will get you on track. testModified.btt
  14. Here is the summary list: https://www.battlefront.com/cmfb-upgrades/cmfb-upgrade-4/?tab=features Hull down and solider behaviour (spacing, avoiding HE and peaking around corners) are my favourites but there is a lot there Stated policy by Steve, they don't want gore in the game. I had a quick look and could not find a thread to quote. I see @MOS:96B2P showed off a couple of mods that introduce this. I could not find them on the CM Mods site - @MOS:96B2P do you have links? It is not. The game supports re skinning of the UI and the models but it does not s
  15. No you see your own mods and you opponent sees their own.
  16. If the person still has 2.03 installed then that would explain it. The Steam vs not Steam has no effect since the version and the code is the same between the two.
  17. That's actually a pretty cool idea. And that's the brilliant part. Since units assigned to exit are considered to score VPs for the opposition if they do not exit the battlefield. That means you can assign some number of points to those units and by keeping them the player is shifting VPs to their opponent. The more they decide to keep the more points their opponent starts with as a handy-cap.
  18. I am fond of target light - which for mortars is a slower rate of fire. That way you can let the team zero on the target without burning through their whole ammo supply.
  19. I have not seen anything like that. I usually use FireFox to access the forum.
  20. You should get quoted because you are correct. In order to keep things simple and avoid long discussions about how a tank's commander should have known to have X type of round ready because it's obvious that Y. Etc. Really smoke rounds are the same. If you give a tank a smoke order they don't have to first fire the HE round they have loaded they just start firing smoke. It's just an abstraction that makes game play smoother.
  21. For this a better person to comment is @Heirloom_Tomato
  22. What he said. Once you think everything is quiet then follow A, B or C just to be sure. Sure sure bring those too
  23. Dismounted as @Vacilllator says but only for the owner of the tank - I think I remember it that way...
  24. I am not sure about the KO status being per unit. But keep in mind that crew can bail on a tank that is not KO'd. So, in this case it may not have been.
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