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  1. I was so disapointed.. Thank a lot Webwing, my congratulations for your artist team staff
  2. Modeling of the infantry is improved, for example the arms are shorter. But for the German helmet is still the same problem, see my post: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=102994 Why return to this model, while the helmet from the base version of the game is very good (I don't speak about the textures, but of 3D modeling)?
  3. It is not a discussion about mods or textures, but about the design of the CM/BN 3D german helmet...Of course the Zeltbahn above the metal helmet deforms the profile but the metal helmet must keep the same profile. In the game , the ss and Luftwaffe's helmet without Zeltbahn must be the same as the Heer base game. In the real photographs of WW2 you can see how the zeltbahn works on the helmet, sometimes the Zeltbahn is not well attached and reveals the helmet , or when the zeltbhan is well stretched the profile design looks almost like the CM:BN helmet with ss zeltbahn , but not exactly, my drawing attempts to show where it does not work...http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/438478HemetCMBN.jpg' alt='438478HemetCMBN.jpg'>
  4. ....and they do some mistakes with the german helmet, see my post http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=102994
  5. I just saw that the Luftwaffe infantry have the same wrong bad design 3D helmet as SS... Why BFC use this bad 3D model who come from the Beta version of the base game. The german helmet of the base game is already correct, so why this helmet for the SS and Luftwaffe? It is a mistake? I am very disapointed, I hope for the next module it will be fix... I am fan of this game, really I love it, but Pleeaaase BFC remove this bull**** helmet and replace it with the german helmet of the base game...
  6. New version 1.01 : 'portrait ss armor' was a TIFF file, now I save it in BMP file
  7. About ss Helmet in the Commonwealth module, it seems BFC use the same old ugly wrong 3D design as the beta base game ... :confused: http://nsa22.casimages.com/img/2012/03/08/mini_120308060525591264.jpg' alt='mini_120308060525591264.jpg'> I draw in red color where it doesn't work...
  8. a link for a map of Villers Bocage http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=1619
  9. thanks a lot, after 'Last defense' scenario, it will be a pleasure to play this old scenario...
  10. I understand.. I saved in JPEG not in bmp, or the size is too big.... sorry I don't know how to delete this thread...
  11. I maked my own mod user interface unit portraits for tanker crew German and US, but I can't replace them. My others BMP for US airborne, machanized etc... work fine but nothing appears for US tank, and the germans tanker use the original portrait...why?
  12. can we pause the game during a LAN/INTERNET. to give order to the unit for exemple?... The touch ESC doesn't works...
  13. "LAST DEFENSE" Hiiiiiyaaaah! the first scenario I played when I tried the 'CM beyond overlord' demo, ten years ago!! Thank thanks a lot for this birthday present!! Whaaao after playing this scenario I will reinstall CMBO on my computer to feel the diference between. Great job BFC, a long long way since CMBO... ...and thank for the german helmet fix
  14. Great! very very good! not only a mod of CMSF, but really a new game. I play the us side scénario in bocage, and I look this:the wireless telegraph poles are cut!! exellent solution. Battlefront make their games with love,I love it. (so I want the sound of the open up tank like in CMx1, pleeeaaase!)
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