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  1. I do not "underestimate Bocage" but i think most people underestimate what a 40-50 ton 700 HP tank can do "Just ramming the tank into the hedge repeatedly" that is what you do if you have the Rhino on your tank so yea What i mean by "time" is that the Bocage were never or seldom a problem in it self, most tanks would just climb over the dirt mount and knock down the vegetation on top of it, the problem was if there were defender on the other side shooting at you.
  2. Nothing should be impenetrable in this game, it is a bad idea that they had made barbwire and hedges impenetrable by anything but spacial units. Tanks and infantry men can move over or through almost anything given time and cover and if no one is shooting at them it should only be a matter of time. any unprotected barrier is almost useless be that mines/wire/walls/plants.
  3. So the argument is that it was dangers and the chance of success was small ?? I'm starting to wounder if people know that this happened during a war, standing up and moving towards the enemy is dangerous, driving a tank down on a road is a very dangerous thing to do, properly the most stupid think to do if there is Germans around. I don't see why i can't choose to move a tank over and through a hedge but i can and am forced to order it out on the road and around the hedge right into the firing line of a KwK/PaK or onto a minefield, why do you think that they were moving through the fields
  4. Yes 3mb/s up and 3mb/s down thanks allot for this torrent
  5. I noticed that you were moving the pointer down to the delete button when you were buying your units to remove the ones you did not want, can you also use the del button instead, it could be annoying to do with the mouse in the editor in sf
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