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  1. That sounds like there is a problem with hooking up to the shared menu. Does an uninstall / reinstall help any?
  2. Apparently non zero. Very cool I love how he shakes it off with a twitch of his head. Mean while his buddies are a little more worried.
  3. Before things were released on Steam there never were any sales. None. So, I don't think we have enough data to speculate on a pattern.
  4. You should be aware that this sharing will only happen between members of the same platoon and it's one mag at a time. This is very handy for heavy munitions like AA missiles and for "need to be shooting now" with infantry. For the long term you want infantry to acquire some of their own ammo though since it's a lot more efficient over the long term. Something else you should know is that on map mortar assets will report all rounds they have access to in the artillery call UI. That means if you have two mortar teams with 16 rounds each and two trucks parked near them each with 32 rounds then both mortar teams will say they have 80 rounds or 96 rounds if the teams are close too. This is because each team can get rounds from both trucks. When I'm setting up an on map battery with transport like that I try to arrange it so each mortar team is far enough from each other team to not share and position their truck so that only one team can actually access the rounds in the truck. That way the rounds available count in the UI will be more useful.
  5. Yeah, given that nothing I am aware of has changed I think you might need to spend that time to write that up.
  6. LOL that would have been funny. Bummer. All I can suggest now is ask support: https://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/
  7. It will be a ATGM vehicle. So, it is listed as a tank destroyer. In the WW2 titles most tank destroyers were tanks repurposed so it was appropriate. That contact icon choice continue in all the modern titles.
  8. There is one other source of blurry text - Windows UI Scale and layout zooming. If your windows display settings have something other than 100% for scale and layout then you need to change the DPI scaling setting for the application. To do that: Display the properties for the game .exe (right click properties) Switch to the Compatibility tab Click on Change high DPI settings Check the check box for Override high DPI scaling behaviour and make sure that "Application" is selected from the drop down.
  9. Given the method of controlling the facing for wire and trenches, do not forget that you must buy at least two lengths of each or you will be #sad.
  10. I had this game and quite liked it: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/8284/assault-tactical-combat-europe-1985
  11. I actually was able to skate to high school - it was pretty cool. Oh yeah what was built was very scaled back from the original plans.
  12. LOL I like that line about is it a war if both sides lose interest. And part of that includes the creation of the Rideau Canal which runs by where I live and goes all the way to Kingston. You might hear about Ottawa having the largest skating rink (used by be longest too but Winnipeg beat us on that one a few years ago). Thanks to the War of 1812 we built the canal because the heart of Upper Canada (now known as Ontario) had to be supplied by the St Lawrence and the British were concerned that it was too hard to defend. They also built a fort at the end of it at Point Henry in Kingston. In 1832 construction started on Fort Henry and shortly after 6 Martello towers around Kingston. They were to protect the entrance to the canal and the navy dock yards where the Royal Military College and the Canadian Forces Staff College had / have buildings now. When my dad went to staff college he was in Kingston but I know a guys that did his staff training in Toronto so I'm unsure if the moved it or just have more that one place where classes get conducted - too lazy to google it. Also, my daughter now works at Fort Henry as an interpreter. So thanks my US friends! You guys inspired a lot of things that effected my life in a good way.
  13. Cool, fun idea... Heavy: Royal Tiger Medium: Panther, hands down (although the Cromwell is tempting because it is so bloody fast) Light: Lynx just for fun Some people are wrong
  14. That would be cool... I would have to include a model of the white house so the British army can sack DC and set it on fire.
  15. That is defiantly a job for support: Battlefront Help desk
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