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  1. Based on my limited personal experience with explosives (antitank mines, plastic explosives, claymores) I think the effects of explosions are undermodeled in CM. I would assume 10+ kilograms of high explosives detonating on top of an IFV would at the very least cause extensive subsystem damage. This is necessary due to the nature of the game, ie. plentiful firepower focused on artificially limited maps. I have a feeling that direct artillery hits occur far more often in CM than they would in real life, simply because more firepower is amassed in a smaller area than would be likely and this
  2. Reposting this link about the new turret: http://www.dtic.mil/ndia/2014armaments/Wed16537_LeFante.pdf
  3. In CMx2 (not CMSF unfortunately) there has been for some time now an "artificially bright night lighting mode" or somesuch, I don't remember exactly when it was introduced, might have been 2.0. Night battles used to be impossible to see and play but this feature is awesome, it doesn't affect the game in any way but it makes it much easier for the player to see what is going on.
  4. This is not quite correct, the majority of Soviet tanks have been scrapped. Leopard 2A4s and hopefully in the future 2A6s form the armoured force. Swedish CV90 IFVs but also a lot of BMP-2s.
  5. This thread needs more phallic ISU porn. I'd post some but the fact that they're old beta shots and taken on a even older compuutor means they look like the poo.
  6. They will blend in with all the other features in the game to form a cohesive whole. Just as has happened before. Going back to CMSF 1.0 gives good perspective on the stuff that has been added to CMx2 over the years. Dynamic campaign, cooperative play and playback for TCP/IP WEGO had to be cut in order for decals to be perfected, but I think this is an acceptable compromise.
  7. I'm not him but I assume he means that after you control your objectives you can ceasefire when you want and be awarded a win.
  8. It is winnable. But it is a hard and bloody grind, hence the name. Don't feel bad if you don't win it.
  9. Inspired by recent events in this thread, I decided to check if AT weapons could be fired from Jeeps in 2.10. (I've tried it in earlier versions and it didn't work) I couldn't get them to fire from Jeeps, Carriers or Halftracks but did it look glorious seeing a swarm of Jeeps full of PIAT teams circle around Kingtigers like hungry vultures. It would have been even more glorious had those panzers turned into smoking wrecks, alas... Nevertheless the men would have made Ken proud.
  10. I'm swimming upstream on this one, I have a Core2 Duo E6750 @ 2.66Ghz / 3,25 GB of some slow-ass RAM due to 32bit Win7 / Nvidia 8800 GT. It's a 7 year old computer and 2.10 runs buttery-creamy-smooth compared to earlier versions...I'm able to play larger scenarios than I used to, even master map scale stuff runs playable.
  11. A German 88 says hello to a Firefly: A scene of carnage, the handiwork of M18 Hellcats and Challengers:
  12. In my opinion, the most important thing is that it's been a jolly good show. A bit like a movie director, he is. Spectacular bravery and blundery, if that is an actual word? True warrior spirit! Onwards men, to the next battle in the great beyond!
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