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  1. Meant to add in my last post that I am going to try another router. I have never liked the one I have now, it jams on occasion and have been meaning to get another one anyhow. Others have had issues with it.
  2. Hello Brit, No I have middle level Comcast High Speed and its quite fast, I pay like $47mo for it. The cable modem apparently does not have NAT and there is no way to do port forwarding with it anyhow. But this has been a rock solid setup for years. I hooked up my netgear router and did port forwarding with that but only saw my name intermittently a few times under 'user' but never anyone else. I do have bit defender internet security but put that into game mode and even turned the firewall off and tried a few times with no difference. I was able to get my name under the user column, hit the host game button and start a mp game a few times but it was not consistant. This is where I am at right now.
  3. We tried playing last night but I could not get mp to work. I got it to the point where my name was listed under users but could not see my friends name. I may need to mess around more with my router settings. I have the windows xp firewall off as I use Bitdefender for security but don't think that is an issue.
  4. Well I have enjoyed playing against the ai but my friend and I have been looking for a game like empire that we could play multiplayer like old times. Thank you very much for the tips, I really appreciate your input and am printing this out now and will have it nearby when we try playing. Dean
  5. I seem to be making some progress. Am now appearing in the lobby after I hooked up my router and did port forwarding using the recommended numbers provided in the manual. If I have any more issues I will repost here. Thanks again for your help.
  6. Hello Brit, When I mouse over the "players in chat" button others do appear in a list but then when I click and go to the lobby there is never anyone there and I can't host a game. @jeep, thanks but we want to play multiplayer and not pbem. MP is how we used to play empire deluxe many years ago.
  7. I am trying to start a multiplayer eos game with a friend but after I login, I cannot see any player in the lobby and when I click on the "host game" it does nothing. I have comcast internet with a terayon tj715 cable modem. I don't believe this modem has NAT and it also does not do port forwarding. Can anyone help me solve this problem? Thanks in advance.
  8. Argh! Really sorry to hear of your plight. If I was an uber rich person I would fund continued development of this game just because I am hooked on strategy such as this one but my programming skills are not good enough to code one of my own, or I probably would. Hint Hint! Do we have any multimillionaire or billionaire strategy gamers out there who like this game and want to make it even better? My thinking at this point is maybe Brit could pursue some other method of making a living but still continue to work on EOS as he has the time? I know this would be a slow process but still better than no further game improvements. I still feel that with continued improvement, it could become a favorite of those who value the gameplay over glitzy graphics and multimedia extravaganzas. And then after a few years of hopefully increasing sales you could come out with a major upgrade that we would all pay for. And I know there are thousands out there who would play it but probably don't know about it yet. With continued improvement and longevity in the market place this would change. I was going to recommend that you update the graphics somewhat, maybe similar to what Galactic Civilzations Twilight achieved. And I also was writing down some more game improvements that could be made. So I guess its not a good idea to send these in since you will only be doing bugs and I understand. Thanks for taking the game this far.
  9. Yes same here Brit. Great job on the game and you have such dedication we can see and appreciate that. I have a friend who will be buying soon and will keep passing the word around. Please don't give up, sales will increase as the game gets better with your updates. Space Empires V has a great following but unfortunately the game has issues and is in relative limbo. But people like me would buy it instantly if they issued another version. We don't want the same thing to happen to EOS. This game has potential and I know because I started out playing Empire in the early 80's so I have seen alot of strategy games over the years.
  10. Here is some more info off the site about what Impulse offers to developers. Looks like a good deal to me but of course they do take a cut. Put your game, application, utility or any other type of PC software on Impulse and reach millions of users around the world. Impulse is a digital distribution platform that enables your users to associate your program with their account and easily access the latest/greatest version of it. Increase your sales, reduce your support costs and take advantage of the features of the fastest growing digital distribution platform on the PC. Impulse allows developers to: 1.Distribute their software to millions of users with very little effort 2.Receive 70% of the gross revenue on each sale (85% in the event that the sale is made from the developer's website – better than most ecommerce solutions) 3.Make use of Impulse::Reactor, an advanced and free development platform that offers a wide range of features from intellectual property protection to multiplayer matchmaking. See the documents below for more information on the features of Impulse
  11. Not sure it was mentioned above but I can recommend Impulse over at Stardock Corporation. This is the company that made Galactic Civilizations and GC2. They now have a cool place where you can buy all kinds of games but especially strategy types. Its something like Steam but I like it because I don't have to play through Impulse when I play a game. I myself have bought a few off of it but things is these are the types of people who will also love EOS so definitely get on there if you can. You can find them at impulsedriven.com Hope this helps sell more EOS. We want Brit doing code to make EOS better! Dean
  12. I have a question about the online internet multiplayer option. If I want to play with my friend, can we also include ai players in to our online game or is it just my freind and myself in an internet game? Thanks in advance for your help. Dean
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