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  1. LOL Guys, I have a suggestion. Put Aragon on your ignore list. It is much more pleasant to read the forum without reading his complaining. I only see his BS if one of you guys quote him - if you all place him on ignore I wouldn't even have to see that
  2. Thanks - I have a few updates to do - good reminder 🙂 You can have the demo installed at the same time as the full game. So, you don't have to wait. 🙂
  3. Nope. Newer versions typically can read older saves. The demos are treated as separate products so the full game does not view them as one of this files. It's just how it works.
  4. No it is not. So, if one squad is out of ammo the enemy squad will gun them down one or two at a time until they run for it. If they are both out of ammo - well its kinda funny in a #sad kinda way. Thankfully I have only ever created that second scenario as an experiment.
  5. I think it is cute that you think that end users will look first and report a problem if they don't find it already logged. Having said that it's not a terrible idea to have some portion of the bug list visible. Trust me no one wants to see the back and forth with model and art work or the TO&E. If the internal system could have a simple flag to make it visible. Beta testers could flag bugs that come from the forum as public and then forum posters could point at logged bugs if other people find the same ones. Oh heck that sounds like a lot of work already. Only Steve can decide if he
  6. Oh no not at all. It introduced several side effects the last to get fixed was the running towards the enemy in the bocage when fired on by small arms.
  7. Could be. They also could not be running in panic towards the enemy but instead trying to get on the other side of the bocage to get cover from the artillery. Granted that's a bad idea if there are enemy MGs pointed at them but still that might be what they are trying to do. The artillery evade AI is supposed to find cover rather than stay and get blown up. So, important information is how aware are they of the enemy they are running towards and what other options do they have? But game saves would be need.
  8. What about blanking the host's screen while the remote opponent is plotting their orders? I assume you are talking about playing hot seat remotely.
  9. Yep, that's it: if there are files in known dropbox folders and the incoming and outgoing folders then WTII thinks they are new. The new version has the ability to ignore games. That way if your opponent's turn manager keeps putting .ema files back in dropbox or you don't feel like cleaning up your email directories you can just right click and say ignore to those files. No I don't have an eta for the next version - sorry and I'm starting a new job soon too so who knows.
  10. I do help moderate over at the blitz but only the CM forums. I don't know anything about John Tiller games. I hope some one helps you out. As for reading your lonely HD you can get a universal adaptor for just these occasions it lets you hook up a bare drive to a USB port so you can get the data off. I have one in my filing cabinet ready to go. Sadly that doesn't help you but you can buy your own for a reasonable price 🙂 https://www.amazon.ca/NewerTech-Universal-Drive-Adapter-Bare/dp/B07D6X9CC1
  11. Maybe 🙂 The all in one installer definitely has everything included. As for activation if the big bundle includes GL and R2V then yes one activation code. If not then you need to active each module separately using the activate short cut.
  12. I have it. It is one of the ones that didn't make the transfer to the few good men site from the repository. I owe @Bootiea list and the scenarios but I keep getting distracted by work, searching for work, summer, shiny objects, squirrel.... Where was I - oh yeah until things get fixed you can find it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x9rph9n99eqr42d/Never a Rest.btt?dl=0
  13. @Bulletpoint is correct. @MarkEzra (and now @benpark too) have been getting better and better at creating AI for the QBs. What they usually do is any new content comes with QB maps that they create / add / modify up to their new standards. They don't go back and update older maps - as a rule. I'll let them talk about any exceptions to that. So, when a new module comes out for CMBS it will likely contain new QB maps and those will likely be made using the latest and greatest lessons from their previous work. I use the term "likely" because there is no official policy that I'm aware of and I'm n
  14. @paolotI'm not support and I don't plan to move to steam but from what I have read there are a few directory differences. My guess would be that you need to re-download. Perhaps someone here who has more steam experience can chime in and say what the secret might be.
  15. I'm going to try to stay away from the personal attacks. If you perceive I have failed please forgive me and address my actual point and we can likely come to some kind of agreement on what are problems and what are things that you and others don't like but are in fact intended. You claim there are numerous problems with LOS system. I am unaware that the system has a lot of serious problems. Honestly. I'll believe you if you believe me. I would like to know what you are referring to. I do understand and agree there are limitations to the system that we all would like to see improved. I al
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