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  1. .I use the controls exactly how posel71 does in real time and wego and can get wins against the ai and people. It took about a day to get used to it. I'm playing on 1.5 year old macbook pro
  2. I also don't have an issue with it. I actually enjoy the camera controls too and exclusively use the keyboard to control it. It took all of one game to get the hang of it.
  3. 67 years ago today my grandfather experienced combat for the first time.
  4. It seems to not work for me either. I even tried the z inside the z folder but it just ends up being silent. Once I delete it the original intro is back.
  5. boo!. Just kidding. The extra anticipation will just make it more enjoyable!
  6. I'm interested. Side doesn't matter. I'm in maryland so east coast time. I'm good for at least a turn a day.
  7. I'm having the game quit when trying to load the map as well. I'm on a mac.
  8. I missed out on CMSF since I own a mac. I enjoyed CMX1 greatly but I have found CMBN to be more immersive and a hell of a lot more fun. I just started a pbem in the demo with my brother in addition to a few others I have going in the demo and full version. I believe he is now talking on purchasing it soon. It took me about 5 minutes to get used to the interface. I also use the keyboard for camera controls and find them to work nicely. My brother who only has dabbled in the cmx1 games has picked up on the UI pretty quickly too. It will be hard to play any of the CMx1 games again. But I t
  9. I am for WEGO. I mean to play plenty of pbems and I need all the practice I can get. I also usually watch turns at least 2 times to see things on different ends of the battlefield. Like a good commander I take the time to know my guys. I've played some rt against my brother and its fun. Wish there was LAN wego but I'm fine with mailing turns.
  10. Maybe they went to play it and just became to engrossed to be bothered to write a review.
  11. Figured I would start this one up and give myself a break from one of the other campaigns which I am extremely enjoying. I'm on the third battle and have been having a blast. If all the campaigns turn out to be as fun as the two I have started I am going to be missing out on a lot of sleep.
  12. This game takes up all of my free time now. The campaigns are exciting. I didn't get to try SF as I have been a Mac guy for a while now. I always feel that I have lost more men than I really have. Maybe its because when I see a spot littered with bodies I'm still thinking its the larry, curly, moe representation. After a few days of playing, I think I am starting to get a hang of this bocage situation and am enjoying. I've had some devastating close combat go on. There really is no better feeling than flanking some germans and catching them in an open field.
  13. I agree that the fuzzyness adds greatly to the game. I've had some awesome battles that might not have been as fun if it was a cm1 game. I don't think the command lines are needed much. I really haven't missed them in the least.
  14. I have been having a blast with the demo. I never played any of the CMSF as I am now a mac user. its good to be back in Normandy. Time sure has passed, I was just a young teen when the CMBO beta demo was released. I'm just happy it runs on my computer and so I went and put my order in. I look forward to getting destroyed by all of you once the full game is out.
  15. Tonight! I've really enjoyed reading them. I've got that same butterfly feeling I had when reading the legendary alpha aar back in the day. Great work!
  16. Reisenberg was a fun one. I remember being excited as can be reading the Alpha AAR. I haven't posted here in ages, had to make a new account. Been lurking once a week. It feels like Christmas again and it's only been a week or so.
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