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  1. what did you do about the serials. Mine are not working and I still haven't got it installed correctly on the laptop.
  2. Figured I would give the new installer a go and install on my laptop. However when they game launches it launches to a black screen with the vehicle pack symbol down at the bottom. I'm sure I did something wrong.
  3. Today I installed Market Garden and the 3.0 update. I do not have any mods installed. The German army now consists of floating weapons and once in a while helmetless men. Any suggestions?
  4. It seems to happen every few turns to add to the frustration.
  5. No offense taken. Looking for the simplest solution first is what makes sense. However, I am saving it to the correct spot as it is where the other file for another game is at that does show up.
  6. Ive only got two game files in my incoming folder. Im getting this game file downloaded to my computer through my email. I have moved it in while the game is closed and relaunched it. Ive restarted the computer. This has happened a few times to me. Ive re-downloaded the file and moved it to the folder. Ive had the turn resent to me. I moved the file over with h2hh closed, with it open and everything else I could think of. Game is patched to the latest. Edited to thank you both for the suggestions.
  7. I've been having an issue recently with moving PBEM games to my incoming folder and them not be present when I go to open them in the game. Any ideas?
  8. .I use the controls exactly how posel71 does in real time and wego and can get wins against the ai and people. It took about a day to get used to it. I'm playing on 1.5 year old macbook pro
  9. Although we have been able to play with him hosting now it seems that his game has been crashing when he is hosting.
  10. I also don't have an issue with it. I actually enjoy the camera controls too and exclusively use the keyboard to control it. It took all of one game to get the hang of it.
  11. No, problem. Im trying to play against my brother so tomorrow I'll try it out and see if it crashes if I'm the last to hit the ready button.
  12. I'm hosting on a mac. Windows player connects. I hit ready. He hits ready afterwards and my game crashes and his says that I have quit.
  13. 67 years ago today my grandfather experienced combat for the first time.
  14. It seems to not work for me either. I even tried the z inside the z folder but it just ends up being silent. Once I delete it the original intro is back.
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