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  1. Yep, that's what my dad called their infantry portable AT weapons. I do not however know that it was the LAW. He served in the Canadian infantry through out the 60s and into the mid 70s before moving to staff positions for the last half of the 70s and into the 80s A quick look shows that the LAW was around then but I'm not 100 percent sure if the CF used them from the get go - mind you I couldn't find anything else listed that might have fit the bill.
  2. Sure, 🙂 The version I am working on includes messaging (that also is compatibility with CM Helper). It should automatically recognize the newer games and get the Steam directories correct without prompting too. There is at least on language translation in the works (likely more) and it integrates with @Ithikial_AU's CM Records spread sheet. Humm, that is unexpected. If you check the "Override game files directory" and point it to "D:\Giochi\Steam\steamapps\common\Combat Mission Shock Force 2\Game Files" that should work. PM me if that makes no sense and I'll help you get so
  3. Or Whose Turn Is It? To put in a shameless plug for myself (See link in my sig)
  4. Sounds like an important test case we should push on. Finish a big turn press the BRB wait a moment or two and pull the LAN connection and wait for it to time out and see if we can get bad things to happen.
  5. Also if testing shows that the guns are accurate you also need to have some reference that shows if this is expected or unexpected. Proving A and having no idea if A is correct or not correct does not move the ball forward.
  6. LOL much simpler. I managed to win king of the hill at the few good men tournament and defend my position. The tournament organizer announced it will a hilarious black cat on a cardboard thrown. I do love some tung in cheek humour so I switched up my avatar for kicks. Notice my little saying that goes with it: defender of the faith. This time someone used it as an insult but it's just so funny to me to be called that. I put it up for all to see forever (well unless something funnier comes along)
  7. Well the module for RT is nearly ready. So, you're good one one count. Having said that I'm not sure if Steve will care much if you get salty
  8. Or none of that is true and gunners could come very close in the first shot at those ranges. PS I've seen a lot of misses too so I'm not sure that your initial characterization is even accurate.
  9. Or things just got cold overnight and what you have is a layer of ice over muddy slush...
  10. Ninja'ed by @Combatintman. That is a great thread. The short answer to your question is they will report back once they are in C2 again - any form. So, you either need to get them back safe or bring up thier HQ enough that they reestablish C2.
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