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  1. I was googling about ww2 armor stuff and stumbled upon the forum. Found some golden discussions on the forum (Fionn Kelly!) and got hooked. Learned a lot those days and got excited for the game, at the time the demo came up I was one of the refreshing monkeys and played the games to death. I dont play it as much nowadays, but still buy every new version faithfully as a 'support' to Steve, Matt and the community. Ah the good old days. Angry smiles and Mad, great threads about reference books, ammo discussions, hamsters.... Damn I am getting nostalgic now :-p
  2. Where'z ze update herr kommandant? General stab is waiting. BTW: it seems the german flak weapons are missing from the overview page of Red Thunders features?
  3. I love the little buggers. But I have a soft spot for little cute tanks. Can't wait for the early jears in russia and play with BT-7's and T-38's.
  4. Ooh man she is a spunky hot little devil! I christen her Roxanne. Enjoyed the update, good to see first blood is spilled.
  5. And another pre-order in. Looking foward to revisit the endless steppes in the new shiny engine.
  6. I am considering it Dropping my 64g 3G ipad1 for a similar new one set me back a bit more but hey nothing beats spoiling yourself Just got to find someone to take the old beast from my hands first.
  7. I cant even download it on my ancient obsolete Ipad1 Damnit, now I am seriously considering selling my Ipad1 to get the new IPad .
  8. Haha awesome. The vids are looking great! Now we know what THE big thing is Only seems my trusty Ipad1 is not going to run it? :-( Anyone want to buy an ipad1?
  9. Euh. How Does your comment relate to the original question? Edit: jons Beat me to it :-)
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