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  1. These are still a great series of games but perfection as with any game is tough to achieve. I will experiment with all the suggestions to see what is best. I don't play turn based so just pause real time for large group moves. Thanks all!
  2. For now I will just have to be patient and do as you suggested. Thank you gentlemen for your help.
  3. Thanks for the quick response Yup those dang corners, and sometimes the road is silly with them! I was hoping I had just missed something in the manual
  4. Dumb question perhaps, is there a command to get armor to follow each other on the roads as a group? Double clicking on group and setting way points and they make there on way off the roads not following lead tank. Missed something in the manual I have?
  5. I know it takes great effort and skill to do what you modders have done for the game and I hope you will continue in the quest for the ultimate war gaming experience. So cheers to you all, you rock!!!:)
  6. Just wanted to throw out a thank you to all the modders. You have taken a great game to the next level!!!!
  7. :)Just wanted to say thanks to Battlefront for providing fantastic games. Too many times all that is heard is complaints so I just wanted to give thumbs up to all at Battlefront. Keep on building on CM Normandy series and I'll be a happy camper!
  8. Thanks for re-uploading I'm moving past 6th mission now. I really enjoy playing this game!
  9. Can't complete 6th mission either:mad: and not able to get the hotfix from the link. What the scoop?:confused:
  10. Seems to be the case as all of my saves crash except start of mission. Lost everything in between, oh well:rolleyes:
  11. After installing Caen expansion my campaign saves for Kursk crash to desktop while loading, any ideas?:mad:
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