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  1. Hi Brit, I still have not found any players. I feel like a rookie at a singles bar. If you have any friends who might want to try a multi player PBEM game of EOS, please have them contact me at billb166@yahoo.com. Thanks! BB
  2. Hi Berto, I live in Texas, but actually lived in Italy for three months many years ago. Italy is actually one of my most favorite countries, really like it there. So I'll see if I can post my email in my profile. Like Brit said I probably won't post my email on this forum page. But it would be great to get a game going. Bill B.
  3. So I have been playing PBEM Empires of Steel with a buddy for a year or so and we want to find other players? How do I do that? should I put an email address in here?
  4. We hail you Brit, thanks very much for your continuing support of EoS!
  5. Thanks for the reply Schrullenhaft, yeah Brit cleared up a bug for me about 6 months ago but like you say I believe it was not generating enough sales. I still love the game though, so if anyone wants to contact me at billb166@yahoo.com for a PBEM game (assuming we can make it work!) then I am ready.
  6. Hi Hans, I am a player in Austin Tx and I also wonder if this is still supported. We are having a problem starting new games. I create a PBEM game, then send the game code to my friend, but when he enters the game code the game does not start for him. We would like to find other PBEM players. That is, only if the game can be fixed!
  7. Sorry about my PBEM game taking up your server Brit! That March 07 game is me and a buddy. But if there is another way to do PBEM, like do the turn and then email the turn to each other or something, we can do that too. Can you explain what you meant by "regular PBEM"?
  8. I thought so, which is why in one game I quickly sold a lot of oil for food and thus built up my food account to the excess level. So my city populations are growing faster. But the production rate has not changed, I don't think. That is why I want to know the answer to this question. Would it have been better to push oil up to the excess level?
  9. So which is better, to build up your oil reserves or your food reserves? I am thinking that excess oil is better because it increases your rate of production, so you can build your tanks faster when you are in a war. Excess food grows your population, but how does that help? Sure, you might get bigger cities, but unless that also helps the rate of production I am not sure what the big deal is about having larger urban areas.
  10. You might think about going to some of the Game Cons around the country and setting up a laptop and just showing it to gamers. I am a miniatures gamer, primarily Flames of War (which is WW2), but also other historical miniatures from time to time. I frequent my local game shop here in Austin and when I have time go there and just play old board games. That being said, during the week I like to play EOS at home because it's difficult to set up a game with one of my gaming buddies. I guess what I am saying is that although miniatures gamers primarily like to do miniatures, I am betting that a certain percentage also like to play computer games. And EOS is a prime strategy game which is one of the appeals of miniatures battles. So my thought is to contact that segment of the gaming world through the Cons they attend. There are also several websites and clubs that promote miniatures gaming (and where the Cons advertise) and these sites might post an email or an ad about EOS. I hope you succeed because I do like EOS and would hate for it to die.
  11. Thanks Brit, I'll give that a try soon.
  12. I want to download the latest versions,thank you.
  13. I'd like to play. Mainly because I am not sure how to get PBEM to work -- just posted a thread today on that.
  14. OK, after I get that message then a "Game Setup" window opens that supposedly allows me to plug in the variables I want. I hit OK and a "New Game (Create) window opens. It has a field for a Game Name. Then it says "player keys are used to allow client players to log in to their game. You need to copy these keys and give one key to each player. For security reason they are only valid once." Fine, but when I hit the OK button for this window, nothing happens. Repeated pressin, nothing happens. The player keys are not provided, so far as I can tell.. Someone please advise me what is going on, thanks.
  15. I cannot seem to initiate a PBEM game. My version is 1.01 (Build 8164). Do I need to download a more recent version? Because when I go to Multiplayer --> PBEM Games --> New Game (create) I just get a pop up "The Play by Email system is in development. It may be unstable or have problems. You must be connected to the internet while playing a PBEM game..." Well, I am connected to the internet when I try to start a new game, and it still doesn't let me start it. So I am wondering if I need a new version or is this till "in development"??
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