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  1. A rare pic of it sitting in Steve's driveway
  2. Correct. We love the SMGs but WW2 soldiers didn't really view them all that favourably. My experience is extremely limited (only shot one mag of a 1980s SMG) but I don't blame them. I would rather have a battle rifle than and SMG any day of the week.
  3. Interesting. My guess is this is a limitation of the world box but that's just a guess. Either way it's a bug so I logged it. I doubt it will rank very high but it's recorded.
  4. Pretty cool eh? Steve has been very tight lipped on this only confirming it happened and never even hinting at who our benefactor might be. If you are reading this - THANKS! Kickstarter - that hasn't come up in a while. IIRC Steve isn't interested in dealing with it himself. I'm not sure how fans could use it. Can you even setup a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for something that you hope to convince another company to do but have no way to even ensure your proposal would even be considered?
  5. Obviously only Steve can really answer this but the thought that jumped into my head was "how would adding additional setup work and an additional layer of bureaucracy involving people from two other companies help streamline anything?"
  6. That would be awesome. NATO arctic exercises. My dad tells stories about visiting the Norway, Swedish and Finish boarders back in his day.
  7. Well that last part is not correct. The rest of the platoon does get the information. I suppose you are not wrong about who gets it first and who gets it next. Adding that extra level would be pretty cool but there is more to doctrine that radio nets. I maintain that most of units behaving according to doctrine is really up to us (and scenario designers) when we issue orders.
  8. I was looking for that - thanks! It is really interesting.
  9. They do model who gets a radio and who doesn't and who reports to whom. That clearly has an effect. But otherwise doctrine is not in the CM model - its in our orders.
  10. Oh I hear ya. And frankly for businesses it makes a lot of sense - its more flexible and it funds better support. Or it better ties good support to funding. Usually Wheeeew. I'll rest easy. I don't really want to hate anything you guys do
  11. PM me a link to the saves or email if we already have exchanged email - I can never keep straight who I've talked to outside the forum and who I have not.
  12. Thank goodness for that. I hate subscription software - except for things that are actually services (like file sharing, web hosting, email stuff that actually has running costs). I have dumped companies when they moved to subscription only. Having said that there would be no where for me to go if you guys decided to do that but I would *HATE* it if you did. ;D
  13. I am not 100% sure. There is a system where by the aircraft owner does not get true locations on the launch sites. This is done by shifting the outbound rounds somewhat from their true origin. I thought that the AA owner was given true renderings of the outbound rounds but I could be wrong about that. It could be related to that. It could also be a bug - not sure.
  14. Wow, I some how missed this. What I have read so far is fantastic. Looking forward to more. I'm all out of up-votes but I'll catch up later...
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