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  1. Use a tool such as @Kevin2k suggests to un pack the patch into a new empty folder. Then run the setup program as @LukeFF says. Just make sure you have first un packed the patch file into a new empty folder.
  2. Unzip it to a new empty folder and run the setup program inside said new folder. Notice I say new folder twice that was on purpose it's vitally important! 🙂
  3. Who knows. I use up votes for stuff I like that is relevant to CM and like for the odd thing that is funny or interesting but not CM related. Those are just my personal thoughts.
  4. They are for the major version. Normally all 2.xx patches will patch a 2.00 to the latest version of 2 but will not bring 1.xx up to version 2 for that you need the specific update for updating the engine version. If you are keeping up with versions it is easy to download and install each patch as they come. If you skip a bunch or don't do an engine update or are installing on a new computer then following all the baby steps is needlessly tiresome. Which is why the fully up to date full installer is available.
  5. Yeah the actual mechanics and setup for demoing a bridge is longer than the typical scenario. So BFC decided it would work as @domfluff described. Also as @domfluff says artillery can destroy a bridge. But direct tank fire can too. There are no intermediate damage models for most (all?) bridges so you will not get feedback that your HE is having an effect until on turn it collapses.
  6. The target profile of each soldier is based on their model. There is a little abstraction but standing is larger profile than kneeling etc. So, the hiding soldiers will have a target profile equal to their individual posture.
  7. Here are a couple of other threads on the topic: Some messed up images in the above post but the thumbnails show the full images OK. and
  8. Yep, its not that hard to plan for that but it does take a little work upfront. I have not used WinRAR for a long long time. As soon as tools like 7-zip started supporting RAR I switched away. I never liked the RAR format much so I was happy to let that app go.
  9. This is already how the game works... One player starts the QB and chooses a password. The game is saved and sent to the other guy, who also chooses a password and then goes to the screen to purchase forces. Game is saved again, goes back to the first guy who selects his forces. I think he is referring to single player. In that case you can only save once both sides' forces have been selected.
  10. There could be a server problem - your best bet is to open a support ticket: Battlefront Help desk They will get you up and running.
  11. No you have a life time max file upload limit. So each time you post your next one has less room. The limits are very small so most people upload to a 3rd party site and just link them here. There are a few threads talking about pros and cons of various choices.
  12. LOL that's a great way of putting it. I know people have figured out the settings for GIMP and Photoshop to save a BMP that will work in game but I never have. I got frustrated trying to get Photoshop to work and eventually just switched to the Greenfish editor: http://greenfishsoftware.org/gfie.php It's default settings for Windows BMP files work for me in game.
  13. I still have work to do and haven't spent much time on it lately. I'll start a PM conversation with you about getting you back up and running.
  14. While a mod can alter a few things by changing where the soldier polygons are located this will *NOT* give a lopsided advantage. In a PBEM game one machine calculates the turn results. Mods on that machine could effect the outcome but they will apply to both sides in the same way.
  15. Yep, if you are playing a trusted opponent you can get there yourself using the scenario editor. Check out this post:
  16. It's a side effect of the abstraction use for calling. The caller does not have have to have access to a radio. It is a way of abstracting field telephone networks. In your example is sure feel odd. If they ever increase the fidelity of the calling process then you might see that changed but for now it's as designed.
  17. Thanks I'm glad you like it. I have not given this an update in a while - it probably needs one.
  18. Correct. Pick the combo you want and go with it. I investigated other ways of packaging it but given the shared icons this is the only way to get the look right. I have been playing a lot of small red on red and blue on blue battles over at The Few Good Men site and I noticed that my previous icon mods were falling a bit flat because one side got cool icons and the other side did not. So, when creating the new CMCW icons I did things differently. Each mod contains a full set of red and blue icons for all armies in the game. That means having several versions to allow for the various combinations that someone might want to play. That was easy-ish because I already had red and blue NATO icons and Red Soviet icons. So, theoretically all I needed was a few icons and some scripting (to do the required renaming - I don't do editing the same icon multiple times). It turned into a larger job though because it turns out that the diamond enemy unit shapes for NATO were introduced after this period so I did have to create new red versions. Plus, my Soviet icons had somethings that were appropriate for WW2 but not for modern and some stuff that I think was just not correct. It turned into a bigger project than I expected. I'm tired of the fiddly icon work so this will be it for now but someday I'll likely revisit my other mods. Maybe. I could start with repackaging the modern icons more in line with this method.
  19. And in the modern games you don't want your men near the APS envelope either.
  20. I see your post has generated the usual "the sky is falling", "no it's not" discussion... You did get the right answers sprinkled in there. So, let me summarize, here are the ways you can see what your units can see: Get down to their level and look: With the exception of kneeling and prone soldiers you can get to the level of your units. For soldiers just tap '1' to get to the lowest level. For vehicles I recommend taping '2' and then using our mouse wheel. Normally tall vehicles are one wheel click lower than camera level two and the lowest are three clicks down. Use the target tool: Select the unit and use the target tool to see what they can hit. The UI gives you feedback. No line of sight means you aren't going to see anything there. Reverse slope means you cannot see the ground but if something tall enough appears you have a chance of seeing that. Tanks can also give you the note partial hull down or hull down. Those mean that only occupants of the turret can see that location. Combine the target tool with additional way points: By setting exploratory way points on the map for your unit you can select the way points and then use the target tool to see what they can see once they get to that location. The one draw back for soldiers is that it will use their current stance for the test. So if you have a squad that is walking (all standing) you might find they unable to see what you wanted if once they get there they go prone or kneel. And visa versa. Also remember this game tries to model spotting realistically (there is no "insta spot feature"(tm)) so even if you unit can see a particular area you are not guaranteed to spot enemy units at that location. Your men have to notice them. Give them time at a location before you declare there is nothing out there. This is also a good reasons to position them in a location that has some cover and concealment for that observation period because any enemy will be looking for them too.
  21. LOL that paints quite a picture: your assault failed and you are now drunk, depressed, naked and you lost. :D
  22. That is a question for support. Click the blue new ticket button here: Battlefront Help desk
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