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  1. Plenty of people manage to criticize the game without being passive-aggressive.
  2. I'm trying to read between the lines here, is having arguments and criticism dismantled and countered point by point somehow painful to read so you want it to stop? People resort to the fanboy-card when they run out of things to say, which is why they are laughed at. Many people here have close ties with BFC, so having someone with vague knowledge on the subject walk in and start insulting people you know is annoying. This is very normal and rational human behaviour. Ignorance and arrogance isn't exactly beneficial. Hyperbole: 10 years ago this place didn't remind me of Tumblr. Not tha
  3. Ah, the good old "throw money at the problem" approach. That works oh so well in IT, just ask any government organization. Anyway, BFC rarely replies to threads that are full of hyperbole construed by people who have a very limited grasp on the subject. If someone was actually interested in the subject he would probably educate himself and present himself in a constructive manner. What hyperbole? There are numerous examples in this thread, starting with the first post. Even your second post says "The complete lack of communication with the community maybe... "
  4. Also, when comparing a high fidelity sim to mainstream games with regards to optimization...Mainstream games can take optimization shortcuts CMx2 can not. There is a reason why nobody does relative spotting. If you can name one game that uses relative spotting and has fluent loading times and optimization, I'd be interested. I'm guessing Arma3 wouldn't run very smooth if it used relative spotting.
  5. Well, I haven't played GTOS but judging from the screenshots, I like CMx2's graphics better. GTOS graphics seem to be the kind that has plagued gaming for a long time...Way too much filtering and processing, everything has this "Made out of plastic Call Of Duty -esque" vibe. Even if CMx2 graphics are wee clunky, atleast they attempt to look realistic with the bright colours and lighting.
  6. Based on my limited personal experience with explosives (antitank mines, plastic explosives, claymores) I think the effects of explosions are undermodeled in CM. I would assume 10+ kilograms of high explosives detonating on top of an IFV would at the very least cause extensive subsystem damage. This is necessary due to the nature of the game, ie. plentiful firepower focused on artificially limited maps. I have a feeling that direct artillery hits occur far more often in CM than they would in real life, simply because more firepower is amassed in a smaller area than would be likely and this
  7. Yeah, but it seems there is talk about engines and APIs interchangeably while they are not exactly the same thing. Direct3D renderer instead of OpenGL.
  8. M&B does not have relative spotting. The AI and "spotting" (the last time I played it the AI always knew where each unit was, there was no spotting nor fog of war) calculations it does are featherweight in comparison. This discussion feels strange, apparently people want to ditch the features that make CM what it is only for it to look prettier? There are dozens of pretty looking strategy games out there with borg spotting AI. There are reasons why relative spotting is a unicorn. It's not like you can port the core features of an engine into another engine overnight, if at all. The e
  9. Reposting this link about the new turret: http://www.dtic.mil/ndia/2014armaments/Wed16537_LeFante.pdf
  10. And I thought "To the Volga" is a monster scenario... :eek:
  11. Just a while ago I was trying to find that particular thread. Shame that a lot of the pictures don't work anymore. Thanks though.
  12. In CMx2 (not CMSF unfortunately) there has been for some time now an "artificially bright night lighting mode" or somesuch, I don't remember exactly when it was introduced, might have been 2.0. Night battles used to be impossible to see and play but this feature is awesome, it doesn't affect the game in any way but it makes it much easier for the player to see what is going on.
  13. This guy is either a troll or has a serious attitude problem. Perhaps both. "you could only come up with two campaigns?" & "all we got were two campaigns." and then cries that someone else should learn how to treat people. What a douche, good riddance.
  14. I have to say I'm digging those Skeletor masks that Iraqi special forces seem to love.
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