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  1. I really messed up this one in my present PBEM game, I had too many units in the wrong places and the Soviet Union declaired war while most of my offensive units were still in Greece. Now it looks like I may loose the war in 1943 or even earlier, a messed up Barbarossa is a disaster for the Germans. Really I did'nt have that many units in there, and almost no tanks or aircraft but the Soviet war readiness went up straight to 100 in almost no time.
  2. Sounds like a good idea as you move units you use up oil points, possibly even 1 point per tile and 1 point per attack, giving players room for conservation. I would think air and naval units would use less, possibly 1 point for a complete move and 1 for a combat action. Infantry units might get a non-mech free move and all movement beyond that cost oil points. It would definatly add to the depth of play and could possibly be turned on or off for those who dont like it.
  3. I don't have gold yet, I'm amazed at the size of the chinese army in 1940, in the pre-gold version this would be completly impossible, I take it the chinese have been seriously pimped-up.
  4. I wasn't being serious, Bastogne was supposed to be a wise crack I guess I should have put in a . Bastogne was a special situation, otherwise it's usualy not wise to get surrounded, the ability of an HQ to get supply when it's cut off is sometimes odd in this game.
  5. I agree, especialy with #5, knowing or not knowing this value would have a dramatic effect on strategy.
  6. I have a sugestion for the next patch: When a unit is selected for operational movement, tiles occupied by freindly units that would otherwise be reachable should also be highlighted. I have had the problem that I wanted to move a unit and then occupy the vacant tile with another unit moved in operationaly, only to discover that I couldn't reach that tile with operational movement, which left an uncomfortable hole in my lines. There is presently no way to find out if it's possible before leaving the tile.
  7. In my games Britan seems to allways fall way behind the other countries' technologies, and the USA has almost everything by mid 1943, and I even played a game where the Soviets never got motorized which was quite frustrating (big modern slow tanks). It's not a bad system but it could use some adjustments.
  8. I get this message almost every time I play an e-mail game as the Allies, have been ignoring it so far.
  9. To be honest, since I started playing e-mail games my intrest in playing against the AI lasts about 1 turn, then I turn it off and wait for the next e-mail. I'm not saying I play well against the AI because I don't, I just don't have any motivation anymore. As far as I'm concerned the game could be developed without an AI. Or there could be 2 versions one with and one without an AI, I would think the one without an AI would be easier to develop and test.:cool:
  10. I think the air units are too effective against ground units, I don't think air units should be able to completly wipe out ground units, disorganize, lower morale, un-entrench and damage, but not eliminate. Do the air attack and air defense values of ground units change at all throughout the game? As far as I can tell they don't.
  11. Another movement suggestion. It would be nice if ships could make some kind of an operational movement accross controlled sea areas. For example if no enemy ships are present US ships could move from the west coast to Australia in one move, or from the east coast to England. I'm certainly no historical expert as to how long it took for ships to go from A to B but it seems a bit slow as it is now.
  12. A sugestion for the next patch: I think operational movement costs should depend on the distance of the movement. I think there should be a minimum cost (loading unit and equipment onto train cars) but the cost should increase with the distance. This applies to Global Conflict as well.
  13. A suggestion for the next patch: I think operational movement costs should depend on the distance of the movement.
  14. A little chaos might be interesting, varible chance events: -Hitler assanated, German units unable to move or attack for 1 turn. -Paranoid Stalin purges again, all Soviet units loose 1 strength point. -Raving mad Führer fires Manstein, Manstein replaced by Kuchler -Hitler interferes in Jet research, level 5 aircraft not available till 1945 -Kitchen fire out of control, Ark Royal takes 5 points of damage. Historical or not I'm sure there could be many more, it would make each game different and unpredictable, and if it bothers anyone, it can of course be turned off. As far as I'm concerne
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