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  1. I missed that there was an issue with the method of doing it. So, not yet.
  2. LOL oops, yeah a lot more than me. I didn't mean to sound like I was replying to you but instead adding to what you said for the benefit of @Pelican Pal and anyone else embarking on this journey.
  3. Make sure you really start the game in Scenario Author mode. When you first load it up the units are all in their default positions and then after you press the BRB any setup areas assigned to the AI are used and the units jump to their true starting off points.
  4. No what you said was: Which I simply pointed out is not what any of us mean. OK I cannot speak for anyone else but I'm fairly sure - it's not what I mean. and there ya go again. The thing is they have this working in the Pro version. I have never seen it so I don't know if moving it to the User version would be considered a code port of if there is some aspect of it that they don't think is quite right and it needs more work. No one here knows and assuming something is as easy as a on char change is just setting your self up for disappointment. Steve and Charles know what they are doing and they have a track record of doing thing well and right. Just saying - that's a cool feature I've always wanted that can we get it in the User version - is more than enough. Getting your self twisted around about how easy it is or isn't is just, well, silly. Enough said by me.
  5. Oh yeah. The thing is when people say "that's not as easy as you think" they are not adding anything close to "and therefore why bother" all they are saying is its some work and needs to be evaluated along side all the other things the require work. Even something that is "done" is not free. I have no actual inside knowledge but I would not be at all surprised if window entry made it into the version we all play. It's just not getting added this afternoon and shipped to you tomorrow.
  6. It's not a mod. It's a different game. OK different program.
  7. The sort answer is no. Mods do not effect PBEM games. There is a slightly longer answer where there is a class of mods that effect a small subset of actions on the margins. But even those you will not notice because they effect both sides equally so you really cannot install a mod that give you an advantage over your opponent.
  8. The Blitz is running two scenarios this month. Sign up for the September Scenario of the Month has started over at the Blitz. This month the scenarios are: CMFI: R2V Riva RidgeCMBS: Figherfight The form post on theBlitz for sign up.
  9. The Blitz is running two scenarios this month. Sign up for the September Scenario of the Month has started over at the Blitz. This month the scenarios are: CMFI: R2V Riva RidgeCMBS: Figherfight The form post on theBlitz for sign up.
  10. If this is still happening then I would recommend contacting support: Battlefront Help desk
  11. Also note that you can call artillery and use the Personnel option - that means the rounds detonate above the ground - which is better against infantry.
  12. Interesting. I have not experienced that at all. My guys sometimes attack AFVs, they never use an armoured cover arc, sometimes they die, sometimes they succeed. I have not noticed a lack of desire to take out the tank.
  13. Not AP rounds but they can sometimes catch HEAT rounds since they move slower. Protection of the top aspect is very limited so I would not expect protection from artillery.
  14. Ack - don't do this! If they have an armour cover arc they will not defend themselves from anything that pops up. Plus don't force them to not fire or attack at 30m or less range just let them do their thing. Yes, you have to get them close, yes closer than 30m but why restrict them? This
  15. Also attacking from multiple directions helps too. If the tank spots one group the other can make it with out interference. Your guys need grenades though. Without any specific AT assets and not having any grenades they will just stand around and get killed.
  16. This would definitely cause issues in play.....There are a lot of scenarios out there that feature Combatants, especially user made scenarios. If neither the designers or players know about this (& I certainly didn't, although I was aware the scoring could be odd for reasons that were unclear at the time) it could lead to some very confusing outcomes. Combatants are just soldiers without proper uniforms and likely low training levels. They defiantly should count for holding objectives IMHO. Spies I have no idea I guess I think they should count but I have never put any thought into it. @Zveroboy1 can you PM me a link to your test. I'll check first of course but I can use it in the bug report. LOL VBIED's could preserve (or not) an objective though (just a joke not serious at all)
  17. My guess would be that would be too close to infringing on the CM Afghanistan game. BFC does not have rights to the content of that game.
  18. Sounds like a job for the Hard Cat Rules: @Bil Hardenberger and I played a demo match too:
  19. Yeah that is cool. Well done. For me I steal a moment here and there and read threads here and other places and offer up my thoughts. There is just no way I could take an hour and chat live. Maybe when I retire - if that ever happens.
  20. Nice clear eyed summary. I am a member on Discord but honestly I don't read a lot since there is reams and reams of friendly banter. It's nice and all but not really CM relevant at all times.
  21. It is. You save the game after which you go to the outgoing email folder and move the save to the incoming email folder. You will have to log in for every time you play just as when you play hotseat with yourself. Hotseat is more efficient since it doesn't have to reload everything every time. I have done PBEM locally but only for testing of the game. If I'm testing a tactical situation Hotseat is the way to go for sure. #sad. If you avoid playing because loosing is too hard, it becomes hard to learn to get better. Also, as I used to say to the kids I couched "we are here to do our best and win but if you cannot enjoy the game even when you loose you are just going to be miserable".
  22. Seconded! @DownSized, I remember that pain. I think that experience is common in the beginning. I suffered through some of that too. Now I have a stable group of regular opponents and TFGM site plus also check out theblitz.club I help moderate there. It is not as much banter as at TFGM but they have a serious ladder and regular (mostly) monthly challenges. I have seen a few people ask for same time zone opponents. I agree it's weird.
  23. But do be ware that if you start the scenario without the mod installed the game will do something (I forget what) to those unrecognized flavour objects. Saved games will likely not have the BF109 on the battlefield even if you put the mod in place later. You really want the mod in place before starting the scenario.
  24. LOL oops. They have since fixed the mistake.
  25. Trees are not decent cover. If you want tanks to be in cover they have to be behind a terrain feature - aka a hill. Anything else is like hiding behind a shower curtain and expecting it to protect you from bullets.
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