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  1. I saw a post online a couple of days ago that stated that your new Online Activation System is basically Starforce's Online Activation System with perhaps an adjustment or two for your purposes. True or False, please? Despite the fact that this version of Starforce does not install any drivers on your PC, I'm sure you must be aware that I and MANY OTHER PEOPLE do not want ANYTHING Starforce-related on their PC due to the protection's past reputation. The question is...Is your Online Activation System either in toto or adjusted from Starforce's?
  2. Was wondering what the ETA is for the first patch?
  3. My brother is much more a WW2 gamer than a WW1 gamer. Is he better off getting SC2/WAW/PDE, or is this engine so much better that he'd have a better experience playing the eventual WW2 scenario is this engine? Also, when are the first patch and WW2 scenario expected to arrive?
  4. Exactly my point--DRM like this loses more than it gains. You can buy the following games, all with simple serial DRM: World War One Gold Edition (AgeOD/Matrix) The Guns of August (Matrix) Commander: The Great War (Slitherine/Matrix) or you can put up with this DRM and buy SC: The Great War. I've downloaded and tried the demo. Looks like a promising game. Has some features the others don't. Is it better enough to put up with this draconian DRM? No, it's not, so sorry. As the above poster said, the only people this DRM inconveniences are paying customers.
  5. Moon, please tell me how this scheme is NOT treating me like a criminal by limiting MY use of what I paid for, as opposed to a system like Slitherine/Matrix's (enter a serial number it's yours. Need to reinstall? No limits, no problem.)
  6. That's exactly the point. If I uninstall/reinstall on the original PC, I've used up an activation. Have to do that more than four times a year on the two PC's I'd have the game on, between them? No soup for me. No thanks. The system treats the CUSTOMER like a criminal. Why should I purchase a game from Battlefront, with a system that treats the people who pay like a criminal, instead of purchasing from Slitherine/Matrix, where I can enter my serial, I'm good to go, and if I have to do it again, as many times as I wish? No problem. Slitherine/Matrix treats customers like customers.
  7. Sorely tempted to just wait for Commander: The Great War. Get a serial code. Enter serial code. Done. As many times as I need to. If Battlefront wants to treat paying customers like criminals, I'll take my business somewhere else.
  8. So let me get this straight, I only get four installs period even if it's only on one computer??? Without a way to get one back before 365 days go by? No sale. No thanks. And if I wasn't a lady I'd tell them exactly what they can do with this form of DRM and where they could put it.
  9. I know they're using some kind of new licensing. Before I buy, wanted to know...can I run the game on my home computer AND my work computer?
  10. I didn't preorder because I didn't care about the print manual and physical CD. Went to purchase, seeing everyone saying they're downloading, but it's still showing as PREorder in the store. Help?
  11. C'mon Hubert...surely at this point you can tell us when???
  12. How about not teasing us any longer and TELLING us when???
  13. Why at this point CAN'T you give a final date? Or something like "we want to release it on X if the final touches are done but it may slip to X+whatever"
  14. Snowstorm, I didn't mean to imply that you could or should break your NDA--having beta-tested myself, I know the situation. Hubert however COULD enlighten us.
  15. Hubert, this isn't the way to treat people. Letting beta-testers make sly jokes..and the last post about "sorry, I have to go play this game you don't have yet"...is just childish bull****. It's not an unreasonable question to ask about release at this point. And it's not unreasonable to ask for an answer from those at Battlefront, not a childish *******.
  16. This makes me remember the first wargame I ever played, which was the old SPI hex/counter game NATO. It had rules for tactical nuclear weapons use...and the last paragraph was the rules for strategic nuclear weapon usage, which were "Soak map and counters with lighter fluid. Throw match on them."
  17. Never mind then...I'm sorry, I'd love to have the expansions, but I'm not buying the same game twice.
  18. I have SC2 bought from Strategy First. Can I buy the expansions from you guys? I'd like to have them, but not badly enough to buy the base game a second time .
  19. Was wondering if anyone here who's moved on to Global would like to sell their copy of SC: Pacific Theater. PM me if so--can do Paypal or USPS MO.
  20. Please forgive me but I can't find the answer anywhere--is there an AI to play against with the Nupremal World mod?
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