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  1. You can order a patch too: https://www.popularpatch.com/navy-patches/squadron-patches/vf-41-patch-fighting-41
  2. Yeah, the on site image storage is crazy small. Most people use a 3rd party image holder and post links here. I personally have one installed on my own website which is what I use (https://piwigo.org/). Hopefully someone will post some 3rd party recommendations for you.
  3. I agree clarity is needed. For you I just confirmed that the 2.14 patch has all the .brz files from 210 onward so you can patch 2.00 and up with it.
  4. Yeah, a .gif of an AT gun firing, reloading and firing again would be très cool.
  5. Ah, awesome. I look forward to seeing some. Let me know if I can help.
  6. ?? what are you waiting for from me? I'd hate to disappoint anyone because I am not aware / don't remember that anyone is waiting for me.
  7. Sorry man, I took that to mean you wanted to learn more about how I got there. I was just trying to point you towards that. I see now you were being appreciative of what I already shared. Got it.
  8. Yes. With no orders on the vehicle select the passengers and issue a Special | Dismount order. Then issue normal move orders for the passengers followed by orders for the vehicle.
  9. I didn't dream that up by reading the docs. I googled "ffmpeg convert video to gif" and read multiple posts on superuser, stack overflow and some blogs and combined a few techniques together for the desired result. I did refer to the manual to tweak things for sure.
  10. Let me try again. You have a stationary vehicle and an infantry unit near by that you want to aquire ammo from said vehicle. On turn #1: Give the infantry an move order into the vehicle to embark into it. During play back the mount up. On turn #2: Give the infantry an acquire order and load up. Then give them a dismount order. Then give them movement orders to where you want them to go. Then give the vehicle orders to where you want it to go. During play back watch your newly loaded infantry disembark from the vehicle while it waits for them and glory in watc
  11. Ah, yes accidentally giving orders to a whole formation when you just wanted to give them to one unit. Yeah, that can suck. I have done that occasionally. I am now trained to be careful about that but as you said that's not the case for new players. OK now that I get what you are talking about what was your proposed solution?
  12. Indeed that would be a bug. See you like to micro manage. That's your style and that's great. Some players find the number choices in the orders panel to be intimidating. Those players would not like more layers or choices added. Steve make design decisions about how much choice we get. He typically tries to find a balance. Not everyone is satisfied either way. The important thing is for us to understand where his choices come from. Or not. I'm just trying to provide some insight.
  13. I have a feeling that we might not be talking about the same thing. I think you are talking about the quick commands Pause, Cancel and Withdraw. I have literally never hit one of them accidentally such that I felt like a game was ruined. Are you talking about something else? If not can you explain how such an event would take place?
  14. People more learned than me have said this was not normally done during combat. CM does in fact have Germans equipped with Russian weapons and visa versa when it was done on an official scale. It's not my call - I don't have a say in how the game gets designed other than voicing my opinion - just like you. I do test for them so perhaps I am heard more but I can assure you Steve makes these calls and he doesn't change his mind cause I said so.
  15. You can set the pause as too short and miss the pickup. Correct On the turn you acquire ammo you can acquire what you want the then give the passengers a dismount command and move them on their merry way. Then you can give the vehicle move orders and it will wait for the passengers to disembark before venturing forth.
  16. Yes, a very useful method. I did not mention it to prevent to may regressions. Do note that if there are other blast targets adjacent to the same order the game may pick an unexpected choice. It does not happen very much but narrow bocage tracks or corners can sometimes force you to blast through so the game picks the right thing t blow up.
  17. Yes, clearly there are some situations where it is not clear. I would prefer those questionable gap issues be fixed by them properly matching between if it looks big enough for a vehicle it is big enough for a vehicle.
  18. Yep, I missed mentioning that I would recommend that in many situations. What I do is make sure it is a 360degree 3000m (or enough to cover the whole map) armoured cover arc. After all you don't want them to not fire on a tank. Except for... An excellent point and overall more good advice here.
  19. Oops you hit on the one exception that I totally forgot about. Yes, a full circle 3000m armour cover arc is appropriate for AT guns. I do do that from time to time with AT assets to avoid as you said.
  20. I was a high point in an other wise difficult battle.
  21. Yeah timing is critical and if you get it wrong you still end up in the middle of the cross road full of bullet holes. I like it. 👍
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