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  1. Thanks for the input! Those links were really helpful. I've already booked a room in 101st airborne B&B in Carentan, it's pretty nice and it's owner, Nancy, is a very warm and helpful person. Can't wait to be there! If you still have places to recommend please keep em coming! Nicolas
  2. Hello everybody, I'll be spending three days in normandy during my eurotrip in july-august. On the first two days I'll be visiting the Utah and Omaha sector, on the third I plan to see the anglocanadian one. The problem is I haven't read enough about their involvement during and after D-day so I'm not sure which places to visit apart from the landing beaches. Could any of you please suggest interesting places to visit? I'll be staying in Carentan by the way. Thanks in advance! Nicolas
  3. Thanks for the input! I was wondering if there is anything like the US army center of military history for the anglo/canadian armies. There's some very good reading material about the americans in the normandy campaing: http://www.history.army.mil/html/reference/Normandy/normandy.html
  4. I am 20 and along with my dad we'll be touring Europe in July-August following the allied armies route. We begin in England and then cross by ferry from Portsmouth to Caen. There we intend to rent a car and drive down to Carentan, where we'll stay for three days. We chose Carentan because it's between the american beaches and even after the museums close I can still go out on a bike. One day will be spent in the Utah sector, the second in Omaha Sector, and the third in the Gold Juno and Sword sector. Earmarked places to visit so far: Utah sector Dead Man’s Corner http://www.paratrooper-mu
  5. Hello everybody, with the incoming of the Commonwealth module I'd like to read something about the Anglo-Canadian landings and further fight inland. Are there any books you could recommend? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks for the input! I downloaded the demo and am loving it! I'll be placing my order for the full game soon!
  7. Hello everybody, my name is Nicolas and I'm from Argentina. I've managed to get my 55 bucks which here in argentina are 236 argentinian pesos and I was about to buy CMBN. But recently I read here in the forum that bugs in CMBN won't be fully fixed until the next game about the bulge comes out (did I get that right?). So I don't know if I should wait for the next game to come out or buy CMBN straight away. I'd like to hear some opinions if you wish... Thank you!
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z11Pzsd9yJw full movie with english subtitles!
  9. I thought something like that as I was writing my post, but I think it would be easier to have it all in one command
  10. I think that teams should be able to use the assault move even if it's a two man team. Another thing that I'd like is to have a "disengage" move, like the assault move but once the moving element stops it faces back and covers the element farther back as it retreats. What do you think?
  11. The reason why I haven't changed yet is simply that it is way too expensive for me. Fifty five dollars equals two hundred and twenty argentine pesos, so that's why. Anyway I've played the demo and I really like it, there are some bugs and lots of things to be corrected/improved but in the end I think it'll be a great game. One thing that frigthens me is that I'm not sure if it will have all the historical background CMx1 has. What I mean by that is that IN cmx1 we have A LOT of historical scenarios with historically accurate maps. I wonder if it barbarossa to berlin and afrika korps will also
  12. Thanks for the input! I decided upon a wide-reach book to begin with so I bought Americans on D-day and Americans in Normandy 1944 by McManus, almost a thousand pages between the two so that will keep me busy for some time!
  13. Hey guys, newbie here... I was just wondering if you could recommend a book about the normandy campaign. I'm looking for some detailed reading with maps and photos to follow the action better. Thanks in advance!
  14. I see, but then could you tell me how do you usually try to determine the enemy's position with these units?
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