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  1. This looks amazing! Thanks for working on this, Saferight!
  2. Thank you for all the work you've done for the CM community Aris, downloading the terrain mod with great anticipation
  3. Update: It worked as a charm when I downloaded it without a download manager, thanks for all the help and advice
  4. Thanks for the reply Moon, I will try to download it without a download manager then. If it helps with the troubleshooting, I'm a pc user, browse with firefox and AVG for antivirus protection. I haven't had this problem with corrupted downloads before, ever really. I can't see if the file is signed by battlefront, it looks like this:
  5. I've downloaded the exe two more times now, none work. They are of identical size to the byte, but the hash is different. What does that mean? :/
  6. I will next time, but they all seemed to have had the same size. Is the exe supposed to have a winrar executable icon? I reacted on this since other battlefront executables have their own icon...
  7. I'm also having problems with my download. I always get to download the file, but while the exe is extracting, I always get a corrupt header problem, and the extraction shuts down. I've tried to redownload 7 times, using different downloading programs, and stabilisng my connection with a cable instead of wifi, nothing seems to work
  8. It basicaly introduces the three top thins on my wish list; AI triggers, hit decals and flamehtrowers. Thank you BF, it looks amazing!
  9. Sweeeet! *brings popcorn* PS: wait a minute, I don't like popcorn. *brings candy*
  10. I'm not gonna badger you about it. It's hard to convey irony and tone on the internet if you're not super obvious :/
  11. It wasn't a perfect match, but "subtle" wouldn't be close enough to pun on Sublime's forum name
  12. And yes, that was a joke, though maybe I was a little to subliminal? ;)
  13. Oh you silly Americans, you and your irrational love for bowling
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